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2018 Anzac Cup Winners : BETTER THAN SEX /with Vile vince Viper & Spike Nelson

S.W.A.T. International Champion: "Industrial Man" Attila Balan

Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion: Beelzebozo

Amazons Champion: Jade

Amazons Pan Amazon Champion: Wildcat Lynn Brewster

2017 "of the Years"

Wrestler: Pyschotic Goth

Fued: Daniel Collins vs "Timeless" Alex Turner

Most Popular: The Industrial Man

Most Hated: Vile "vince" Viper

Amazon: Suzi Spits

Match: Beelzebozo Vs Industrial Man (Helloween Cup Final)
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Edward Dubin
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Michelle Williams: "Angela's definitely in a businesslike mood and she wants to win this match. She scoop bodyslams Linda with authority followed by a legdrop to Linda's chest followed by an elbow drop to Linda's chest."

Kathleen Parks: "Angela attempts to smash Linda's head into the steel cage mesh but Linda blocks it and smashes Angela's into the steel cage mesh and then rubs and scrapes her head into the steel cage mesh causing our esteemed CEO Angela to bleed."

Glamourous Glenda: "Things are definitely heating up between these two. Linda's letting loose with her fists as Angela covers up and counters with a few body shots of her own before Thai clinching and delivering some stiff knee strikes which Linda counters with some stiff knee strikes of her own."

Michelle Williams: "Angela delivers a series of very stiff elbows to the back of Linda's head and neck. Linda counters by ramming her head into Angela's mid-section but Angela counters by wrapping her arms around Linda's neck and cinches in a bodyscissors.
Angela remains on the ropes and as Linda delivers some stiff punches."

Kathleen Parks: "These two seem to know how to use both the cage and the ring to their advantage and they both know it. They're turning this match into an MMA style match. Linda manages to get out of that choke and she mounts Angela and lets loose with a ground and pound. This is definitely turning into an MMA style match."

Glamourous Glenda: "Don't forget the briefcase is like a championship belt and that title shot is like a guaranteed shot and rematch. Angela's nose is gushing blood and Linda delivers some stiff knees to her ribs as well as some stiff elbows to her chest and mid-section."

Michelle Williams: "Linda's the first to make an attempt to get the briefcase which is hooked to the middle of the steel cage roof. Angela begins to stir and she gets up and starts climbing after her. She grabs Lucky Linda's leg and she tries to kick her off but Angela crotch shots Linda and then wraps her arms around her throat and they both fall off the cage."

Kathleen Parks: "They both hit the canvas hard and Linda's still feeling the effects of that crotch shot. Angela mounts Linda and she returns the ground and pound with the same ferocity as Linda had and her nose is now gushing blood and both are now a bloody mess.
She whips Linda into the ropes and executes a flying double chop and follows up by setting Linda up and she running powerbombs Lucky Linda into the corner."

Glamourous Glenda: "Now Angela's trying for the briefcase as Linda slowly stirs. She gets onto the second ropes and jumps grabbing Angela by the waist and she German suplex's Angela off the top rope and she fell on her head and Linda follows up with a Thai clinch and some stiff knees and elbows."

Michelle Williams: "Angela counters with a couple of knife edges to Linda's throat followed by a series of chops to her throat. Linda counters with a series of Judo chops.
Angela strikes back with a stiff knee and whips Linda into the ropes but Linda ducks a clothesline and ducks another one and counters with a flying forearm."

Kathleen Parks: "Linda's surprising everyone with by holding her own with our esteemed CEO Angela. She drops a leg on Angela's neck followed by a knee to her back. Linda delivers a series of stiff forearm smashes to Angela's face followed by a series of knuckle punches to Angela's temples."

Glamourous Glenda: "Linda attempts to climb the steel cage again to get the briefcase. Angela slowly gets back to her feet and she starts climbing the cage and closes the gap quickly due to her size advantage and both seemed to have reached the top at the sametime. They start battling each other kicking and punching while still holding on to the top of the steel cage."

Michelle Williams: "Whoever wins this match and briefcase will have had luck on their side along with a lot of endurance if you have to climb the cage and then make your way American Ninja Warrior style across just to get to the briefcase."

Kathleen Parks: "Angela grabs Linda's leg and they both go crashing back to the canvas again. They both seem to be barely conscious after all the falls they took during this brutal match. Hell they'll be lucky to just walk out of the cage on their own power."

Glamourous Glenda: "Lucky Linda has all the luck on her side and in the world. They start to stir and they start exchanging knuckle punches as they get up. They continue to exchange knuckle punches and the intensity in their eyes and expressions on their faces shows they are psyching each other up."

Michelle Williams: "They seem to be daring the other to bring it and they start to grunt and growl as they exchange punch after punch. Lucky Linda roars as she staggers Angela but Angela staggers in turn and roars right back at her and Linda returns with a stiff European uppercut but is staggered by one from Angela."

Kathleen Parks: "They continue to bring it with forearm after forearm snarling and screaming. They continue to dare the other to bring the pain and punishment on and neither is giving an inch, quarter or even one ounce of ground to the other."

Glamourous Glenda: "Angela and Linda are exchanging knife edge chops to the others chest and throat. You can bet after this match that both are going to have nice complimentary matching shades of pink and red to go with all that red blood and black and blue bruises as well as white surgical string to stitch up all of those cuts."

Michelle Williams: "Angela's getting the better of the exchange forcing Linda into the ropes. She bounds into the opposite ropes and connects with a powerful flying forearm of her own. She whips Linda again into the ropes and delivers a powerful spinebuster and waits for Linda to get up before cinching in a sleeper hold."

Kathleen Parks: "Angela has it in tight and she picks up Lucky Linda and thrashes her side to side wildly as Linda struggles to reach up and finally counters with a jawbreaker followed by an enziguiri which staggers Angela into the ropes. Linda whips Angela into the ropes and catches her with a flying lariot."

Glamourous Glenda: "Lucky Linda attempts a neckbreaker but Angela counters it with a short arm clothesline. She cinches in a reverse chinlock and slowly grinds it in before transitioning into a rear naked choke wrapping those powerful legs of hers around Lucky Linda's body."

Michelle Williams: "Lucky Linda must feel she's being squeezed by a python. She's attempting to get high enough to try and loosen the choke but Angela's continues to apply the pressure on Linda's body and throat. Linda's still fighting the choke by still arching upwards and turning delivering a series of elbows desperately."

Kathleen Parks: "Linda finally turns her body around barely and once again lets loose with her fists to Angela's face and head. Angela rams her head repeatedly into Linda's
head and turns her around letting loose with her fists in turn. Now it's turning in to an all out wild cage brawl."

Glamourous Glenda: "Is it ever. Even by our fearless leader's standards it's getting real ugly but with a potential title shot and rematch clause on the line in a briefcase. You can bet that the winner will take it no matter how much of an ugly or pretty brawl it becomes as long as it's a victory."

(They others look at her dubiously.)

Glamourous Glenda: "What did I say?"

Michelle Williams: "Nothing. But we can agree on the fact that whoever wins it's going to be an ugly victory. Angela whips Linda into the corner and she trainwrecks her with authority. She whiops Linda into the opposite corner and trainwrecks her again. She sets Linda up for a powerbomb but Linda counters with a hurricanrana."

Kathleen Parks: "Linda just transitioned into an armbar choke She's showing she can transition and apply submission holds just as well as our esteemed CEO Angela along with the rest of the roster. She's out to prove she isn't afraid of the boss of our region."

(To be continued)
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