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2018 Anzac Cup Winners : BETTER THAN SEX /with Vile vince Viper & Spike Nelson

S.W.A.T. International Champion: "Industrial Man" Attila Balan

Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion: Beelzebozo

Amazons Champion: Jade

Amazons Pan Amazon Champion: Wildcat Lynn Brewster

2017 "of the Years"

Wrestler: Pyschotic Goth

Fued: Daniel Collins vs "Timeless" Alex Turner

Most Popular: The Industrial Man

Most Hated: Vile "vince" Viper

Amazon: Suzi Spits

Match: Beelzebozo Vs Industrial Man (Helloween Cup Final)
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Edward Dubin
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Michelle Williams: "Does that also include references to snakes too."

Glamorous Glenda: "Depends on the situation."

Michelle Williams: "Why did I ask. Patricia cinches in a rear chinlock and cranks it in tighter and tighter. Alice makes her way back to her feet and delivers a series of elbows forcing Patricia to release the hold but Patricia counters by pulling Alice's hair backwards."

Kathleen Parks: "Patricia cinches in the rear chinlock again she transitions into a rear naked choke but can't clamp on the bodyscissors for more leverage. Alice struggles to get to the ropes and gets her arm around the ropes forcing a break."

Glamourous Glenda: "Patricia delivers a series of clubbing forearms followed by some very stiff double axehandles. She whips Alice into the ropes but Alice kicks her in the head and clotheslines her. She clotheslines her a second and a third time and she does it a fourth time."

Michelle Williams: "She belly to back suplex's Patricia and does it a second and a third time for good measure. Alice whips Patricia into the ropes and Bubbaslams her with authority and drops a leg before making the cover.....One.....Two.....T.....No! Patricia gets a shoulder up."

Kathleen Parks: "Patricia fires off a few shots to Alice's mid-section followed by a few knife edges to Alice's throat. She delivers a few uppercuts to Alice's head and Alice is mad to say the least. Alice punishes Patricia with a series of hard punishing knees and axehandles before leaving the ring and grabbing a table. She slides it into the ring and she sets it up with real bad intentions."

Glamourous Glenda: "Bad intentions is putting it lightly. Alice wants to break Patricia in half as a warning to Tornado Red. She takes Patricia to the top turnbuckle and she powerbombs her through the table."

Michelle Williams: "Alice isn't done with Patricia. She picks her up again and she powerbombs her again and now she bellows Tornado Red's name out again warning her about what she plans to do to her if she even sees her."

Kathleen Parks: "Why would she even want to provoke Tornado Red. Alice is just playing with Patricia now and the referee should stop the match or Patricia may not even be able to wrestle again."

Glamourous Glenda: "Probably she wanted a title match with Suzi Spitz and Tornado Red recieved the title shot instead. I mean who can blame her since she was rated higher than Tornado Red after Amazon Domination but she's passed over for Tornado Red."

Michelle Williams: "Well whatever the case is Patricia's in trouble and Alice isn't finished with her yet. Alice places Patricia onto the top rope and sets her up for a superplex but
Patricia may have saved herself by desperately punching Alice's body and ribs forcing her off."

Kathleen Parks: "Patricia saved herself for now but she just made Alice mad. Patricia dropkicks Alice from the top rope and struggles to cover her for a two count. She waits and clotheslines Alice for a second and third time."

Glamourous Glenda: "At least Patricia's attempting to put up some token resistance. She whips Alice in to the ropes and Lou Thesz Presses her followed by a ground and pound. Patricia delivers a series of knees to Alice's back and follows up with some elbows drops to her back."

Michelle Williams: "Alice seems to be receiving what she served. Patricia delivers a series of forearms to her back followed by a series of kicks also Alice's back. She's determined to hurt Alice just as much as Alice was attempting to hurt her."

Kathleen Parks: "Patricia whips Alice onto the ropes and attempts another clothesline but Alice ducks and counters with a spear. She makes the cover.....One.....Two.....Three."

Ring Announcer: "Your winner at 7minutes and 45seconds. Alice."

Michelle Williams: "Patricia was game and she put up a good battle but she lost to an angry and very motivated Alice."

Kathleen Parks: "Speaking of which Alice doesn't seem to be done yet. She tosses Patricia out of the ring and bellows calls out Tornado Red again. She sets up Patricia again and watch out.....Incoming wrestler."

(Alice powerbombs Patricia through the commentator's table.)

Kathleen Parks: "How many times has it been so far tonight our table's been destroyed."

(Alice continues to call out Tornado Red and suddenly Tornado Red storms ringside and they start brawling all the way up the rampway. She pulls out a frying pan and hits Alice hard knocking her out.)

Michelle Williams: "Looks like Alice got exactly what she wanted and then some."

Kathleen Parks: "Yeah a frying pan to her head. How did Tornado Red get a frying pan into the arena when I can't even get my own snacks and refreshments into the arena."

Glamourous Glenda: "Don't look at me I couldn't even get my make up kit into the arena."

Michelle Williams: "Well whatever the case is we'll see what transpires especially if it's during the Tornado Red/Suzi Spitz match. Comming up is an old fashioned grudge match between Shirley Iacone and Rhonda Johnson after we return from these commercial messages from our sponsors."

(They return after showing commercials for SWAT Amazons Magazine with Olympia and Suzi Spitz on the cover along with public please for the hurricane relief efforts. Dragonatrix is shown marching through the corridor angrily searching for Janice Knight and Lana Lovelace. She is banging doors and kicking at them looking inside and slamming the doors closed.)

Dragonatrix: "Janice Knight and Lana Lovelace where the fuckin hell are you! Where are you two bitches! Show yourselves and show yourselves right now!"

(She sees a member of the Cotton Bowl personnel.)

Dragonatrix: "Where the hell is Janice Knight and Lana Lovelace."

Personnel Person: "I don't know I didn't see them."

(She sees Donna Heart and goes over to her.)

Dragonatrix: "Donna I want to talk to you."

Donna Heart: "What do you want Dragonatrix."

Dragonatrix: "You sure since I'm asking you very nicely about where they are."

Donna Heart: "I'm telling you the truth."

Dragonatrix: "If you're lying to me......"

Donna Heart: "I'm not lying I swear."

Dragonatrix: "I hope that's true I truly hope that's true or I swear I'm going to kick someone's ass and put them through a table. That includes you too and I mean it so I hope you are telling the truth."

(They switch to Glamourous Glenda who is with Shirley Iacone who's looking at her ominously.)

Glamourous Glenda: "I'm with my old opponent Shirley Iacone who is set to face Rhonda Johnson tonight....."

Shirley Iacone: "First off I'm still going to kick your ass all over the place so you better not get too comfortable hiding behind a broadcast table."

Glamourous Glenda: "You should follow Dragonatrix's advice and concentrate on your opponent Rhonda Johnson."

Shirley Iacone: "Oh I'm focused on Rhonda Johnson and believe me she wants a fight. I'm not just coming for a fight I'm coming for an all out old fashioned brawl."

(Rhonda Johnson appears on camera and they glare at each other ready for a brawl and not backing down.)

Rhonda Johnson: "You better be ready for an all out brawl because I'm going to give you an all out old fashioned Bronx beatdown."

Shirley Iacone: "We'll see who gets an all out old fashioned beatdown. Let's do this and and do it in the ring right now."

(Shirley elbows her way hard past both Glamourous Glenda and Shirley Iacone before switching back to Michelle Williams and Kathleen Parks."

Michelle Williams: You can tell these two women don't like each other and the actions going to explode in the ring in a matter of moments. Let's hope that Glamourous Glenda can hold her enthusiasm during this match."

Kathleen Parks: "Now why would Glamourous Glenda want to even interfere with Shirley's match with Rhonda Johnson. She knows when the time comes and Shirley actually has the real guts to face her. She'll beat her in the ring."

Michelle Williams: "Oh that will be the day. Let's go to the ring for the call."

Ring Announcer: "This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from the Bronx, NY. She comes in at 6ft tall and weighs in at 160lbs. Rhonda Johnson."

(Rhonda Johnson comes to the ring to a mixed reaction. She jumps onto the ring apron and sommersaults into the ring wearing a fluorescent boxing robe and when she takes it off she is wearing a tight fluorescent MMA fighting tights, fluorescent wrestling boots and fluorescent combat wrestling halter and her hair is blond and corn rowed.)

Ring Announcer: "Now introducing from Philadelphia, Pa. She comes in at 5'11" and weighs in at 150lbs. Shirley Iacone."

(Shirley Iacone enters ringside to a slightly more positive reaction. She is wearing her grey hoodie and a wool cap. She gets onto the ring apron and sommersaults into the ring and removes her cap and hoodie revealing red, white and blue tight MMA fighting tights, Blue MMA combat halter and red, white and blue wrestling boots. Shirley and Rhonda continue to glare at each other.)

Michelle Williams: "Shirley and Rhonda continue to glare at one another."

Nothing is going to stop these two women from brawling."

Michelle Williams: "The bell rings and this match is underway. They waste no time exchanging lefts and rights with Rhonda being forced in to the ropes. Shirley clotheslines Rhonda over the top rope and out of the ring. Shirley bounds in to the ropes and flies over the top rope and flying shoulder tackles Rhonda into the security railing."

Kathleen Parks: "Shirley mounts and delivers a vicious ground and pound on Rhonda. Shirley whips Rhonda into the ringpost and she charges and clothesline her in the back of her head. This looks like two wrestling fans settling a dispute about who's team is going to win the game."

Michelle Williams: "Shirley smashes Rhonda's head repeatedly into the ringsteps before throwing her back into the ring. She whips Rhonda into the ropes and delivers a dropkick followed by a second and a third one forcing Rhonda out of the ring to regroup."

Kathleen Parks: "She whips Rhonda into the security railing and charges but Rhonda counters with a kick to the face followed by a clothesline. Rhonda throws Shirley back into the ring and returns the ground and pound to Shirley's head and face. She chokes Shirley and waits for the five count to release the hold."

(To be continued)
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