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Rising Ruby: An ORAS hack; Drayano does 6th gen!
Topic Started: Jan 5 2016, 09:45 AM (9,915 Views)
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Champion of the Nuzlocke Games

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Ok, Drayano, famous hacker behind the wildly popular and challenging Blaze Black & Volt White, Blaze Black 2 & Volt White 2, Sacred Gold & Storm Silver and Fire Red Omega. Challenge accepted!

Posted ImagePosted Image
That's right, we're trying a Drayano hack of ORAS - and we're going to Nuzlocke it!

... Sweet mother of Arceus, what have I signed myself up for?!



Posted ImagePosted Image
"But everyone calls me the POKEMON PROFESSOR."

Posted ImagePosted Image
"Ugh. Yada yada yada!" a frustrated voice muttered to itself in the back of the truck as it bumped along the rough road beneath.
"I know I need a new SIM card here, but do I really have to go through ALL of this just to get my PokeNav working again?!!"

Posted ImagePosted Image
"...one another out. And sometimes, we just like to have fun battling others like us! But as close as we are, we don't know everything about Pokemon. In fact..."
" '-There are still many, many mysteries surrounding Pokemon,' I know! Gosh, how many people here in Hoenn haven't passed 1st grade at the Trainers' School? Everybody knows this stuff!" the child spoke again, not to anyone in particular.
"To complete registration of your account, please answer the following questions."

Posted ImagePosted Image
"Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"

"FINALLY!" the girl sighed, as she entered in her personal details, her fingers a blur as they swiftly danced across the touch screen. She paused for a moment before confirming her name, hesitating as the jumble of letters glared back at her.

Posted ImagePosted Image
"You know what? It's bad enough when Mum calls me Amethyst. If this darn thing starts calling me that in its robot voice, I think I'd rather die!" The girl thought to herself as she backspaced her work, electing to use her preferred nickname of Amy. The amount of times she'd had to correct people's spelling or pronunciation of her name over her short 13 year life was enough to drive anyone crazy. Needless to say, "Amy" raised a lot less eyebrows.

Posted ImagePosted Image
No sooner had Amy keyed in the final installation settings into the handheld device when the truck came to a steady halt, the boxes at the back of the truck sliding a few inches as their momentum propelled them forward. Thankfully, Amy had planned ahead for this and sat atop a small stack of boxes towards the front of the truck with her back to the wall, so even without a seatbelt, sudden stops like this would thrust her against the wall rather than send her hurtling towards the other side of the truck head first. Plus, her reflexes were well honed, and a quick hand to steady herself was enough to keep her balance. Unfortunately, the GPS on her PokeNav hadn't found any signal yet, so Amy still wasn't sure where exactly they were. They might have stopped for the truck to refuel, or for a paddling of baby Psyducks to cross the road, or for any number of other reasons.

Posted ImagePosted Image
But as Amy heard the loud clunk of the truck's latches releasing and the doors starting to part, she knew; they'd arrived.

"Alright, this is it..." Amy said to herself in an attempt to push down any pesky last-minute nerves.

Posted ImagePosted Image
"Let's go and surprise Dad!"

It's been a while since I've played a Drayano hack, so this should be a lot of fun (though if he lives up to his reputation, it'll probably be pretty difficult, especially as a Nuzlocke!). How far do you think I'll make it before I wipe, or do you think I'll (somehow) make it all the way? Place your bets now, folks! =P
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image
Amy takes on the patriarchy, speaks to the Littleroot therapist about her abandonment issues and fends off a rabid hobo asking her for money. All that and more, next time!
Edited by Geo, Jan 7 2016, 10:35 PM.
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Conqueror of the Eterna Gym
Okay, this has definitely caught my attention. I'm rather excited to see how this turns out. Good luck. I hope you can survive the hack.
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Posted ImageShiny DustoxPosted Image
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reset myself and get back on track
Oh god I was hoping someone would Nuzlocke Rising Ruby/Sinking Sapphire. And apparently, you are it!

Consider me following this run! And good luck! You'll definitely need it.
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🌠 Legit Lef 🌠
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something witty is supposed to be here
Ha ha ha... Hopefully, you don't die too quickly
When Life gives you lemons, punch it in the face and ask for oranges.
It will work out...

Remember that WAFFLES>everything
Wanna hear a scary story?
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Derpy route catch that everyone permaboxes.
I am surprised Drayano didn't change the intial professor speech to his usual "it may look like ____, but it is actauly Drayano." thing. Cool. Didn't know that gen 6 could be emulated.
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The thing that goes bump in the night
I actually didn't know they had Gen 6 emulators either. This looks really cool. I'll be keeping my eye on this
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Conqueror of the Cerulean Gym
Oh god Drayano's back. I think it may be a okay idea to keep the experience share on. Did you use Homebrew to get this??
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me @ my inner critic

@People talking about Gen VI emulators: they don't exist. 3DS hakes are obtained by messing with your console/cartridges (that's the extent of my limited understanding).

Ah, yes though. Consider my attention gotten, good Sir Geo! Looking forward to where this might go and how Amy handles the ladles of pure misery served to her by Drayano.
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If you need...
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Sir Saves-a-Lot
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Conqueror of the Cerulean Gym
...I get the feeling that this is going to be intense.

I'll be watching.
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That guy who does stuff
A drayano hack of omega ruby?
Well you're probably gonna wipe
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🌠 EeeeheehhehFTW 🌠
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Always watching
Well, good luck with this (Looks like you'll really be needing it)!

I'll be sure to be watching this.
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GEO! You're a madman! A MADMAN I TELL YOU!

I'll be sure to give a lovely eulogy for you.
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stay back bitch


This. Will be fun. Uh yeah RR/SS from the docs don't seem to be the most... coherent of Drayano's hakes. Steven has a Diancie. And uh. Yeah.

So... Good luck with this. Don't die. And grind to 12 before the first rival fight if you don't want this run to end before it begins.
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[10:51 AM] damien: Hacking is a good and fun experience for everyone involved
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you can see my soul from here

in upside-down land the rules are also upside down

geo will be all right frens
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🌏 YamiX 🌏
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Jan 5 2016, 10:50 AM
@People talking about Gen VI emulators: they don't exist. 3DS hakes are obtained by messing with your console/cartridges (that's the extent of my limited understanding).

Ah, yes though. Consider my attention gotten, good Sir Geo! Looking forward to where this might go and how Amy handles the ladles of pure misery served to her by Drayano.
Citra was recently able to run X and Y, but it would always crash at the title screen. So while there is an emulator,it is so far nnot that good. Still making a tonof progress
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♠♣ KirbyIsPink ♦♥
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uh oh

Dang Geo, I might be more impressed about how you have a modded 3DS that can run Gateway (or at least that's what I think it's called) than I might be about what Rising Ruby has to offer aside from being a Drayano hack. Heck, I'm not sure if any of us will be able to give any pieces of information about the hack itself since it can't be played on an easy to access emulator. So I guess that this really will be a blind run for just about everyone here...

I can't wait for Maxie to fight you under horde battle rules and a Primal Groudon
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The resident Corgi fanatic is an engaged derp~


Well, I hope you like pain because this seems like a thing that will probably be extremely painful. Best of luck~
Edited by EscapeToTheSea, Jan 5 2016, 05:24 PM.
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Because we like doing things as a couple~

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🌠 Toyotasomi no Miko 🌠
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"This ain't me by half!" -Barst

Well. This is a thing.

...Good luck with this, I guess? I would say that I'd hope for a no death run. But you know. Dray.

If there's votes I suggest Water type starter.

remember to be careful around the (nonexistent, but knowing dray i may as well be spoiling something on accident) pixelate mega diancie with explosion
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Holy Balls in Nemo's Waistline.

Good. Luck. Buddy.

Its all I can say

And Hot Diggity Dang Dray's picture.

By all that is Helix, I wish ya good luck.
Now.. We wait.

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deja vu, I've just been in this place before
Holy crap Geo I don't have that much popcorn at my disposal.

Sacrifice a few white unicorns and Anhur should have mercy upon you. And upon Amy, that poor soul in the Drayano world.

Good luck. You'll need it. I've checked the docs a while ago.
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