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AphroditeMF Today, 12:02 AM "luna65: okay so I'm officially losing my shit over the teaser trailer for BoRap" - OMG ME TOO!!
H.Timseel Yesterday, 9:31 PM Welcome back Liam, get ready to be busy with Nick stuff!
Liam C Yesterday, 8:33 PM Just back off holiday how is everyone
standstilltommy Yesterday, 9:01 AM he would've killed the part, and he's a complete doppelganger
standstilltommy Yesterday, 9:00 AM looks great but it really should've been Sacha Baron Cohen playing the part. It's a shame why it was scrapped :(
luna65 May 20 2018, 01:02 PM okay so I'm officially losing my shit over the teaser trailer for BoRap:
Brian Mc May 15 2018, 09:58 PM Thank You !!! Sorry if I broke a rule. First time posting and after days of going through cds I was going nuts. Thanks !!!
nfloyd May 14 2018, 05:03 AM Not sure if that could be said here, but its atleast called demo version 1.
Brian Mc May 13 2018, 10:56 PM Help Please. Which CD has One of these Days with Nick repeating the title over and over. Thanks, Brian
Clemens May 7 2018, 11:54 PM Hey Joe!
joepasher May 5 2018, 10:29 PM I got nothin' to say but "Howdy!"
AphroditeMF Apr 28 2018, 01:24 AM Ha!!
Kink Dloyd Apr 27 2018, 05:04 PM Eye-spy Roy Harper sitting on Roger's back.
strummer12 Apr 27 2018, 12:57 PM David and Roger
AtomHeartFather Apr 23 2018, 05:38 AM Some changes in overall designs as well. 2016 Lapse now looks again like the classic cover, no full square image (like in 2011). A minor example also is Ummagumma - inside cover includes a sort of a contact sheet available in Discovery booklet.
AtomHeartFather Apr 23 2018, 05:22 AM One thing I still hate about it - The Wall title is in red and also - Nick's handwriting in Animals has been replaced with standard one. Still - these 2016 CD editions are absolutely essential.
AtomHeartFather Apr 23 2018, 05:20 AM I second that, nfloyd. Horrible D-letters removed, cool stickers on the outer plastic wrappers. By the way, though these wrappers are very soft, the stickers can be easily removed and attached to any other wrapper, they're worth keeping.
nfloyd Apr 23 2018, 05:09 AM Floydfan2410 I rather recommend the 2016 version of Pink Floyd REcords, same 2011 remaster but better covers.
floydfan2410 Apr 23 2018, 04:43 AM I'm still planning on getting the Why Pink Floyd box someday. I only bought the Animals discovery version and the 3 Immersion boxes.
luna65 Apr 23 2018, 03:54 AM from Why...Pink Floyd? you mean? Animals was my favorite, but I also thought Obscured By Clouds was an improvement
azza200 Apr 23 2018, 01:44 AM What are everyone favorite 2011 remasters?
floydfan2410 Apr 22 2018, 06:06 AM WYWH sounds like a good start. I watched Pompeii recently so I might go for PULSE or the AHM Quad
sysyphus Apr 22 2018, 05:21 AM I had that last night - warmed up with WYWH and then watched DG's Pompeii
floydfan2410 Apr 22 2018, 05:19 AM For the first time in months I have an entire evening and half a night alone. Which 5.1 PF album or 5.1 concert should I put on?
cobray Apr 21 2018, 09:11 PM Thanks for sharing that. Very cool.
Abnormaler Apr 21 2018, 03:39 PM Stephen Hawking Voice generator is here:
The End Apr 21 2018, 09:27 AM Hi Jake. Happy spring.
Gilmour Is God Apr 21 2018, 03:17 AM
Gilmour Is God Apr 21 2018, 03:16 AM Surfing AOL at work today, saw a headline saying "Band takes top spot, as Beatles fall to #2 in top album rank"...turned out to be Darkside of the Moon!
azza200 Apr 20 2018, 09:58 PM
floydfan2410 Apr 20 2018, 06:10 AM Oh Yeah! Me too! Huge horrorfan myself, can't wait to watch that movie! I love the original.
pinkfloyd1977 Apr 20 2018, 12:43 AM As a big Horror fan and especially Halloween, im stoked for the continuation to part 1 coming out in October!
DiamondHead Apr 13 2018, 07:58 AM An old thread in the SteveHoffman forum from 2006- maybe some releases still have it while other's don't?
Gilmour Is God Apr 13 2018, 02:37 AM Diamondhead - yeah, that was definitely in the actual TV show, but for the DVD releases they've edited out all of the actual rock music so they wouldn't have to pay everyone royalties. Kind of defeats the purpose of the show IMO.
luna65 Apr 13 2018, 12:42 AM in this instance they didn't edit out that scene, I was surprised!
DiamondHead Apr 12 2018, 05:01 AM I'm 99.99999999999999% sure it was played when the episode originally aired -
Gilmour Is God Apr 12 2018, 03:02 AM Did they actually play Dogs on the episode, or was it edited out like they did on the DVD release to avoid royalties?
Gilmour Is God Apr 12 2018, 03:02 AM Luna, that is too funny. I was literally flipping through the channels the other night and stumbled across WKRP, and that was the episode that was on. I only watched a few minutes before I turned it off, looks like I missed out!!
floydfan2410 Apr 12 2018, 02:57 AM I wonder how high he is!!!
pinkfloyd1977 Apr 11 2018, 09:41 PM Final Cut vocal cover has me in tears of laughter:
standstilltommy Apr 10 2018, 03:22 PM Gotta have more cowbell, Baby!
luna65 Apr 10 2018, 03:03 PM in other news, I just saw that episode of WKRP with "Dogs" in it - I had forgotten it was the turkey promotion episode
luna65 Apr 10 2018, 03:02 PM guys, it's Lindsey
4ctmam Apr 10 2018, 08:55 AM That's just absurd! It's 1987 all over again...
waldsman Apr 10 2018, 08:51 AM That's very very disappointing. I was for sure going to see them live this last tour but now I probably will not. Lyndsey does magic with the guitar alot like Gilmour
DiamondHead Apr 10 2018, 08:47 AM Lyndsey Buckinham booted out of Fleetwood Mac...WTF lol. Glad I saw them a few years ago - they were great thanks in large part to Lyndsey.
manalishi1980 Apr 5 2018, 04:45 PM Thank Ryan. Appreciate that. Kind of a mix between the 2006 and 2001 versions. Now DOGS and Pigs on The Wing. SOLO!
ryan2929 Apr 5 2018, 01:28 PM Wow, manalishi that was really impressive! Reminds me of the 2006 OAI version.
manalishi1980 Apr 4 2018, 05:33 PM Did my first Pink Floyd tribute gig the other night. This is Shine On Enjoy.
nonprophet Apr 1 2018, 09:07 AM Happy Easter! (Do not smoke the plastic grass from your Easter basket.)
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