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Please read these few Rules
Please Don't Complain that these rules are too strict, most of them are required by zetaboards (the site that hosts this board)

Rule #1:
Do not use language and images that are racist or sexist, or language and images that belittle a personís religion, sexual preference or ethnicity.

Rule #2:
Do not use language and images that include profanity, nudity, sexual activity and sexuality in general, blood or gore, or that violate other rules (In other words, NO SWEARING and NO PORNOGRAPHY) .

Rule #3:
Do not spam. Spamming includes: Posting a topic more than once or in several different areas and posting twice or more in a row (unless you wish to correct yourself). The repeated posting of very short messages in many places for the purposes of raising your post count may also be considered spam.

Rule #4
Do not flame. A flame is a personal attack against another member. This does not mean you have to like eachother.

Rule #5:
Do not promote or solicit illegal activities.

Rule #6:
Do not impersonate other members.

Rule #7:
Do not create 2 accounts; you are only allowed one.

Rule #8:
Do not request a staff position, We will ask you.

Rule #9:
Please visit as many times as you like.= )