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[COMPLETED] Manic's Fatal Platinum; Update #25: Epilogue
Topic Started: Jun 8 2012, 07:27 AM (112,809 Views)
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There is much to do.
It's time for me to take Sinnoh on, people. This one is going to be a little bit different than what you've seen from me; some of you are used to seeing me be a bit dark, but this one might get downright disturbing for some of you. That said, the theme is different, but many of my rules will still be the same:

Dem Rules


Life just isn't fair sometimes, y'know?

I mean, here I am, a pretty normal kid. I like my video games, I'm going to school, starting to notice girls as more than just friends, stuff like that. Mom says I'm an 'early bloomer', like I'm a Budew or something like that. Parents, right? Well, okay, parent. That's life.

So, just yesterday, I'm in math class learning about Plusles and Minuns - the teacher is from Hoenn or something like that, I guess - and I start feeling sorta dizzy. And I don't mean "made the mistake of eating the Softboiled Surprise in the school cafeteria" dizzy, I mean more like "who turned out the lights" dizzy.

Next thing I know, I'm waking up in the nurse's office, and Mom is there freaking out. Naturally, I kinda freak out a little bit too, but...hey. Mom's there, it's gonna be fine, right? So, she says she's going to take me to see a doctor. Seems like a pretty smart choice. I mean, who knows what a fainting spell could mean? Probably nothing, but it's better to check it out.

Y'know, I hear there are all kinds of strains of Nuzlocke out there. There's the normal garden-variety strain, I hear that's common in most of the southern regions. I hear there are weird strains, too. Stuff like Reverse Nuzlocke, and Sololocke, and Randomlocke...nasty stuff, but it's not THAT huge of an impediment, just means you need to train harder and do better, right? I mean, I always wanted to do that anyway. Apparently, this thing likes to mutate a lot into different forms and such, but most people get the normal kind.

Me, I get one of the rare ones.

I guess that's why I'm writing this journal, so that if anyone ever wants to know, they can read about who I am, what I was like, and why I went the path I did. I always wanted to be the Champion, and, well...I guess I'd better get started.

My name is...nah, just call me Manic. It is now June 18th, 2052.

I am afflicted with Degenerative Necrotic Nuzlocke.

I have 30 days to live.
Edited by Manic, Dec 31 2012, 01:21 AM.
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Ah, yes, Reapers
Ooooh, dark indeed. I'm very interested to see where this goes.
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Neeeeeerd. :v

Uh, Manic? That's quite a few death flags up already. Well, some of them, at least.

Kidding aside, you've a month to finish Platinum. Good luck, and may all ends be happy. Or so I hope.
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Oh, God. One month to end platinum, defeating all legendaries, without boxing or losing your starter. Soo... Yeah, good luck.
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Birds, birds everywhere.

...oh, jeez.

What is it about Platinum that makes people afflict their protagonists with degenerative diseases? Seriously, this is the third one I've seen, counting my own - and no one seems to have done it with any other game yet. Is it Giratina, maybe? Plat is naturally quite a bit darker than the others...

Ah, well - all that aside, your runs always seem to turn out amazing. (I've read a couple of the completed ones, and, well... wow.) Good luck!
Everybody Dies, completed in April of 2012

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Also I may or may not have started a sort of self-insert...
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maul must really want you dead

...Holy high-flying Falker, man. This is going to be both grimdark in story. and probably stressful for you to update...I sincerely wish you luck, sir.

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Conqueror of the Violet Gym
Wow this looks like a great idea and it will SURE be dark.
Gotta follow this 'cause all your runs were nice until now :)

Good luck, i know i could not do this in the time....
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Ooh, I can tell this is gonna be good :D

Good luck ^^
Turning of leaves
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The Mafia
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Leader of The Mafia
Sir, you have to be one of the biggest masochists out there, and that's saying something. I applaud you, and good luck. Time's ticking....
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War Anvil
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Oooooh, a Time Attack 'locke~

Good luck, Manic. You're gonna need it.
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Thank God for "DogsWithBeesInTheirMouths."
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Shut up and take my money!
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fuck you korrina
Manic, I love your runs, (except the MLP one, not a fan of the show so I didn't read it myself) but this may be the STUPIDEST idea you've ever had.
That is why this is gonna be the best. Just don't die. :P Only 30 days...
But then again,

Please, tell me.
if my username gets changed to vileplume666 i will consider making a new nuzlocke
i am never updating this piece of shit again why did anyone read this
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I felt a chill down my spine when I read that opening. 30 Days to complete Platinum? Good luck Manic, you're gonna need it...
Edited by Dystopia, Jun 8 2012, 04:37 PM.
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Resident Obnoxious Football Fan
You guys might see it as a hindrance, but I just see it as fast updates. Hooray! Anyway, good luck. You'll need it.
oh and my shadow's name is Kagemaru Nevets
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Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
looks cool, and your runs are awesome. so watching.
Posted Image
big thanks to 4evergreen for this fantastic banner.
this picture is too badass

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Imagine if Manic's computer broke, and it gets fixed the day after the deadline.
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I like the idea of the main character having a set time to accomplish what he;s wanted to do with his life in a limited amount of time. I would say good luck, but... Your rules seem to gawk at that idea.
Communitylocke Green Team

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*stalks* ooh, time limit! scary...

can't wait to see how this plays out.
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PM me If you're interested in reading a log of a Wobuffet sololocke series. (because apparently I hate myself...)
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Le want.
Me gusta.
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Conqueror of the Lavaridge Gym
Wow, this seems extreme. Good luck Manic, I think you're going to need it.
I'm back! Current Run!

Thanks Tio
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