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2018 Anzac Cup Winners : BETTER THAN SEX /with Vile vince Viper & Spike Nelson

S.W.A.T. International Champion: "Industrial Man" Attila Balan

Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion: Beelzebozo

Amazons Champion: Jade

Amazons Pan Amazon Champion: Wildcat Lynn Brewster

2017 "of the Years"

Wrestler: Pyschotic Goth

Fued: Daniel Collins vs "Timeless" Alex Turner

Most Popular: The Industrial Man

Most Hated: Vile "vince" Viper

Amazon: Suzi Spits

Match: Beelzebozo Vs Industrial Man (Helloween Cup Final)
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Edward Dubin
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(They return after showing commercials for the newest shows premiering and the latest DVD releases and the latest news updates before switching to Olympia who is walking through the corridor when she runs into Donna Heart.)

Donna Heart: "Olympia you're facing off against your opponent Tina Trouble for your SWAT Amazons Pan Amazons Championship."

Olympia: "So far I fought Tina twice and I defeated her twice. I'm not going to take her lightly since there's a lot at stake."

Donna Heart: "You know a lot of women want a shot at the title."

Olympia: "Well all they have to do is inform the CEO that they want to challenge me for my title and I'll be in the ring to defend my title."

Donna Heart: "Who would you prefer the most to defend your title against."

Olympia: "Like I said it doesn't matter who the opponent is. I'll face them in the ring any time in any match or stipulation."

(Tina Trouble appears and they get into each other's face glaring and not blinking.)

Tina Trouble: "You better hope you'll face anyone because I'm going to face you again after tonight."

Olympia: "You want to face me again."

Tina Trouble: "I'll make sure I beat you no matter how I do it."

Olympia: "Go for it Tina and I'll beat you no matter what it takes."

Tina Trouble: "Then let's not wait until we get to the ring."

Olympia: "Let's do it."

(Jade and Kim appear and come between them as Tina and Olympia continue to glare at the other not blinking..)

Jade: "Back off both of you and settle your issues in the ring."

Kim: "Settle it like real women."

Tina Trouble: "You were lucky they came between us or I would have made sure you didn't make it to the ring."

Olympia: "We'll see who's lucky Tina when we step into the ring and settle this once and for all."

(Olympia leaves with Jade and Tina Trouble leaves with Kim in the opposite direction before switching to Michelle Williams, Kathleen Parks and Glamourous Glenda.)

Michelle Williams: "You can tell this could be a potentially good championship match."

Kathleen Parks: "So far Olympia's beaten Tina but it could be Tina's night."

Glamourous Glenda: "Of course it's going to be her night I guarantee it."

Michelle Williams: "Does it come with a money back guarantee. Anyway, the cage is being lowered for the first ever Money in the Bank Cage Match featuring the CEO of SWAT Amazons Angela squaring off against the debuting Lucky Linda La Fey.."

Kathleen Parks: "Imagine the opportunity of a lifetime to both debut and win a possible shot at the briefcase our esteemed CEO Angela won at Amazon Domination. Lucky Linda's definitely lived up to her name."

Glamourous Glenda: "Lucky Linda should be counting her lucky stars. Imagine thew possibility of a lifetime falls right into your lap by wrestling the boss of SWAT Amazons."

Michelle Williams: "Not much is known about Lucky Linda except that she's been lucky all her life. Tonight Lucky Linda's going to need to be real lucky if she's going to be CEO Angela in a cage match for the Money in the Bank briefcase."

Kathleen Parks: "Oh believe me this is going to be quite interesting since our esteemed CEO is steamed over the fact that the board of her business empire tried to remove her all because she runs and occasionally wrestles in this great region."

Glamourous Glenda: "The nerve of those snobs trying to remove the CEO all because they don't like her running and wrestling in this great region. She should feel insulted and offended by them."

Michelle Williams: "Right now let's go into the cage for the introductions."

Ring Announcer: "This next match is a Money in the Bank Steel Cage Match scheduled for one fall. The goal is to get the Money in the Bank briefcase that's suspended in the middle of the cage roof. Introducing first from Atlanta, Ga. She comes in at 6ft tall and weights 180lbs. She is the CEO of SWAT AMAZONS Angela."

("Money" the main theme from the television series "The Apprentice" plays and Angela comes to ringside and enters the cage. She looks around before removing her dark shades and places them inside her black trenchcoat before removing it revealing tight black leglength wrestling tights, tight black wrestling halter that reveals her muscular physique and black wrestling boots.)

Ring Announcer: "Now introducing from Dublin, Ireland she comes in at 5'5" and weighs 130lbs. She is making her professional SWAT Amazons debut Lucky Linda La Fey."

("Linger Cranberries" hits as Lucky Linda La Fey makes her way down the rampway to loud cheers.)

Michelle Williams: "The cage door has been closed and both women can't get out until one of them gets the briefcase ."

Kathleen Parks: "Now we'll see how good Lucky Linda La Few is when it comes to wrestling g in the ring."

Glamourous Glenda: "Lucky has the opportunity to get to the briefcase but which rank number will she be in the rankings."

Michelle Williams: "The bell rings and this match is underway. They circle and lock up and Angela easily forces Lucky Linda into the ropes. The referee calls for and gets one. They circle and lock up again and Linda applies a hammerlock which Angela reverses and applies one of her own."

Kathleen Parks: "Lucky Linda reverses it and applies a side headlock. Angela attempts an atomic drop but Lucky Linda counters with a sideheadlock takeover. Linda cranks it in as they grapple in a circle and Angela counters with a head scissors."

Glamourous Glenda: "Lucky Linda fights her way back to her feet and Angela's strength is showing early. She keeps that head scissors tight and Linda counters with a series of punches to Angela's leg and a series of knees to that leg to force a break."

Michelle Williams: "Linda's now attempting to work on that leg but Angela forces her off and they both spring up into fighting crouches. They both lock up and Angela applies an arm wringer before cinching in an armbar."

Kathleen Parks: "Linda attempts to Armdrag Angela but she holds on and transitions into an armlock and she wrenches it in tightly. She struggles to get to her feet and strains to get Angela into the ropes. She whips Angela into the ropes and Angela rams through Linda like an eighteen wheeler."

Glamourous Glenda: "Angela bounds into the ropes again runs through Lucky Linda. She goes for a third attempt but Linda dropkicks Angela. She does it a second and a third time, She whips Angela into a corner and she clotheslines Angela."

Michelle Williams: "Linda continues to clothesline Angela repeatedly followed by a series of forearms to Angela's chest and some lefts and rights to her face and head. Lucky Linda
whips Angela into the corner but Angela reverses it and sends Lucky Linda into the corner and Angela delivers a clothesline of her own."

Kathleen Parks: "Angela backs up and charges and delivers a powerful flying knee to Linda's head and face. She pummels Linda who is bleeding and it may get worse as Angela smashes Linda's face into the steel cage post and then rubs and scraps her head into the steel cage mesh."

Glamourous Glenda: "Welcome to SWAT Amazons from our great and wonderful and powerful esteemed CEO Angela. Angela whips Linda into the ropes and returns the dropkick followed by a diving baseball slide. She picks Linda up and belly to back suplex's her."

(To be continued)
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