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2018 Anzac Cup Winners : BETTER THAN SEX /with Vile vince Viper & Spike Nelson

S.W.A.T. International Champion: "Industrial Man" Attila Balan

Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion: Beelzebozo

Amazons Champion: Jade

Amazons Pan Amazon Champion: Wildcat Lynn Brewster

2017 "of the Years"

Wrestler: Pyschotic Goth

Fued: Daniel Collins vs "Timeless" Alex Turner

Most Popular: The Industrial Man

Most Hated: Vile "vince" Viper

Amazon: Suzi Spits

Match: Beelzebozo Vs Industrial Man (Helloween Cup Final)
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Edward Dubin
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Kathleen Parks: "Greta whips her in to the ropes and back bodydrops Glenda. She drops elbow after elbow onto Glenda's chest followed by a scoop bodyslam. She bounds in to the ropes and executes a rolling thunder and makes the cover.....One....Two....Kickout by Glenda."

Michelle Williams: "Looks like Glamourous Glenda underestimated Greta Swanson's wrestling abilities. Greta whips Glenda into the ropes and executes a flying double chop.
She whips Glenda in to the ropes again and dropkicks Glenda who rolls out of the ring."

Kathleen Parks: "Greta waits and bounds into the ropes and does a suicide dive out of the ring onto Glenda before letting her have it with lefts and rights. She's coming to our table and sets Glenda up for a suplex but Glenda blocks it and pivots around and suplex's Greta through the ring table."

Michelle Williams: "Well there goes our table and who's going to pay for it."

Glamourous Glenda: "Hope your watching Iacone because that's going to be you!"

Kathleen Parks: "You tell her Glenda."

Michelle Williams: "There you go again shilling for Glenda again. Glenda finds a cable and starts choking Greta and now she's dragging her around ringside."

Kathleen Parks: "She's obviously showing Shirley Iacone what's in store for her when they have their rematch."

Michelle Williams: "Glenda sees the broken bottle and uses what remains of it to cut open Greta's head screaming and shouting Shirley's name and threatening Shirley. She rolls Greta back into the ring and applies a rear chinlock and locks her legs around Greta's body into a tight bodyscissors for additional pressure."

Kathleen Parks: "Greta should just give up while she has a chance and accept her loser status like a real woman. She continues to crank the chinlock tighter and tighter while tightening the bodyscissors. Geta's struggling to get out of it but Glenda has the hold too tight."

Michelle Williams: "Greta continues to struggle to get to the ropes. She reaches and finally grabs a hold of them forcing a break. Glenda delivers a series of vicious stomps and kicks to Greta's ribs and chokes her using the ropes."

Kathleen Parks: "Glenda scoop bodyslams Greta and goes to the top rope and she flying bodypresses her. Greta just reversed it.....One.....Two.....Three! I can't believe what I just saw! Greta just defeated Glamourous Glenda."

Michelle Williams: "This is definitely an upset."

Ring Announcer: "Your winner at 6minutes and 30seconds Greta Swanson."

Kathleen Parks: "Greta cheated and she knows it."

Michelle Williams: "She won fair and square and you know it."

(Glamourous Glenda attacks Greta Swanson and tosses her out of the ring before grabbing the mic.)

Kathleen Parks: "The Glamourous One speaks....."

Michelle Williams: "I can hardly wait....."

Kathleen Parks: "SSSSSShhhhhh.......She speaks."

Glamourous Glenda: "Greta Swanson you're nothing but a fluke and you know it! I'm going to hurt you bitch and I'm going to hurt you real bad if we wrestle again! Now Shirley Iacone you probably think Greta's fluke victory over me was real funny! Well it isn't and I'm going to bitch slap you and your ugly kept face around the ring so badly! You'll be egging me for me to stop so you can wipe the tears from your face and snot from your crybaby face as I beat you down!"

(The ringsiders cheer as Shirley Iacone storms the ring and Glamourous Glenda bails out quickly.)

Shirley Iacone: "You don't have to wait! I'll be glad to let you try and I'll do the same to your kept model looks for ugly magazines! Come on and let's see what you're really made of!"

Glamourous Glenda: "Oh don't worry I'll beat you down when the time comes."

Michelle Williams: "Once again Glamourous Glenda again opens her big mouth and comes
close to paying for it."

Kathleen Parks: "She's biding her time and Shirley's going to get her but kicked."

Michelle Williams: "Hopefully she has time because Shirley's ready to kick her butt. Right now Let's hear from one of our Amazon superstars."

(They show some scene from various Hurricane disaster areas before switching to Dragonatrix standing behind a hurricane relief banner arms crossed.)

Dragonatrix: "Thousands of people from areas across the coast and elsewhere suffered serious losses and billions of dollars in damages due to the recent hurricanes and these very people are dying or suffering from a lack of food, water, electricity and shelter. You can help by contributing or pledging what you can to help these victims. Call the number on the screen and help right now."

(The scene fades and they show commercials for upcoming movies and series premieres
along with disaster relief spots before returning to Michelle Williams, Kathleen Parks and Glamourous Glenda.)

Michelle Williams: "Welcome back and we are rejoined by our broadcast colleague, Glamourous Glenda, after being both patched up and being brave to come out again after Shirley Iacone forced her from ringside."

Glamourous Glenda: "That bitch Greta's going to pay for making me look bad and Shirley's going to pay too."

Kathleen Parks: "You tell them both Glamourous Glenda. You deserve to be on the roster not those losers."

Michelle Williams: "This next match is a rematch from our Rio show a few months back involving Dragonatrix and Ashton Wyatt."

Kathleen Parks: "This isn't going to be pretty since these two went at it in the Money in the Bank Match at Amazon Domination."

Glamourous Glenda: "You can bet that Tornado Red is going to save Dragonatrix like she did during the Money in the Bank Match."

(The lights flicker and go off while the Amaztron shows jerky images of scenes before showing Ashton Wyatt with Bray Wyatt in the background.)

Ashton Wyatt: "Dragonatrix the moment is at hand to reap the consequences of defeating me. Your day of reckoning shall be brutal and your blood shall flow and cover the ring when I finally slay you and put an end to your not so legendary career."

(The screen flickers and jerks off as the fireflies come out as "Shitlist" by L7 plays and smoke billows out of the entranceway a nd the ringsiders boo as Ashton Wyatt enters the ringside area followed by Bray Wyatt. They hold up their gas lamps as they enter the ring before blowing them out and the lights go back on."

Ring Announcer: "This next contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Miami, Fla. She comers in at 5'9" and weights 125lbs. and accompanied by Bray Wyatt. Ashton Wyatt."

(Ashton yanks the mic away from the Ring Announcer.)

Michelle Williams: "Here we go again."

Kathleen Parks: "Someone shut the mic off."

Glamourous Glenda: "Bad enough we see her on the screen and now this."

Ashton Wyatt: "Quiet you broadcast bitches and specially you Glenda. Yeah you're lucky I don't kill you right here and now in this ring but outside watch your back. Now Dragonatrix or is it Dragon Bitch since you'll be that to me tonight. I'm going to kill you once and for all and put an end to the not so legendary dragon...."

("Mary Magdalen" by Guns n' Roses plays interrupting Ashton Wyatt and fiery pyros explode along the ringside rampway and the ringsiders roar as Dragonatrix appears at the ring entrance with a barbed wire baseball bat. She points her fist at Ashton and storms through the pyros and jumps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles and does a sunset flip into the ring and lands perfectly onto her feet and poses Chyna like with her fists on her hips and snaps her head glaring at Ashton Wyatt before going to her corner as Ashton returns the look.)

Ring Announcer: "Now introducing to from Hong Kong, China. She comes in at 6ft. and weight in at 175lbs. Dragonatrix."

Michelle Williams: "The bell rings and this match is underway."

Kathleen Parks: "They lock up and Dragonatrix easily forces Ashton Wyatt in to the ropes. Ashton shoves Dragonatrix before giving her a hard bitch slap. Dragonatrix's expression isn't to be taken lightly."

Glamourous Glenda: "They lock up again and Dragonatrix again forces Ashton Wyatt into the ropes and again gives her a clean break before shoving her and delivering a hard bitch slap of her own."

Michelle Williams: "Ashton and dragonatrix waste no time exchanging lefts and rights. Dragonatrix gets the better of the exchange and she forces Ashton into the ropes and clotheslines her out of the ring."

Kathleen Parks: "Dragonatrix bounds in to the ropes and she flies over the ropes out of the ring and onto both Ashton and Bray Wyatt. She grounds and pounds Ashton with a vengeance and delivers a series of vicious kicks to Bray Wyatt's face."

Glamourous Glenda: "I'm hoping she gets back at her for what she did to me. Dragonatrix goes under the ring and she pulls out a stainless steel Singapore cane and she beats both Bray and Ashton with it."

Michelle Williams: "She's making sure they both get what's coming to them. She throws Ashton back into the ring unceremoniously. She reaches for her barbed wire baseball bat and waits for her to get up and she swings and hits Ashton in the mid-section."

Kathleen Parks: "Dragonatrix just cracked that bat over Ashton's head followed by cracking it over Ashton's back. She scrapes it over her head and Ashton's bleeding profusely. Dragonatrix is showing she's serious about winning this match."

Glamourous Glenda: "Dragonaterix whips Ashton into the ropes and dropkicks her. Ashton rolls out of the ring and Dragonatrix follows her but Bray Wyatt clotheslines her from behind."

Michelle Williams: "They kick and stomp Dragonatrix before Bray sets up a table and Ashton sets her up and manages to suplex Dragonatrix through the table. They toss her back into the ring and she delivers elbow after elbow before making the cover....One....T....Dragonatrix powers out."

Kathleen Parks: "Ashton belly to back suplex's Dragonatrix and goes to the top rope and cannon balls onto Dragonatrix. Ashton mounts and grounds and pounda Dragonatrix bloodying her nose and Bray hands her Dragonatrix's stainless steel Singapore cane and she beats her with it."

Glamourous Glenda: "Dragonatrix is in pain and she's bleeding more profusely than before. Now Aston's rearranging Dragonatrix's face while screaming into her ear. She starts slapping her and screams at her again and stomping Dragonatrix's head and back."

Michelle Williams: "Ashton whips Dragonatrix into the corner and she executes a running dropkick. She bends over with that evil smile and sets up Dragonatrix for the Wyatt's Fall.
She executes it and this could be the end.....One.....Two.....T....No! Dragonatrix kicks out."

Kathleen Parks: "Ashton can't believe it. She's screaming at the referee about the count and Bray's pounding on the canvas. Ashton sets Dragonatrix up with Abigail but Dragonatrix counters with a punches to Ashton's mid-section forcing her to release the move."

(To be continued)
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