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A Bug in the System | An Obsidian Bug/Poison Duotypelocke; 23 - Fatigue Limit - vs Byron | 05.31.18
Topic Started: Apr 20 2016, 09:43 AM (48,036 Views)
Posted ImageShiny DustoxPosted Image
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reset myself and get back on track
Posted Image
"Every explicit duality is an implicit unity." - Alan Watts

Cliff Beckett has a new lease on life. He found his missing brother, Aaron, in Unova, got a new job under renowned (and infamously cantankerous) Professor Rowan, and his assistant puts a spring in his step. Along with a hyperactive Skorupi named Liam, he has to travel the Sinnoh region and cope with a researcher's worst enemy: deadlines. But after an accident threatens his safety, he'll have to deal with his boss' unending disappointment, a shady organization causing chaos, and a visitor from his past that looks to even the score.

Table of Contents



Prologue: Symbiosis

Author's Notes - READ AFTER UPDATE
Posted Image
art by AgentNein

Current Team | 23 - Fatigue Limit - vs Byron

Posted ImageTo view my Completed Runs, feel free to visit The Insectarium.Posted Image
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Posted ImageBugPosted Image
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*Clutches chest*
Liam is gonna be the death of me.

Posted Image
Rob Zombug : A Snakewood VS Locke

5.30.2017 6-B : I am Fire; I am Death
Posted Image
Part 9 - Rolling in the Deep
fun stuff
Have a feature suggestion, or forum question? PM me!

Pokemon Comics Discord :watchingyou: Official SSWL Discord :watchingyou: Official Nuzlocke Writing Discord
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Posted Image Jimcloud Posted Image
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Popped collars and fingerguns

Posted Image

This is the first time I have ever used a reaction image in my entire life. You are bloody welcome.

I'm super excite for where this is going, and I have to say that intro is still both hilarious and effective - I'm particularly happy that the image doesn't start loading until you click the spoiler, so it gives that perfect feel. Yessss~

I'm looking forward to adventures with Passive-Aggressive Dad Rowan, that's for sure :3
[4:14 AM] Furfrou: man i wish i didnt use a monkey paw to get u as admin
[4:14 AM] Furfrou: like ur a great admin
[4:14 AM] Furfrou: but i have to deal with these
[4:14 AM] Furfrou: fucking
[4:14 AM] Furfrou: puns
[4:14 AM] Furfrou: all the fucking time
[4:14 AM] Jimcloud: So you'd rather we quit monkeying around.
[4:15 AM] Furfrou: all
[4:15 AM] Furfrou: the
[4:15 AM] Furfrou: fucking
[4:15 AM] Furfrou: time
[1:46 AM] the traveling clock problem: i'm more worried about the fact that it wasn't "unflawed" that was edited
[1:46 AM] Furfrou: unflawed is a word tho
[1:46 AM] the traveling clock problem: it doesn't sound pretty, i guess
[1:47 AM] Jimcloud: so it's not unflawed
[1:47 AM] the traveling clock problem: mag if you ever hire another admin never use a monkey's paw ever again jfc
[1:47 AM] Furfrou: it was necessary

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🌈 Legit Lef 🌈
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something witty is supposed to be here
Now use a beaver made structure grass type, gdi.
:worm: :goodnezz: :worm: :goodnezz:
When Life gives you lemons, punch it in the face and ask for oranges.
It will work out...

Remember that WAFFLES>everything
Wanna hear a scary story?
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♠♣ SilverStrangequark ♦♥
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> References TSTES
This run already looks complex and it has barely started :v:

Skype logs marked February 10 from last year. Shiny, you're apologising about posting this too soon? How late is "the right time" for you? You know humans normally live 70-80 years, right?

And I don't see a banner. LET ME SEE THE BANNER.
Edited by SilverStrangequark, Apr 20 2016, 09:54 AM.
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Posted ImageRevenantPosted Image
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Do you hear the toll of the bell?

Ohhhhhh I'm very excited to see how this rolls out. I think drapion is legit, and I know little of this hack buuuuuuut I know Platinum hacks tend to be pretty intense and cool, so I can't wait to see how you rock this one! Liam is already quite excitable and cute.

Rowan is also quite brusque, I like the no-nonsense attitude he has. I feel like that will let us get this rolling quite quickly. Looking forward to more as always. :V
Posted Image
Posted Image
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Huntress Wizard
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>just to use Drapion

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

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Posted ImageGoGoGogoatPosted Image
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If you're scared, I'm on my way
I beat you to starting a new run by one day ha ha ha ACTUALLY GETTING TO USE A SKORUPI/DRAPION HYPE!!

Seriously though, having used Drapion myself, Liam will be a total bro. You're going to enjoy this just as much as you think you are and more,

Also, does this mean your world is now in the same continuity as Jim and Z's worlds? How the hell does that even work? =P
Posted Image

Last update - (5/31) Interlude #06: Rust // Q+A open!

Current team (spoilers!)

Posted Image

Not dead, I promise...

Posted Image

Last update - (1/22) | A compendium of my past and present projects. Check it out!

"So long as you always maintain a sense of exploration, you will someday find the way out. This is my hope."
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Planner Alex
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Mmm... I think I've got a plan
Looks like it's that time again, I don't think I've seen a duo typelocke except an old one themed around propane. Anyway unfamiliar with Obsidian so best of luck

My hack Yo

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Completed Runs

I like maxims that don't encourage behavior modification
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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Posted Image[/spoiler]
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I 100% approve of adding poison just to use Skorupi. It'll always be a bug type in my heart.

Also, the timestamps on that skype convo put you at either Febuary 10th or October 2nd last year. How long do you plan runs?
And there's no shame in hitting the bottom, there's no shame in having a bad day
You just have to keep trying and trying and trying
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That guy who does stuff
WOO skorupi yay
oh my god I am hyped
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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
lookin good.
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General Pandemonium
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Hip to be Square
Urrrrgh another Shiny Dustox run. I guess this will be ok or whatever

Former Runs

I also do a whole bunch of podcasts on books, TV and comics as part of The Geek Show. You can find us on Mixcloud by searching for Literary Loitering, On The Box and 4-Panel.
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🌈 Oakesy 🌈
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Indigo League Champion
I am so hyped for this!

Obsidian is very unfamiliar to me so I am looking forward to seeing the game play out alonf with your run. This will be epic!

Best of luck kid!

Posted Image

UCL - I'm Blue dabba dee dabba dye!

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Noossab Blue
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Ramilda will take you down.


Poison is an ok thing I guess :)

Never seen Obsidian ever so this should be fun...
Noossab's Notably Better Breeds

Building up my Sun/Moon breeding pool.

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My dream team...
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Feathers and pixels
Haha! I'm here so early that I don't even have to say I've caught up! Score!

That prologue was pretty amazing. Reminds me of an old acquaintance who would swipe people's phones and search for a ton of smut. Good times.
Current run:
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Thanks to: Mythwolf for designing my Nuzlocke run banners!

Posted Image
Name: Cave
Adopt one yourself! @Pokemon Orphanage
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Dungeon Master
New Shiny Dustox run. Feel the hype.

I read your original Buglocke after it was finished and am currently catching up on your Fire Red, so haven't had the chance to comment on any of your works before (I'm intentionally waiting until I play/see a normal run through of Black 2 before reading your Blaze Black 2, simply because I don't want a hack to be my first experience with the game :/ ). But now that I finally am, just know your content is absolutely hilarious (but you probably already knew that).
Posted Image
Just Your Typical Nuzlocke - A Fire Red Comic [Hiatus]

Completed Nuzlockes
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Conqueror of the Cerulean Gym
This is actually my first time being able to follow one of your runs all of the way through~! But I'm quite excited. I hope you can help me harness a better appreciate for bug types. I'm so bad at training them, so maybe I'll learn a thing or two ;;
Posted Image Posted Image
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Kaoru Drake
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Run, Llama, Run!
Hey, would you look at that! I'm here at the start for once! :yay:

A duo-locke of Obsidian, eh? Maybe you'll get a Joy of your own! Shattered is gonna be the death of me..

Don't you think using the same 'mons in a third game might start 'bug'ging you? Yeah, don't worry, that'll likely be my only bug pun in this comment.

Backtracking to a Gen before Genesect was a thing? that's Generally a bad idea, so I can't wait to see the things you Generate.
Active Runs
Posted Image
How much is too much?
Completed Runs -- Drake vs. Ralts

Runs on Hiatus -- Arceus' Revenge

Abandoned Runs -- Shattered Emotions (Original)

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