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Amazons Pan Amazon Champion: Wildcat Lynn Brewster

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Wrestler: Pyschotic Goth

Fued: Daniel Collins vs "Timeless" Alex Turner

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Most Hated: Vile "vince" Viper

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X-Treme Throwdown Hurricane Tribute Show from Dallas, TX; X-Treme Throwdown Hurricane Tribute Show from Dallas, TX
Topic Started: Oct 22 2017, 03:23 PM (311 Views)
Edward Dubin
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(They show commercials fo0r an MMA PPV along with the newest videogame releases, newscast previews and promos spots for the upcoming football games before returning to Michelle Williams, Kathleen Parks and Glamourous Glenda.)

Michelle Williams: "Welcome back and that was quite an interesting introduction by the newest member of SWAT Kimberly Sparks."

Kathleen Parks: "I have to admit even Thor would be envious of her entrance. Hell how much of an electric bill will we have after her entrance."

Glamourous Glenda: "You have to admit she has plenty of potential opponents in the lockerroom from the scrubs to the veterans. You think Angela would step into the ring to face her."

Michelle Williams: "Only if she has a briefcase to give away and so far it looks like she has three more after the past show's firings. Looks like Kimberly decided to switch seats and sit near us."

Kathleen Parks: "At least she has one of the best views of the show."

Glamourous Glenda: "The best place is up close and personal in the ringside area."

Michelle Williams: "Well she's going to be looking at two champions competing for the SWAT Amazons Women's Championship involving Suzi Spitz the present champion and former champion Tornado Red."

Kathleen Parks: "You mean a real champion vs. the cursed former champion. Seriously Suzi Spitz earned that title and she's going to retain her title against Tornado Red. That's going to be guaranteed and she's going to sell more Suzi Spitz merchandise."

Glamourous Glenda: "Suzi's going to defend her title against Tornado Red successfully and it's going to be a war between these two women. The unasked question is will Alice be a factor in this highly anticipated match."

Michelle Williams: "You brought up a good point because Alice was constantly calling out Tornado Red during her match with Patricia Pain. We're going to see if Alice is going to interfere with or be watching the match with interest if Tornado Red pulls off the upset and wins the title."

Kathleen Parks: "Alice would do anything and I mean anything to keep Tornado Red from winning the title."

Glamourous Glenda: "Which makes for a lot of intrigue for this match."

Michelle Williams: "I just got word that something's happening backstage. Let's see if we can get a camera back there to see what's going on and see what's going to happen in this match."

(The Amaztron shows Suzi Spitz being attacked from behind by Neela Shizeguma. They start brawling all over the corridor as Jade and Kim storm over and break them apart. Neela manages to break away and spears Suzi into the wall hard and uses a nearby hard stainless steel cart to smash her in the head repeatedly before Jade and Kim pull her away and shove her against the wall hard.)

Jade: "Get away from her Neela and stay away from her!"

Neela: "Fuck you two bitches!"

Kim: "That's enough Neela! You are officially banned from this building! Security get her out of here!"

Jade: "That also includes her manager Cam's ass as well!"

Neela: "I'll be back and you'll regret even protecting that bitch!"

Kim: "You're out of line! Take her and her manager Cam out of this arena!"

(They switch back to Michelle Williams, Kathleen Parks and Glamourous Glenda who look shocked and stunned.)

Michelle Williams: "Well this just changed the dynamic of this title match compliments of Neela's actions."

Kathleen Parks: "What was Neela thinking when she attacked Suzi. She could have been the top contender."

Glamourous Glenda: "Neela may have just put her potential title shot in jeopardy by attacking Suzi."

Michelle Williams: "Well we'll see what happens when we go to the ring for the call for this title match."

Ring Announcer: "This is the main event of the evening scheduled for one fall and it's for the SWAT Amazons Women's Championships. Intoducing first from Hollywood, Ca. She comes in at 5'9" and weights 155lbs. She is the challenger Tornado Red."

("Mind your own Business" by C & C Music Factory plays and Tornado Red appears on rampway and runs down the ring red hair flowing as she high fives the ringsiders. Tornado Red is wearing a multi-colored dress and black knee high boots. She does a jumping slide under the ropes and goes to a neutral corner.)

Ring Announcer: "Now introducing from London, England. She comes in at 5'10" and 150lbs. She is the current SWAT Amazons Women's Champion Suzi Spitz."

(Suzi Spitz storms ringside to the cheers and roars of the fans despite feeling some of the effects of Neela's attack on her.)

Michelle Williams: "I don't think she should be out here but give Suzi lots of credit for guts and courage for coming out and going through with this match."

Kathleen Parks: "You more like pride and ego is more like it. She should have just taken the lose and got a rematch but no....."

Michelle Williams: "From the one who guaranteed a Suzi Spitz victory....."

Kathleen Parks: "That was before the sneak attack by Neela."

Glamourous Glenda: "How ironic one of Tornado Red's relatives literally cost one of the Fairtex's a victory at Hardkore Helloween 2017 because he didn't win his round. Now Tornado Red's going to have a potentially easy title victory against Suzi Spitz."

Michelle Williams: "We'll see what transpires but the bell rings and the match is underway."

Kathleen Parks: "They circle and lock up and they both grapple for an advantage and can't gain any. They circle again and lock up again and Suzi applies a side headlock and takes her over the hip. She cranks it tighter and tighter as they grapple in a circle."

Glamourous Glenda: "Tornado Red lifts her up into a pinning predicament but Suzi rolls through it still maintaining and cranking that side headlock tighter and tighter. Tornado Red makes her way to her feet and forces Suzi into the ropes. She whips Suzi into the ropes and Suzi comes off with a shoulder block."

Michelle Williams: "Suzi dropkicks Tornado Red followed by a second and a third. Tornado Red rolls out of the ring and she stumbles into the security railing. Suzi sommersaults onto the ring apron and moonsaults onto Tornado Red wiping them both out."

Kathleen Parks: "They both get up slowly and Suzi seems to have been more effected by that wipeout than Tornado Red. She shakes it off and bodyslams Tornado Red followed by a second and a third before suplexing her onto the ringsteps before rolling her back into the ring."

Glamourous Glenda: "Seems Kimberly is staring lasers at both of them as she reaches for the nearest vendor and buys something to both eat and drink. Suzi drops a series of elbows followed by some knees to Tornado Red's mid-section and covers her for a one count. She whips Tornado Red into the ropes but Tornado Red kicks Suzi in the face followed by a faceplant into the canvas."

(To be continued)
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Welcome To The Jungle Plays Over The Mic As Alexis Rage Enters The Ring And Announces She Is The Newest Amazon
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Edward Dubin
Member Avatar

Kathleen Parks: "O-o-kay what an introduction by the newest member, Alexis Rage, who has interrupted the match but Tornado Red is more upset than ever. Alexis just sat right next to Kimberly to watch the match too."

Glamourous Glenda: "If you want to see what what kind of action you've signed up for in SWAT Amazons. You might as well get an up close and personal view."

Michelle Williams: "Tornado Red drops a series of legdrops to Suzie's chest followed by a series of elbows to her head. Tornado Red's showing why she's a former champion by taking advantage of what Neela did to Suzi before the introductions."

Kathleen Parks: "The ringsiders are showing who they're truly behind and it's not with Tornado Red. Tornado Red whips Suzi into the ropes and clotheslines Suzi hard. She drops a knee to Suzi's chest before mounting and delivering a vicious ground and pound to the champion."

Glamourous Glenda: "Tornado Red obviously wants to capitalize on Suzi's injuries, especially the potential head injury compliments of Neela. Tornado Red smashes Suzi's head into the turnbuckle repeatedly. She whips Suzi into the opposite corner and splashes Suzi."

Michelle Williams: "Tornado Red whips Suzi into the corner but Suzi counters with an elbow to Tornado Red's face and clotheslines her hard. She returns the face plant into the canvas and then proceeds to open up a can of whoop ass on Tornado Red and leaves the ring. She sommersaults over the ropes and stomps on Tornado Red's face."

Kathleen Parks: "Suzi mounts and returns the favor with a vicious ground and pound of her own. She's determined to prove how relentless she can be and despite the injuries is determined to prove she can hold her own against Tornado Red......"

(The ringsiders cheer as Alice makes her way to ringside and takes a chair and unfolds it before sitting down.)

Glamourous Glenda: "Well things have gotten pretty interesting, because Alice has just joined us and she's sitting next to Kimberly and Alexis to watch this match. Suzi whips Tornado Red into the ropes and and delivers a flying leg clothesline. She leaves the ring and finds a chair and she proceeds to hit Tornado Red repeatedly in the head and back."

Michelle Williams: "Suzi lets loose a series of kicks to the head and stomach. Alice looks like she's enjoying the fact that Tornado Red's being worked over. Suzi's holding up so far but the effects of that sneak attack by Neela will probably catch up to her sooner or later."

Kathleen Parks: "Suzi whips Tornado Red into the ropes and she belly to belly suplexes her. She monkey flips onto Tornado red and proceeds to hook the legs for a two count. Suzi whips Tornado red into the ropes and powerslams Tornado Red.....One.....Two....Tornado Red kicks out."

(To be continued)
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So far is great match a bit like is real,and think ringsiders get involved.
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Edward Dubin
Member Avatar

Thanks and wait to you see the climax.

OOC: Could you please hold off until the match is complete so nobody thinks there's no interruptions. Thanks in advance.
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Edward Dubin
Member Avatar

Glamourous Glenda: "Suzi picks up Tornado Red and bodyslams her with authority. She goes to the top turnbuckle and attempts a swanton bomb but Tornado Red rolls out of the way. She looks like she hurt her back that Neela hurt with her knee strikes earlier in the backstage area before the introductions."

Michelle Williams: "Tornado Red sets up Suzi and delivers a series of vicious and violent elbows to her head followed by an equally vicious and violent series of kicks to the back of Suzi's head, neck and back. The ringsiders are giving a negative reaction to Tornado Red and Alice is shaking her head in disapproval while Kimberly and Alexis are just watching intently."

Kathleen Parks: "Tornado Red doesn't seem to mind the ringsiders and she doesn't seem to care about what they think while Alice just bought some beer and pretzels. She seems to be also signing autographs for the ringside fans while Kimberly and Alexis seem to be looking at her dubiously and Alice just smiles and shrugs."

Glamourous Glenda: "Tornado Red still doesn't seem to see Alice sitting at ringside. She sets up Suzi and bounds into the ropes and executes a baseball slide dropkick and then follows it up with another baseball slide dropkick before going for the pin.....One.....Two....
Suzi kicks out."

Michelle Williams: "Suzi survived that pinfall attempt. Tornado Red whips Suzi into the ropes and clotheslines Suzi. She whips her again into the ropes and tilt-a-whirls Suzi before holding her over the knee bending her in a very bad way. The referee's checking out Suzi who refuses around the corner and she avalanches her followed by some really vicious clotheslines. She leaves the ring and finds a cheese grater
and some barbed wire. Tornado red has some really bad intentions for the champion Suzi Spitz."

Michelle Williams: "Tornado Red wraps the barbed wire around the cheese grater and proceeds to use it on both Suzi's face and head and Suzi's been shredded open. Tornado Red bites Suzi's head causing the cut to really bleed."

Kathleen Parks: "Tornado Red sets Suzi up for a hanging tower suplex. She climbs to the top rope and five star frog splashes onto Suzi. She drops fists onto Suzi's head and makes the cover.....One....Two.....Suzi gets a shoulder up."

Glamourous Glenda: "Tornado Red whips Suzi into the corner but Suzi rolls out of the way. She waits and Russian sickles Tornado Red in the corner and she finds that barbed wire wrapped cheese grater and returns the favor by scraping that barbed wire wrapped cheese grater over Tornado Red's face and head before biting her head making even more blood flow."

Michelle Williams: "Well that's payback for you. Alice just order a hot dog and a Diet Coke from two more vendors and she looks to see if Alexis or Kimberly want any but they shake their heads. Alice just told them 'suit yourselves' and shrugs. She seems to be enjoying anything bad that happens to Tornado Red. Suzi finds some more barbed wire and she wraps it around her fists and proceeds to ground and pound Tornado Red making her bleed even more."

Kathleen Parks: "Give Suzi even more credit for being able to react with bloody sadism with bloody sadism. She picks up Tornado Red and delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker converting it into an over the knee backbreaker with authority."

Glamourous Glenda: "Suzi's applying the same amount of pain and pressure Tornado Red subjected her to earlier in the match. She continues to increase the pressure and now Tornado Red kicks at Suzi's head forcing her to release the hold."

Michelle Williams: "Suzi's still feeling the effects of Neela's attack. She shakes her head to clear it. She executes another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and follows it up with a Boston crab. She leans back putting pressure of Tornado Red's legs and back."

Kathleen Parks: "Tornado Red desperately attempts to make her way to the ropes. She finally reaches the ropes and finally she sees Alice sitting there. Alice takes out a frying pan and smiles waving it at Tornado Red."

Glamourous Glenda: "Out of the frying pan into the fire. I wonder how she stole Tornado Red's frying pan. Tornado Red's upset and doesn't see Suzi roll her up for the pin.....One......Two.....T....No ! Tornado Red kicks out."

Michelle Williams: "For someone who's suffered a concussion. Suzi's delivering a series of vicious headbutts. She shakes and holds her head in pain. She seems to still be in pain but is still on her feet. Suzi delivers a series of lefts and rights sending Tornado Red out of the ring."

Kathleen Parks: "Suzi leaves the ring and finds a chair and repeatedly slams it into Tornado Red's back. She jams it repeatedly into her throat and then into the back of Tornado Red's knees. Kimberly and Alexis seem impressed by the action SWAT Amazons
offers while Alice just finished her Diet Coke and hotdogs."

Glamourous Glenda: "There she goes again ordering a couple more hotdogs and a few more beers. How much can she stuff into that frame of hers. Suzi just set up a table and she places Tornado Red onto it. She goes to the top turnbuckle and moonsaults her through the table."

Michelle Williams: "Suzi took a chance and she was lucky to have executed the move perfectly but it may have taken a toll on her body. She's slow to get up and she follows up with a double chickenwing suplex onto the concrete floor."

(To be continued)
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Edward Dubin
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Kathleen Parks: "Suzi rolls Tornado Red back into the ring unceremoniously. She slingshot shoulderblo0cks Tornado Red and makes the cover.....One....Two......T.....No! Tornado Red gets a shoulder up. She just barely survived that cover."

Glamourous Glenda: "Suzi waits and connects with a cartwheel kick but Tornado Red is wobbly but still on her feet. She executes a shining wizardand goes for the cover again hooking the leg....One....Two....T...No! Once again Tornado Red survives by getting her shoulder up."

Michelle Williams: "Suzi whips Tornado Red into the ropes and cinches in a sleeper. She has it in tights and Tornado red is struggling to get to the ropes but Suzi's preventing her from reaching them."

Kathleen Parks: "Tornado Red is fading but desperately reaches up and uses Suzi's hair to get leverage to counter with a jawbreaker. Tornbado Red follows up with a stunner and makes the cover.....One.....Two.....T.....No! Suzi gets a shoulder up to keep the match going."

Glamourous Glenda: "That was a close one. Tornado red can't even believe that Suzi kicked out while Alice is just laughing and hurling insults at Tornado Red while she's taking a big swig of beer and stuffs the rest of her hotdog into her mouth. She crushes and hurls her Tornado Red collectible cup at Tornado Red. Alexis and Kimberly look at Alice and just shake their heads and roll their eyes."

Michelle Williams: "Tornado Red's steaming mad and she's pointing at Alice, who just shrugs and waves it off like it's nothing. Tornado Red is still steamed and she's waiting to take it out on Suzi. She whips Suzi into the ropes and misses with a clothesline, and Suzi counters by coming off the ropes and both clothesline each other and both are down on the canvas."

Kathleen Parks: "The referee's counting both of themas they slowly stir and both are on their knees. They start to exchange punches as they get up and both are on their feet as they continue to exchange harder and harder punches staggering the other."

Michelle Williams: "Suzi's showing she has plenty of guts and heart to not just go through with the match but also survive that backstage attack by Neela and Tornado Red's punishment. She's showing that she's a true champion too. The ringsiders are a hundred percent behind Suzi and who can say they doubt her since they're getting their money's worth."

Kathleen Parks: "The question now becomes how long can she keep it up since both the attack by Neela and Tornado Red's assault. The referee keeps looking at Suzi but she's not going to let the referee stop or even end the match unless it's over her cold dead body."

Glamourous Glenda: "Please none of the late Charlton Heston NRA clichés. Suzi's determined to gut it out and see this match through to the end. She delivers a series of kicks followed by a series of uppercut elbows to Tornado Red's temple forcing her into the ropes."

Michelle Williams: "Suzi clotheslines Tornado Red and herself over the top rope and out of the ring. The referee starts counting while both women brawl all over ringside. Tornado Red whips Suzi into the ringsteps and spears her hard enough sending her over the ringsteps. She rolls back into the ring and turns her back."

Kathleen Parks: "The referee starts counting as the ringsiders boo. Suzi stirs as the referee continues to count to six. Alice rushes over and rolls Suzi back into the ring before rushing back to her seat."

Glamourous Glenda: "Tornado Red turns and sees Suzi back in the ring and she's pointing an accusing finger at her and screaming and accusing her of interfering in the match. Alice simply shrugs it off innocently and smiles while she purchases so0me popcorn and some of Suzi Spitz's Spring Water. How much can she fit into that body frame of hers."

Michelle Williams: "I don't know. Suzi headbutts Tornado Red followed by a stiff jawbreaker of her own. She executes a series of stiff educated jumping knees followed by a series of stiff elbows to the back of Tornado Red's head and neck before she locks in a tight body scissors choke."

Kathleen Parks: "Tornado Red attempts to punch her way out and attempts to press forward but Suzi continues to tighten the hold. She continues to tighten her grip on the hold and Tornado Red attempts to sledgehammer her way out."

Glamourous Glenda: "Tornado Red's slowly fading and is on her knees trying to hang on. The referee checks on Tornado Red's condition but Tornado Red refuses to submit or tap out to Suzi's choke."

Michelle Williams: "Tornado Red slowly gets back onto her feet and she desperately lifts Suzi and powerbombs her once and twice. Suzi still refuses to release the choke and Tornado Red does it a third, fourth and fifth time finally breaking the hold."

Kathleen Parks: "Tornado Red falls to her knees attempting to get her breath back. She makes the cover and hooks both legs.....One....Two....Th.....No! Suzi barely gets an arm up barely breaking the count. How ironic that Tornado Red used Suzi's own move against her."

Glamourous Glenda: "Suzi barely survived her own move. Tornado Red picks her up but Suzi rolls her up into a small package......One....Two.....Thr.....No! Tornado Red barely kicks out and the match continues."

Michelle Williams: "Tornado Red executes a diving lariot and she sets Suzi up and attempts a piledriver but Suzi counters with a back bodydrop. Once again Suzi survives another attempt to finish her off."

Kathleen Parks: "Both women are down after this bloody and brutal war. They slowly stir and get back to their feet still stumbling on wobbly legs. They start exchanging forearms and they still remain on their feet."

Glamourous Glenda: "Can someone check to see if these two women aren't wearing superhero costumes and capes, because I can swear that these two are acting like superheroes in a comic book crossover. They even act the part of superhumans."

Michelle Williams: "You have to admit it is a superhuman effort by Suzi Spitz to hold her own against Tornado Red. She kicks Tornado Red low and double underhooks her and executes a suplex with bridge.....One.....Two......Thr.....No! Tornado Red kicks out."

Kathleen Parks: "Another close pin and another close escape. You got to give Suzi spitz lots of credit and respect for holding her own. She rolls up Tornado Red who reverses it. Wait Suzi has her foot on the ropes and the referee doesn't even see it and makes the count.......No! No! No! Don't let her win! Please don't let her win!......One...Two......Three!"

Ring Announcer: "Your winner at 25minutes and New Swat Amazons Women's Champion
Tornado Red."

Kathleen Parks: "NO!....NO!.....NO!......Triple NO! SWAT Amazons has become the joke of the women's wrestling promotions and ever women's wrestling division in all of wrestling!"

Michelle Williams: "Well after a very tough battle with Suzi Spitz Tornado Red manages to regain the SWAT Amazons Women's Championship she feels she never lost."

Kathleen Parks: "Well that was a fluke and she knew it and she knows she fluked her way to victory this time too."

Glamourous Glenda: "That's definitely true but Suzi will be back on top sooner or later. Kimberly and Alexis seemed impressed by the action and leave ringside. Though, they probably aren't impressed by Tornado Red being champion."

("Money" the main theme from the tlevision series "The Apprentice" plays and Angela appears on the rampway with her cordless mic.)

Angela: "Hold everything. I hate to spoil your little celebration Tornado Red. It seems you have the dubious distinction of being born under a dubious looking star. A very unlucky star I might add since once again you won by dubious means. Let's see if I recall it was Alice I think that helped you during our premiere show. Now you seemed to have topped yourself. Then in Hardkore Helloween your friend, Marcus White, interfered with one of the Fairtex Brothers as if he had gone insane. Now once again you seemed to have allowed history to repeat itself by winning by controversial means again."

(Tornado red starts to object.)

Angela: "Now I should just simply strip you of the title, but since you made the challenge and Alice accepted and signed the contract. The Frying Pan Match shall be held in a joint PPV Nightmare's Eve between you Tornado Red and Alice. The frying pan in question shall be suspended in one corner while the championship title will be suspended in the opposite side of the corner. Whoever gets both the title and the frying pan will be the new SWAT Amazons Women's Champion."

(The ringsiders roar.)

Angela: "Oh and one last thing the winner of this match will be mandated and obligated to face Neela Shizeguma. Then whoever wins will be facing Suzi Spitz whether at the February PPV No Love Lost or at a future date to be determined. Now the details haven't been finalized by we may also be having another joint card but more about that when the time comes. So enjoy your reign Tornado Red and good luck. You will need it."

("Money" the main theme from the television series "The Apprentice" plays and Angela leaves as Tornado Red looks stunned and Alice simply looks anxious to get it on.)

Michelle Williams: "That was some surprise that Angela just announced."

Kathleen Parks: "A joint PPV and called Nightmare which is appropriate since Tornado Red looks like she just had one with that bombshell."

Glamourous Glenda: "You think Angela's going to plead for any new talent to stay if Tornado Red remains champion."

Michelle Williams: "That's not going to happen and you both know it. Well that's going to do it for tonight and thank you for tuning in for this special hurricane tribute show from the Cotton Bowl. We hope you enjoyed the action as well as we and the ringsiders who watched it live did. From Myself, and Kathleen Parks and Glamourous Glenda we wish you a good night and don't forget to tune in to Nightmare New Year's Eve."

(They show highlights from the tribute show and then slowly fade to black and show the SWAT Amazons logo which slowly fades to black and then the copywrite warning which also fades to black.)
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