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Which starter should I choose?
Cyndaquil 80 (26.4%)
Chikorita 32 (10.6%)
Totodile 54 (17.8%)
Leave it up to chance 137 (45.2%)
Total Votes: 303
What do I do with the Safari Zone?
Treat each zone as a separate area 57 (75%)
Treat the safari zone as one single area 19 (25%)
Total Votes: 76
[FAILED]SS - Game of Chance; July 12th - ANNOUNCEMENT
Topic Started: Jun 28 2011, 09:14 AM (80,547 Views)
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It appears we have fanart now. It's pretty awesome, you should check it out.

Pages 1-10

Pages 11-20

Pages 21 -


April Fool's 2012
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herpin' my derp like yeah
Uh. I vote Cyndaquil. This looks like it's going to be an insanely hard run--good luck!
looking for alaska: an emerald written run (you've probably never heard of it)


A Hundred Hundred Heartbeats: A LeafGreen Minilocke as Told in Daily Drabbles
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Or just insanely short, but we shall see. 8D
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Worst shiny ever!
This sounds interesting. Although how you are gonna beat Morty is beyond me.
I've gotta full dex and am ready to breed what you need! PM me with others/requests.


The Aleph Saga

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Aleph Nuzlockes through Snakewood More abominations.
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So... only normal-type damaging moves are allowed, and important battles are determined by cards, coin flips and dice rolls?

This. Shall. Be. Amazing!

Or, if not, unbelievably difficult to the point of insanity. I shall be keeping tabs on this craziness.
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Sawblader's Heart Gold Nuzlocke

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Magnolia / Dustin / Amity / Bartleby / Ophelia

(Abandoned) Sawblader's Black Nuzlocke Challenge
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Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop

definitely cyndaquil
Mbop's Indispensable but Humble Nuzlocke
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Where we spell the word "Indispensable" wrong in our banner
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Ignore this.
Chickorita. :coolface:
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Time... Can it be manipulated to our advantage?

Cyndaquil or Totodile FTW
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Leave it up to chance and roll a 3 sided die!... O wait >>

How will you damage ghost type pokemon?
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Boy.. this is gonna be hard for you to pull off. Good luck.
Art Thread ---- Emerald Random Run!

Random Encounters VoltWhite Communitylocke for GREEN TEAM

Chewy Posted Image--- Jackson Posted Image---VolcanusPosted Image
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Gimme your best shot.
You will automatically lose at the fourth gym unless you manage to get something with Foresight, Odor Sleuth, or Scrappy.
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Part 29, updated October 14! Operation Liberation - time to save Saffron!
Blazing the Trail: Starcraft Mass Recall, Retro Edition! A video playthrough of the Starcraft 1 campaigns... in Starcraft 2!
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Now you're thinking with portals
inb4 Will-O-Wisp on a Vulpix
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where do adults come from

This will be so difficult that I must watch or face the wrath of my desires.
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Later Nuz

Former mod for FCR, studying game design. no longer active.

Miss ya'll
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that one who hatches eggs

I bow down to you good sir. You have more balls than I ever will, that's for sure.

Also voting Cyndaquil. Though Totodile might make things easier... nahhhhhh.

Also sure way to beat ghost types: let them run out of PP and struggle themselves to death. :3c This is clearly the way to handle every single ghost that pops up in the game.
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{UPDATE 02/04/2013}

{Theo's Emerald : Super Ultra Mega Hard Mode}---{UPDATE 12/30/2012}
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For normal damaging, do you mean neutral to the opponent (which will vary), or normal as in the type.

As for starter, you can't go wrong with totodile, as it ensures you never need to go fishing.
Of course, if you go with status effects, you could try that ind of move set on chikorita.
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This is going to be quite interesting O_O And terrifying *flop*
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Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Oh damn; this'll be interesting, to say the least. Can't wait to see how you end up getting past Morty.
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Distinct Moocher
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im sorry wwhat
Sweet Arceus, I'm gonna be watching this. Also, Totodile all the way. Everyone knows those other 2 balls in Elm's lab were really only there for decoration and that there was only one starter in Gen2.
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Henshin A Bro Bro
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Pranksters Gambit:

You roll a six sided Die, 1= Cyndiquil, 2= Totodile, 3= Chikorita, 4=Totodile, 5=Chikorita, 6=Cyndiquil


Take the King Queen and Joker of Spades

Shuffle them into a deck,

King= Cyndiquil, Queen= Chikorita, Joker= Totodile.

The first one of these you draw is your starter, but it MUST be the suit of Spades
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