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[COMPLETED]Manic's Der Gnizalb; Update #32: Epilogue
Topic Started: Nov 19 2013, 01:41 PM (138,898 Views)
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There is much to do.
I know I said I'd wait until Thanksgiving, but I got bored. Besides, this isn't much before Thanksgiving, right?

Dem Rules


Okay, this isn't quite what I was expecting.

First of all, I can remember everything. I'm guessing something got screwed up in the transition.

Second, I feel...weird. Okay, let's do a quick check.


...I hear voices. Hearing is a go. That's good!

I don't smell anything, but that might be for the best.

Range of motion...nnf...limited. VERY limited. I don't think I like that.


Posted Image

Also a no. Equally disturbing. What the hell is going on?


All right, I can't move much, I can't see, but I can hear, and I'm pretty sure I recognize that voice. Let's see if...

Hey, Prof.
...what? Did you hear something?
Hey, good to hear from you. I was just wondering-
What the hell?! Why is he awake?! You and you, put him back under NOW!

Whoah, tense. I was just going to ask why...
I can't feel my...
arms and...legs...
Edited by Manic, Feb 1 2014, 01:20 AM.
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Diego Armando
So this is already exciting.

For the guesswho's, I'll guess the Oracles.
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White Kyurem
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Lockin' 'n' Nuzin'
Yes new Manic run! I have a feeling this is HG/SS or G/S up to Red, due to the armaments rule(15/17 types are in gyms) and the pokemon are: Golem, Ampharos, Heracross and Vaporeon. Or this is gonna be some hack I have no idea about. Either way, i'm following!

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Well then...I'm saying that's either Oak or Birch. In some twisted reality.

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Noossab Blue
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Rhendas should be real!

Woo new Manic run! The armaments rule is very creative...and seems pretty harsh, especially at the beginning of a run. Hopefully there is a move tutor available to relearn the moves you pass up...
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I'm betting that this is Kanto of some sort - maybe a hack, and that the blacked-out names are Nidoking, Dragonite, Scizor, and Vaporeon.
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Cockfiend is my dad
let the speculation storm begin and clutter this thread

>inb4 a mod will close this

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The Micro-Transaction-Raptor
Let the speculation and rumors begin!

This is going to be awesome!
Fucking done!
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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Not sure if the thread will be closed or not, so might as well try and put in my two cents now.

Firstly, armaments reminds me of Spirit Electrum, and the war-like world. The new world has gotten better, but not perfect, so I'll guess Johto.

As for the guesswhos, I'd like to say the Oracles, but they seem a little too obvious. Unfortunately, this is Manic, so he could be misdirecting us by making us think that it is to obvious. Even so, all four Oracles in one run sounds a little ridiculous. So, I'll go for the Pokemon he's had killed. I'm not sure if the Slakoth reincarnated as Bagon counts, though (Hope)... Or Anemoi. I'm guessing Anemoi doesn't. Can't quite remember all the dead 'mons, so if someone could give me a reminder, that'd be great.
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King of the seas, and lord of the dance

Rule 7... I'm going to guess that this isn't Johto, Hoenn, or Unova. Not being able to use normal moves right off the bat would make the game damn near impossible.

This... this is going to be interesting.
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A Strange Derping Creature
I'm so excited for this run! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
It's Derpin' Time!!

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archetypal social butterfly

Guessing time!

Okay, first off, I think this is Kanto -- but in some alternate reality where the War! Electrum has spilled over. Oh, this won't be good.

As for the four Pokemon in the rules, they're Bela, Aaron, Jalen, and Ness from Infernal Red.

Also, this is a new Manic run, so what else to say? Teasers are nice.
Has it really come to this?
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Rejected Muppet
Judging by the fact that the poll Manic made in Challenge Discussion to pick which region was to come first had Kanto as the winner, I think Kanto is a safe bet. And then for the "Loyal Allies" thing, I'm gonna guess Charizard, Lapras, Dragonite, and Murkrow, since those were the only Pokemon of the team still left when Infernal Red ended. Although... most of those are gift 'mons, so maybe not.
Edited by Shuppeteer, Nov 19 2013, 02:39 PM.
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This is gonna be so many kinds of awesome I don't have enough number to count it ! I'm betting it's gonna be in Kanto, because 1/Kanto is great 2/it's the first region in the games, so it makes sense to revisit it first 3/rule 7 a). I mean, saying that Totodile, Cyndaquil and Chikorita can use their moves in Johto, where there is no Water, Fire of Grass gym, would be useless. Also, 4/the tone of the prologue, where the protagonist can remember everything, feels reminiscent of Infernal Red (but don't quote me on that ^^)
I'm glad I can follow this run as it's uploaded (I caught all the others after they were completed, and they're all so amazing I'm expecting great things from this one)
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Sugar-Free Sugar
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what the fu-

I've read your other runs, and they were awesome.
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For some reason, I think he might be in Sinnoh, even though Fatal!Manic ended up recovering from his Degenerative Nuzlocke Disorder after beating Dialga and Palkia. After all, Manic currently can't feel his arms or legs and has a very limited vision. Or he could have the new saga all take place in Rom hacks with fanmade regions.
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It's basically Kanto, but with 100% more candy.

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It's that time of year again...
So with your Amanant Rule, this is definitely on GBA, and it has to not use Fakemon. Plus a lot of folks are saying the Kanto era, which narrows it down to FR/LG or a vanilla hack. Of course, I'm never gonna be able to get those answers right, I'll keep quiet and watch in the shadows. Best of luck on this adventure, Manic.
Edited by poopawman, Nov 19 2013, 03:09 PM.
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Yes other Maniac run ive been waiting for this and im making a bet that this is kanto
I am aPosted Image
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the conquer of your mom
I also think this will be KANTO
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The Champion of Counting
Well, shit. Something tells me this will get real dark, real fast.
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