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Board Rules
Forum Rules

No excessive swearing. (and in topic titles please)
No racists or sexist comments
No advertising
No useless bumping
No double accounts
No spam!
No sexual content.
Do not spread rumors/lies about people.
Do not be disrespectful to Rec Room members! (including to members of The Rec Room on any messenger clients.)
Please don't go off-topic in threads.
No excessive doube-posting.
Do not abuse the PM system by pestering other members with useless messages!

Cbox Rules

Be kind to others using the Shoutbox.
Do not use inappropriate language.
Do not post excess spam.
Do not spread rumors/lies about people.
Please do not pretend to be other members in the cbox.

If you do by chance break any of these rules forum/cbox it can result in a ban for a day or however the person who banned you decides to keep you banned.