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2017 Anzac Cup Winners: TEAM FARITEX

S.W.A.T. International Champion: "Industrial Man" Attila Balan

Amazons Champion: Lucky Linda La Fey

Amazons Pan Amazon Champion: OLYMPIA

2017 "of the Years"

Wrestler: Pyschotic Goth

Fued: Daniel Collins vs "Timeless" Alex Turner

Most Popular: The Industrial Man

Most Hated: Vile "vince" Viper

Amazon: Suzi Spits

Match: Beelzebozo Vs Industrial Man (Helloween Cup Final)
Viewing Single Post From: X-Treme Throwdown Hurricane Tribute Show from Dallas, TX

We had short confrontation with Tornado Red.
Why short she is traveling all over USA to visit her students to give advice.
Like Hawaiian Tornado aka Princess Kuna yes who travelled with likes of Vampira and Dragonatrix in past.

Tornado Red. Guys I keep it brief don,t need talk but I want.
Suzie you wanna win just like I that,s a fact. We will take each other to the limit.
Sorry guys my girls are waiting.

Scotish Rose&Dazzling Tessa she didn,t ment. We have wait when she face Suzie ?
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X-Treme Throwdown Hurricane Tribute Show from Dallas, TX · Action Centre