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2018 Anzac Cup Winners : BETTER THAN SEX /with Vile vince Viper & Spike Nelson

S.W.A.T. International Champion: "Industrial Man" Attila Balan

Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion: Beelzebozo

Amazons Champion: Jade

Amazons Pan Amazon Champion: Wildcat Lynn Brewster

2017 "of the Years"

Wrestler: Pyschotic Goth

Fued: Daniel Collins vs "Timeless" Alex Turner

Most Popular: The Industrial Man

Most Hated: Vile "vince" Viper

Amazon: Suzi Spits

Match: Beelzebozo Vs Industrial Man (Helloween Cup Final)
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Viewing Single Post From: X-Treme Throwdown Hurricane Tribute Show from Dallas, TX
Edward Dubin
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Michelle Williams: "These two are definitely proving they want to deliver a beatdown to the other. Rhonda scoop bodyslams Shirley and does it a second and a third time. She stomps all over her relentlessly and uses the ropes to choke her using the five count again before releasing her."

Kathleen Parks: "Rhonda shoves Shirley out unceremoniously and leaves the ring She finds a bag of tacks under the ring and places it over Shirley's head and she superkicks her. Rhonda rips the bag off Shirley's head and those tacks are stuck to Shirley's face and head. Rhonda stands Shirley up and superkicks her again before delivering some palm strikes embedding those tacks in Shirley's head."

Michelle Williams: "Shirley barely manages to get some of those tacks our of her face and head and she's bleeding real badly. Rhonda finds a pike and she starts digging it into Shirley's head causing even more bleeding. She finds a table and sets it up Rhonda bodyslams Shirley onto the table and she gets onto the ring apron and slingshot legdrops her through the table."

Kathleen Parks: "Rhonda climbs to the top turnbuckle and comes down with an elbow to Shirley's chest and she makes the cover......One......Two.....Shirley kicks out and Shirley's mad."

Michelle Williams: "Rhonda whips Shirley into the ropes and dropkicks her in the face. Shirley's bleeding profusely and Rhonda finds the spike she used earlier and resumes carving up Shirley's head even more."

Kathleen Parks: "Rhonda's out for blood and she's letting it flow from Shirley's head and face. She attempts a piledriver but Shirley counters by sprawling her legs blocking it and she back bodydrops Rhonda in desperation. Shirley delivers a series of punches and faceplants Rhonda into the canvas."

Michelle Williams: "Shirley finds the spike Rhonda used and is returning the favor by carving up her head and she bites that cut to make it even worse. Shirley's showing that she is out for blood just as much as Rhonda is. Now she's digging her fingers deep into Rhonda's face. Shirley's returning the favor and making Rhonda suffer just as she did to Shirley earlier."

Kathleen Parks: "Obviously she's out for Rhonda's blood for that trash talk in the basckstage interview, but let's not forget that Shirley's out for revenge on our esteemed CEO Angela for attacking her from behind at the Amazon Domination PPV event."

Michelle Williams: "Let's not forget Glamourous Glenda called Shirley out and she almost got taken to the ICU. Anyway, sooner or later Shirley's going to get a chance to wrestle CEO Angela and that's going to be something. Shirley picks Rhonda up and she suplex's her and leaves the ring. She pulls out and slides a table into the ring and sets it up before leaving again and throws a chair I to the ring."

Kathleen Parks: ":Shirley's setting the table up and she leaves the ring yet again to find a bag of tacks and searches for another bag of something. She covers Rhonda's head with the bag like she did to her earlier. Shirley scoop powerslams Rhonda before taking the chair and jamming it repeatedly into Rhonda's throat before holding there choking her."

Michelle Williams: "Shirley adjusts the bag of tacks on Rhomnda's head and places Rhonda on the top rope and positions her for a piledriver and she jumps off driving her through through that table. When they vowed to give the other a beatdown they definitely are taking it to a whole new level.."

Kathleen Parks: "They just want to destroy the other is more like it. They don't seem to care who wins as long as they can end the other's career. Shirley sets the chair up and she opens that other bag and dumps the nails onto the chair. She sets Rhonda up and she executes another piledriver driving Rhonda's head into those nails."

Michelle Williams: "Shirley leaves the ring again and she finds another bag of something and she returns. She spills the contents out and she sets Rhonda up and she powerbombs her in to those nails."

Kathleen Parks: "Rhonda's screaming and rolling around in pain and Shirley picks up that
chair and she starts beating Rhonda hard in the body, legs and arms and pounds her face and head with the chair relentlessly and then relentlessly goes after her knees for good measure. She jams that chair again into her throat choking her before continuing to jam it into Rhonda's throat. Now Shirley gets into her face screaming about who's going to be beaten down."

Michelle Williams: "Well that's what these two women wanted to do to each other during that interview backstage even before the match introductions and that's just what they are doing to each other......."

(Glamourous Glenda returns to the commentator's table to a chorus of boos.)

Michelle Williams: "How convenient that our broadcast colleague appears out of nowhere at this point in the match."

Kathleen Parks: "So Glamourous Glenda returns after doing some touch ups on her million dollar good looks. Welcome back to the broadcast table. We so missed you and your expert commentary. Especially with this match."

Glamourous Glenda: "Oh I'm so sure I did miss much of this match."

Michelle Williams: "Unfortunately, you still look like you need plastic surgery for all those cuts and bruises caused by Greta Swanson."

Kathleen Parks: "Forgive my broadcast colleague anyway you missed half of this bloodbath."

Glamourous Glenda: "Really who's winning."

Michelle Williams: "Oh please....."

Kathleen Parks: "So far it's been a really violent back and forth war. Shirlewy just removed the turnbuckle padding from all that ringpost. She whips Rhonda into the opposite turnbuckle and delivers a vicious running knee."

Michelle Williams: "She whips Rhonda into the opposite corner and she's screaming in pain from that hard impact. It just got worse as Shirley trainwrecks her."

Glamourous Glenda: "Shirley just opened up a can of whoop ass and is ignoring the referee. Oh that's a really big no no even though nobody listens either. She picks up Rhonda and again whips her into the opposite turnbuckle and then delivers a vicious dropkick to Rhonda's face. She whips her into the exposed turnbuckle and delivers another vicious running knee strike to her head and Rhonda slumps down like a rag doll."

Michelle Williams: "From the epitome of following the rulebook. Shirley once again positions Rhonda up onto the top turnbuckle and she belly to back suplex's Rhonda. She holds on and does it a second and a third time with a bridge......One.....two......T....No!
Rhonda gets a shoulder up."

Kathleen Parks: "Shirley mounts and ground and pounds Rhonda who desperately grabs at Shirley's hair and forces her off . Both are slow to get up and Rhonda desperatewly lunges and connects with a double axehandle followed b y some forearm smashes to Shirley's face."

Glamourous Glenda: "Rhonda sits on Shirley's back and rearranges her facial feature before she cinches in a camel clutch. She rocks back and forth relentlessly and Shirley struggles to get to the ropes. Rhonda butt bounces her breaking the attempt."

Michelle Williams: "Rhonda continues to rock back and forth relentlessly increasing the pressure on Shirley's back. Shirley slowly gets up carrying Rhonda piggyback and falls back into what's left of the tables. Both women are down and the referee is counting but Shirley's slowly stirring while Rhonda's still down. She hit her head real hard on the edge of that table."

Kathleen Parks: "Shirley makes the cover......One.....Two......Th......No! Rhonda barely got an arm up. She picks up Rhonda who quickly rolls her up into a small package.....One....Two....Th.....No! Shirley kicks out and she diving dropkicks Rhonda and covers her....One.....Two.....Thr.....No! Rhonda just kicked out."

Glamourous Glenda: "Imagine a number of record pinfalls in less than two minutes. Both women look spent and tired after this bloody war. Shirley whips Rhonda into the ropes and powerslams Rhonda and hooks the leg.....One.....Two.....Th.....No! Rhonda got her foot on the ropes."

Michelle Williams: "Both these women want to be on the main roster and they know there's only a few spots to take and they want to impress Angela. Rhonda finds a chair and pounds Shirley's face and head before jamming it into Shirley's throat and mid-section. She face plants Shirley's head in to the chair and screams and shouts before jamming that chair again into Shirley's throat and holding it before releasing it beofre the count of five."

Kathleen Parks: "Well it's official and these two want to murder each other. Rhonda goes to a corner and waits screaming and gesturing for Shirley to get up. Shirley's on wobbly legs and she turns around and Rhonda charges with a spear but Shirley dodges out of the way and Rhonda rams her shoulder into the ringpost."

Glamourous Glenda: "Shirley is waiting and is psyching herself up. Rhonda gets up and stumbles out of the corner and Shirley delivers a stiff cranium kick and Rhonda's out cold. Shirley rolls Rhonda over and she hooks both legs....One.....Two.....Three."

Ring Announcer: "Here is your winner at 9mins. 30seconds. Shirley Iacone."

Michelle Williams: "This match didn't just live up to the hype it also was brutal and very bloody as well."

Kathleen Parks: "That's definitely true in all aspects. You can bet that these two will want a rematch and you can bet that our esteemed CEO Angela will be more than happy to grant it and set it up with all kinds of stipulations."

Glamourous Glenda: "That would definitely be a must see match just like any of mine would be."

Michelle Williams: "Uh Oh Shirley's coming this way and pointing at you."

Shirley Iacone: "After I'm completely done with Rhonda. I'm coming for you Glenda and then CEO Angela after I beat you down."

Glamourous Glenda: "Oh don't worry Shirley when the time really comes and she comes for me I'll be more than happy to do the same and worse to her and I'll dedicate it to both Rhonda and Angela."

Shirley Iacone: "Yeah we'll see how smug you'll be while you're looking up at the lights after I beat you up."

(She leaves ringside.)

Glamourous Glenda: "How pathetic she should make threats she can't even back up."

Michelle Williams: "That would probably be a miracle. Coming up later is Olympia as she defends her SWAT Pan Amazon Women's Title against Tina Trouble which should be an all out brawl followed by the SWAT Amazon Women's Championship as Suzi Spitz faces off against Tornado Red. However, up next is the debut of Lucky Linda La Fey who will be squaring off against our CEO Angela when we return."
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