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Well damned if the Berserkers don't flip and roll in Evolution. I may get this recorded yet... Does the Master not flip and roll? (I was using him as my 5-star bot in my test map)

No, he doesn't, the shuffling old bastard.

Berserker Splitter must be a female, because it seems only the girls flip and roll...

Edit: Nope, most girls do, but some don't. And most guys don't, but some do. I assume clip clamp is a guy. But Mr. Flesh cage does too.

What is really weird about this glitch is that if you surround the death tile with harmless death tiles, so you can see more of their body (since it won't then be hidden beneath a surrounding floor), you will see that they have 2 bodies (4 arms) as soon as they die. The 2 arms that drop dead on the ground fade away with the spirit body, leaving a pair of solid arms to keep pointing at you. :@: Without the floor obscuring, you also see their faces face you all the time too. Creepy. Beheadable bots can be beheaded with a melee attack (maybe a bullet shot too?) if you strike before the ghost body fades...

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