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2018 Anzac Cup Winners : BETTER THAN SEX /with Vile vince Viper & Spike Nelson

S.W.A.T. International Champion: "Industrial Man" Attila Balan

S.W.A.T. World Tag Team Champions : "Bro Code" Calum Morgan & Paul Blair

Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion: Beelzebozo

Amazons Champion: Jade

Amazons Pan Amazon Champion: Wildcat Lynn Brewster

2017 "of the Years"

Wrestler: Pyschotic Goth

Fued: Daniel Collins vs "Timeless" Alex Turner

Most Popular: The Industrial Man

Most Hated: Vile "vince" Viper

Amazon: Suzi Spits

Match: Beelzebozo Vs Industrial Man (Helloween Cup Final)
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Locked Topic
No Man's Land #2 : Fancy Dress Brawl; Feb 11th. Show Thread.
Topic Started: Feb 12 2018, 03:24 AM (358 Views)
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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition

We see the jam packed Amazons arena, the warehouse in Manhattan has been transformed into an arena, with old coliseum style columns painted on the walls to look like its round, and old style looking chairs surrounding the ring set up in there. The boutique stadium is roaring and ready to explode as “Gitty Up” Salt n Pepper hits and new SWAT Amazons GM Alice makes her way out to the ring.

Alice is dressed up as Oprah, and the fans are a bit split over the choice, some loving it and other PC wary fans not too sure what to think.

Alice : Hello Amazons .... WELCOME .... TO .... THE FANCY DRESS BRAWL!!!

And yes, for tonight, i am Oprah! Thought about Hilary, but the bondage gear is best left in the white house if you know what I’m saying.

Family show and all.

Tonight, we have a great show for you, coming right off the heels of the No Man’s Land Two Milion Dollar Tourney, and that was won by Avery McCullen by the way .... who will tonight be facing off with former Amazons Champ (Alice tries not to choke on that) Tornado Red.

Also, our new Champion, Lucky Linda, will be facing off with the Pan Amazons champ ... Olympia! Champion Vs Champion! I can’t wait to see that ... and i .... I will be ....

"Cat Scratch Fever" by Pantera hits and out storms Wildcat Lynn Brewster, she is dressed in a pink and silver kimono that ends right above the knee and has a tiger in silver on the back. She slides into the ring and stands face to face with Alice.

Brewster : And YOU ... have ME!

Alice : Damn straight i do!

Brewster : No one gets in my business!

Alice : No honey. No one gets in MY business. And this right here, the AMAZONS! This is MY business. Your actions at the tourney were deplorable.

Brewster : I do what i want. When i want. Just like later tonight, when i am going to destroy you for cheap shotting me in the final.

Alice : It was no cheap shot doll. You were where you didn’t belong, in MY ring, and i removed you, plain and simple.

Brewster : Listen cow, you ain’t no GM! You are a god damn waitress! I am the greatest wrestler to ever set foot in a ring, and when i do, it becomes MY ring! I want a title shot, and i want it next week!

"Street Fight (On the Sunset Strip)" By Guns N' Roses hits and out comes Jade and Kim, the Hired Killer’s. Jade is dressed in an expensive Kardashian evening gown and Kim an expensive Ivanka Trump evening gown

Jade : YOU want a title match? If you don’t remember, i BEAT YOU! In the tourney! I beat you at the Tanner memorial! I beat you everywhere we meet, it is not you should be getting a title shot, but I!

Mind your own business of C&C Music Factory hits and out comes Tornado Red. Red is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Tornado Red : Listen and listen good gals, haha. I am Tornado Red. I am the former champion! I need my rematch before anyone gets a title shot!

Alice : Righto! RIGHTO!!! Here is what is going to happen. Next month, it is going to be ... The Hired Killers! Jade and Kim! Versus ... Wildcat Lynn Brewster .... and .... TORNADO RED!

Whoever wins the pinfall! Gets the title shot the following month!

Against the winner of tonight’s match, Lucky Linda and Olympia ..... and AVERY McCULLEN!!

Thats right! Next month it will also be Avery McCullen competing for the Amazons Championship! She won the tourney and has earned the title shot! The winner of that match next week meets the winner of you four! Have fun.

Ohh, and Lynn, see you later TONIGHT!

Alice hits an Alice Cuttah from no where on Brewster, levelling her, the crowd erupt going wild as Gitty Up blares.
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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition

[We switch to ringside where we have both Alexis Rage and Carma Dracula in the ring.]

Michelle Williams : Welcome to Fancy Dress Brawl folks, we have currently both competitors already in the ring for the first match of the night.

Kathleen Parks : Competitors? Don’t you have to, i don’t know, participate to be a competitor?

Dragonatrix : I would better describe these two as observers ... wait ... they don’t even see or watch. Oblivious?

Michelle Williams : Be fair, i will gladly admit they are a bit green, but everyone has to start somewhere ....

Kathleen Parks : The question is, how are they going to put together a match when neither has a clue?

Dragonatrix : and here is the answer!

[From the crowd we see a lady jump the safety rail, and slide into the ring, She has a mic.]

Posted Image

Michelle Williams : I know her!

Kathleen Parks : THATS JEZEBEL COOPER!!!!

Dragonatrix : Cooper slides into the ring, looks at both Dracula and Rage dismissively, and then moves inbetween them, brushing by them giving them no heed and setting up with the mic.

Michelle Williams : Cooper looks like she has something to say ... Rage is not happy, she whirls Cooper around by the shoulder and Cooper goes with it ... SPINNING BACK FIST! Right to the nose of Rage!

Kathleen Parks : Rage is busted open, i think Cooper just broke her nose, blood is gushing out of it and she is holding it in agony ...

Dragonatrix : BOOB PLEX!!!

Michelle Williams : OMG!!! Jezebel Cooper just knocked Alexis Rage out with the Boob Plex!

Kathleen Parks : Dracula is laughing, pointing to Rage and laughing hysterically. Cooper joins in, laughing along.

Dragonatrix : These two having a good old chuckle, unconscious Rage not seeming to get the joke.

Michelle Williams : Dracula slaps her knee in hysterics now, and look, Cooper has just stopped laughing, and she is staring at Dracula, giving her “the look”

Kathleen Parks : Dracula notices and stops laughing too, her eyes going wide with realisation, but too late!!!! BOOB PLEX!!!

Dragonatrix : One for Carma Dracula as well, its a BOOB PLEX party!

Jezebel Cooper : Now then. (brushing off her hands) Them two pieces of trash, they have been future endeavoured, care of yours truly, Jezebel Cooper!

Me and my boob plex are the hottest ticket on the wrestling circuit, and i have one with each and every name of you SWAT Skanks on it!

Let the boobies hit the floor!

[Cooper drops the mic and Whore by In This Moment hits as she makes her way up the ramp.]
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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition


Michelle Williams : Next match tonight we got the returning Diamond Rose versus Candice Morelli. That should be one hell of a match side by side. Wonder if Diamond has got any ring rust.

Kathleen Parks : I think Diamond is gonna come back looking strong hopefully she knocks the blonde right out of Candice Morelli

Dragonatrix : I honestly think before this current Amazon gets anything of good or bad out of mouth she shows me what she has got. Candice Morelli has been here a lot longer and has worked hard at every chance she has gotten.

Michelle Williams : Yeah we will have to just find out.

Kathleen Parks : That we will. I think you two will be in for a big disappointment.

Dragonatrix : Again Like you said we shall see. We have Glamarous Glenda standing by to get a word with our returning Glamazon.

The cameras fade to the back locker room Area where Diamond Rose is standing right outside her locker room in A Blue Dress and No face paint on her and her blonde hair straight down instead of pigtails. Glamarous Glenda then begins to speak.

Glamarous Glenda : I am standing here with a returning Amazon Diamond Rose. (crowd boos) Now Diamond first and foremost how does it feel to be able to compete again in SWAT?

Diamond Rose : First of all it feels great to be able to perform in this federation. Second of all I am going to enjoy causing pain and misery all over The Amazon Division. I am here to make a name for myself. Diamond Rose's name will be the talk of The Amazon's . I don't much care if anyone else likes me or not.

Glamarous Glenda : The real question is after being out of action so long will there be any ring rust?

Diamond Rose : No there is no ring rust here. God what do you think I don't work out and keep myself looking as gorgeous as I do for nothing. I have plenty of people to keep me well trained in the aspect of wrestling.

Glamarous Glenda : Sorry didn't mean anything by that. Last bit I hae for you is you are facing Candice Morelli you have anything else to say to her before your match up in a few moments here?

Diamond Rose : Candice Morelli welcome to the beginning of your downward spiral into nothingness. Candice you see the difference between you and me is that I work hard to get where I am. Though you have been around probably and most likely longer than me in the ring, It does not mean that you are better than me. Everyone can label me an underdog in this match all they want. In reality they are about to be proven wrong. I will show that I am a formidable foe to say the least. Candice when it is all said and done tonight you will become the underdog once again. I will move onto my next match and once again be victorious. Failure is not an option. Candice Morelli you claim to think you know who I am but in reality you don't. So keep your comments in that head of yours and just go an be the blonde bimbo that Joey Morelli could barely please. YOU like that Candice you like when I make up stuff inside my head and try to use it against you huh? HUH? Answer me! (Sadistic laughing by Diamond is heard) Actions Speak Louder then words and that my actions will. Always remember Candice Diamonds are forever and every rose has its thorn.

Glamarous Glenda : Thank You for your time Diamond Rose. Now back to the commentary booth to get this action underway!

Cameras point back to the commentary team.
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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition

Michelle Williams: Wow, Jezebel Cooper just put the whole Amazons Division on notice!

Dragontrix: I definitely didn't see the Rage in Alexis I thought we'd see. Kind of disappointing!

Kathleen Parks: Are you kidding me? Jezebel destroyed both Dracula and Rage. That was worth the price of admission right there.

"Wiseguys" by Joe Pesci blares over the Amazons Arena PA system and out struts the owner of SWAT Joe Pesci himself wearing the funny looking suit he wore in the movie Uncle Vinny.

Posted Image

Michelle Williams: Oh, no. What does he want?

Kathleen Parks: What do you mean what does he want? He's the owner of the company, he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Michelle Williams: Coming down right before his niece in-laws match? Sounds legit. (Rolls her eyes)

Pesci finally gets to the announce table after heckling a bunch of fans in the front row.

Joe Pesci: Okay..okay. You .... and you. You two yutes are dismissed for this match.

Pesci points at Kathleen Parks and Dragontrix.

Kathleen Parks: Me? What did I do?

Dragontrix: Good riddance. I'll take this match off. (She takes her headset off and gets up and walks down the aisle to the back to a chorus of cheers.)

Joe Pesci: You didn't do nuthin', I just got this covered, so kindly hit the bricks!

Parks throws her headset down and pouts her way to the back stage to the heckling of the fans at ringside.

Michelle Williams: They should be so lucky, why am I here?

Joe Pesci: You're here to add color like my jacket over here. Pretty snazzy huh?

Michelle Williams: My Lord. This is going to be a long match.

Joe Pesci: No, I'm not quite the Lord but I am the SWAT saviour. Let's get on with this match already!

"Bad Girl", by Avril Lavigne and Marilyn Manson shakes the Amazons Arena and out comes Diamond Rose dressed as the character Daenerys from The Game of Thrones.

Posted Image

She slaps the fans five as she half trots to the ring taking her time. She cartwheels over the top rope and gets ready for Candice as the fans go wild in a unexpected reaction.

Joe Pesci: And who the fuck is this .... the creature from the Blue Lagoon?

Michelle Williams: It's black lagoon and no she's dressed as Daenerys from The Game of Thrones!

Joe Pesci: Look toots, unless I was in it, it doesn't exist...got it? Besides I'm the one sitting on the Throne around here whether Soutter likes it or not. I mean come on, what is he anyway? A suit? A wrestler? A wrestling suit? Hahaha

Michelle Williams: Very funny-

Joe Pesci: Funny? Funny how? Funny like i amuse yo-

Michelle Williams: I'd love to sit here and run lines with you all day for Goodfellas 2 but here comes you niece in-law. (Rolls her eyes)

"Night Fever", by the Bee Gees strolls through the Amazon Arena PA system and out dances Joey Morelli and Candice Morelli dressed in Saturday Night Fever outfits. The fans are that of a mixed variety reaction wise as they love Candice and her twerky dance moves but boo Joey who is doing his best John Travolta imitation complete with feathered hair. The lights go out and a disco ball lowers from the rafters. Joey helps Candice into the ring by holding the ropes then runs back out side the ring and taunts the fans dancing like a fool all the way to the announce table. Joey sits down and puts on a headset. The lights go back on and the disco ball disappears back into the rafters.

Joey Morelli: Is this all we have, headsets? Do you know how long it took to do my hair?

Joe Pesci: Oh, hey there nephew. I didn't know you were going to come down and help with commentating. (He smiles at Michelle who shakes her head in disgust.)

Michelle Williams: Sure you didn't. Typical Chianti style. Always popping up where you aren't wanted.

Joey Morelli: Not wanted? Listen to these fans, they love Us!

Michelle Williams: No, Candice is wanted because she's sweet and naive. You and your uncle they despise.

Joey Morelli: They are just mad we don't drink the cool aide like all you other morons. We'd rather have a glass of Chianti. If these fans had costumes for this big fancy ball they'd all be dressed like sheep.

Michelle Williams: The referee has checked both girls and calls for the bell. This match has begun. An Eye Rake by Diamond Rose! Followed by a Snap Suplex but a perfect roll out by Candice and both women are back on their feet! Rose tries an Eye Gauge but Candice blocks it!

Joey Morelli: We call that the Curly Block!

Michelle Williams: Curly Block?

Joey Morelli: Yeah, you know...Curly from the three stooges?

Joe Pesci: Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!

Michelle Williams: I had to ask.

Joey Morelli: Crotch Chop by my wife..I mean Candice followed by a DDT!

Michelle Williams: Crotch Chop? Is that what you are calling it?

Joey Morelli: Cunt Punch?

Michelle Williams: Oh, that sounds real classy.

Joe Pesci: Both of you stop. Your making me hot which is making me horny. Maybe it's the suit but don't make me rub one out over here.

Michelle Williams: Pleeeeeaase. Keep it in your pants.

Joe Pesci: I'll try but I can't make any promises.

Michelle Williams: Candice bounces off the rope with a Leg Drop! Shades of Hulk Hogan! Candice with the pin..1...2..

Joey Morelli: 3! Yes!! This one is over!

Michelle Williams: Kick out by Rose!

Joe Pesci: That sure looked lile a slow count to me.

Michelle Williams: Rose is back on her feet, she bounces off from one rope to the other but a leap frog by Candice!

Joey Morelli: My girl is flexible, you should see what she can do-

Michelle Williams: We get the picture Joey Travolta. Candice bounces off the rope with a Shoulder Block but Rose doesn't move! Listen to this crowd eating this up!

Joe Pesci: This is what the Amazons are all about!

Michelle Williams: They are both staring each other down. A big slap by Rose!

Joey Morelli: Little affect on Candice!

Michelle Williams: Candice slaps her right back and now a take down by Rose!

Joe Pesci: I know Candice is my niece and all but this is hot. Two gorgeous women rolling around on the mat? I mean come on, get out of here!

Joey Morelli: Cat fight!!

Michelle Williams: Both back on their feet and a double drop kick! Candice back up now with an arm drag take down but reversed and Rose with a arm drag take down and both are quickly back on their feet.

Joe Pesci: Neither one of these two are willing to give an inch.

Joey Morelli: Don't worry about Candice she'll get a foot long if she wins this one. Rose, I don't know. She brought a bat so I think she bats for the other team.

Michelle Williams: You're sick, you know that?

Joe Pesci: Speaking of foot longs, now would be a great spot for me to thank one of our sponsors Jersey Joe's subs in Brooklyn. The best spicy Italian foot long you'll ever eat.

Michelle Williams: Funny you just happened to own that too. Back to the action. Stare down between the two... wait a minute Rose with the Poison Ivy!

Joey Morelli: She just spit some kind of green mist in her eyes! What the fuck. Somebody do something!

Michelle Williams: Belly to Belly into a pin! This one is over 1....2...thr-

Suddenly the lights go out and the arena become a pitch black. The fans or the cameras can't see a thing. After about thirty seconds the lights come back on Diamond Rose is laying in the center of the ring with a disco ball split in half next to her while Candice is out side the ring and Joey is flushing her eyes out with water.

Joe Pesci: What the hell happened?

Michelle Williams: What do you mean what happened? It's obvious that disco ball came crashing from the rafters and spilt in two over Rose's head.

Joe Pesci: How'd something like that happen?

Michelle Williams: Gee, I wonder.

Joe Pesci: Don't any of you fans worry. I'll get to the bottom of this and fire whoever didn't secure it properly.

Michelle Williams: Sure you will. It looks like Diamond Rose is slowly getting back up and Joey has washed all that green mist out of Candice's eyes. Joey rolls Candice back in. Rose is back up and she charges at Candice...Candice with a drop toe hold into a modified version of the STF.

Joey Morelli: She's tapping!!

Michelle Williams: She is not! In fact she's inching her way to the ropes and she's almost there.

Joe Pesci: She tapped, ring the bell, she tapped!!

Michelle Williams: Rose got to the ropes!! Candice breaks the hold!

Joey Morelli: Arm Bar!! Diamond Rose now has Candice in an arm Bar!!

Michelle Williams: She's going to tap!! Candice Morelli is going to tap. She's trying to reach for the ropes!

Joey once again throws off his headset, messing up his hair, and runs over and helps Candice reach for the ropes. The ref makes Rose break the hold then Joey quickly runs back to the announce table.

Michelle Williams: What the hell are you doing?

Joey Morelli: I'm doing what managers do. I'm helping my wife.

Michelle Williams: Candice tries to recover but DDT by Diamond Rose...Rose Pedal!!! She's got her finishing submission locked on!

Joey Morelli: She's got her in the center of the ring!

Joe Pesci: Fuck this. Plan B! (He whistles loudly.)

"Courtesy Call", by Thousand Foot Krutch shakes the Amazon Arena and out runs Joanne Canelli dressed as Columbia from the Rocky Horror Show.

Posted Image

Canelli slides into ring and smashes Diamond Rose in the face.

Joe Pesci: It looks like the "Jersey Devil Diva" is in the house!

Michelle Williams: What in the hell is this? She just hit her with Kiss the Rings!!

Joey Morelli: Brass knuckles? I didn't see any such thing!

Michelle Williams: The referee sure did he's calling for the bell!

Joe Pesci: For what? He can't do that!

The referee is seen talking to the ring announcer. He explains what's going on then the announcer stands and begins to speak.

Ring Announcer: The winner of the match due to outside interference...DIAMOND ROOOOOSE!

Candice and Joanne both keep stomping and punching Diamond Rose. Pesci takes off his headset and grabs a mic.

Joe Pesci: Disqualification my ass!! Restart this match right now ref if you value your job!

Michelle Williams: Restart the match? Joanne and Candice are still beating the crap out of Diamond Rose!! How can the match restart?

"A Demons Fate", by Temptation Within can barely be heard as the fans rock the Amazons Arena and start stomping their feet. Jennifer Enigma comes running down to the ring dressed as a witch with a broom wrapped in barbwire.

Michelle Williams: JENNIFER ENIGMA IS HERE!!!! She jumps into the ring and is swinging that barbwire wrapped broom!!! She blasted Candice who goes flying over the top rope!! She swings at Joanne but misses and Joanne quickly exits the ring! Jennifer Enigma has cleared the ring here at the Amazons Arena!!

We have a stand off, Chianti on the outside and Rose and her sister Enigma in the ring. Gitty Up hits and Oprah Alice comes out to the rampway.
Alice : Pesci! You don’t call the shots here in the Amazons! I_DO! (crowd pop) And i say the referees decision stands.... winner by DQ DIAMOND ROSE! (another crowd pop)

As for all this .............. next month ... No Man’s Land 2 ... that’s right ... we are taking No Man’s Land on as our show name ........... you 4 in tag team action! Diamond Rose and Jennifer Enigma Vs Joanne Canelli and Candice Morelli!!!
Edited by SWAT Team, Feb 12 2018, 11:30 PM.
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Michelle Williams: Its been one hell of a night so far hasn't it?

Kathleen Parks: That it has been, and I have to say that the announcements that have been made are something else... I mean Avery, Linda, Olympia and whoever wins that match tonight will be facing off. I have to say it's going to be amazing!

Dragontrix: That match is going to be insane!

Michelle Williams: I can't agree with you more and...

The house lights go down, as pink, and blue spotlights go over the crowd. "City of Night Night" by Miracle of Sound begins to play over the speakers. The tron comes to life with an aerial view of Ireland, and then changes to different scenes of the places that Avery had been in her adventuring days. The scene changes to her driving through the streets of London before it switches to what appears to a jungle and a flaming plane. The jeep that she drove comes through the window before changing to another scene of her flying a plane. It soon changes to some of her old matches and the chaos and destruction that she had caused. A spotlight comes to rest at the back of the stage where Avery is standing with her head lowered. Avery is dressed in an explorer outfit with an old looking fedora on her head. As the vocals start she raises her head, and she starts down the ramp way. She poses with a few of the fans letting them get pictures before she heads to the ring. As she reaches the end of the ramp way she sprints to the ring, and leaps up onto the edge of the ring, and slips through the ropes.

Dragontrix: What is she doing out here?

Michelle Williams: I don't know, but it could have something to do with her match tonight.

Avery looks around the arena and smiles as she calls for a mic. Her music cuts as she leans against the ropes that looks back at the entrance.

Avery: I know why you are wondering why I'm out here aren't you?

The crowd cheers as she smiles looking back at the crowd around her.

Avery: Well... Earlier tonight I heard Tornado red out here running her mouth about her rematch... Please. You'll never see that title again. I'm not even sure how you got it in the first place. I know this is like my second real show in SWAT but I have a better chance of getting my hands on that title then you do. I know you're going to do everything that you can to win our match here tonight but I'm not going to stop until you are laid out in the middle of the mat. You think you're something else but I can tell you right now, you are nothing, and will never see that title title again. Next month it will be walking away with me.

The crowd cheers loudly as she looks around the arena. Her music starts and she climbs out of the ring, and heads back up the ramp way.

Kathleen Parks: The crowd is behind Avery here tonight!

Dragontrix: That they are. This could be very god for her here tonight.

Michelle Williams: I cannot wait for that match tonight! We'll be back after this!

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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition

(The Hired Killers, Jade and Kim, are looking at each others gowns admiring how they look on the other. Jade's cellphone rings and she goes over and turns it on.)

Jade: "Hello....."

Jesophat: "You wanted to know where the Kardashian and Trump women's dress lines are made."

Jade: "Where and are they part of the Triad."

Jesophat: "No they aren't."

Jade: "Inform the boss and start the process of making them a part of it."

Jesophat: "Right away."

(She turns off her cellphone.)

Kim: "Looks like another potential acquisition for the triad."

Jade: "Yeah and the Kardashians and Trumps won't even know about it."

Kim: "Did you see what both Evil Lynne and Lightning said about us."

Jade: "They can't even tell which dress is made by Trump and which one is made by the Kardashians."

Kim: "The only thing they know is that we're twins. Still we're going to make sure they see double when we're going to give them the beatdown of a lifetime."

Jade: "Remember what Lightning's former rival and tag team partner warned us about Lightning."

Kim: "She can strike at anytime. Not to mention Mr. Greene, who's one of the most cloever and ruthless managers who managed in the IWA."

Jade: "That's what we've been preparing for and that's what we're expecting and if Mr. Greene even thinks of interfering. Let's give him something he'll live to regret and I do mean regret."

Kim: "Yeah too bad these dresses will be so damaged after our match is over."

Jade: "Too bad and such great quality."

(They eye each other sighing mockingly before smiling coldly and laughing.)

Jade: "We should have invited those pieces of trash to see their dresses destroyed."

Kim: "Yeah but they would have had us both arrested for destroying their property despite us paying for it."

Jade: "Yeah and they would have had Lightning and Evil Lynne arrested too and we would have enjoyed an excellent holding cell brawl."

Kim: "That would be something huh."

Jade: "Yeah it would Kim. Right now let's get to the ring and get down to our business with Lightning and Evil Lynne."

Kim: "Right behind you and let's not hold back and be as sadistic as we want to be."

Jade: "We're on the same page as usual."

(They leave as the scene slowly fades to black.)
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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition

"Street Fight (On the Sunset Strip)" By Guns N' Roses plays and Jade and Kim come to the ring slowly and ominously. They jump on the ring apron and do matchings sunset flips kip up before standing in the center of the ring looking slowly from side to side before slowly and ominously taking off their dark shades and placing them in their trench coats and slowly and ominously taking off her trenchcoat revealing their hot Kardashian and Trump evening gowns.

Frank Salazar : Ladies and Gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for ONE fall. Introducing already in the ring, at a combined weight of 300 pounds ... JADE ... KIM ....THE HIRED KILLERS!!!!

Brutal Planet by Alice Cooper begins as Evil Lynn’s followers come out carrying her and Lightning huge decorated temple chairs. When they get to the ring, they let them down as they step on the apron. Lynn does a ritualistic chant in center of the ring before the match begins.

Frank Salazar : And introducing their opponents .... coming in at combined weight of 320 pounds ... EVIL LYNN .... AND ... LIGHTNING!!!

Michelle Williams : Here we go fans, and we are underway, Jade and Kim charge at Lightning and Kim and hit them with double jumping knee’s to the face.

Kathleen Parks : Kim and Jade are one hell of a team, wrestling is in their blood and runs through the entire family.

Dragonatrix : You know it.

Michelle Williams : Double drop kicks from Jade and Kim.

Kathleen Parks : Does that make you think of the old singers Mel and Kim or just me? (singing) Respectable ...

Dragonatrix : (singing also) Tay Tay Tay Tay

Michelle Williams : Oh, please. Double arm drags and arm locks now by jade and Kim.

Kathleen Parks : (still singing) Take or leave us ...

Dragonatrix : Evil Lynn boots Kim in the face, and she releases her hold on Lightning, who then drops a leg on Jade breaking her arm bar on Lightning.

Michelle Williams : All tag matches in the Amazons are now Tornado rules i have just been informed.

Kathleen Parks : Why doesn’t that come through to my headset too?

Dragonatrix : Mine too?

Michelle Williams : Lightning with a running neck breaker on Kim.

Kathleen Parks : Jade clobbers Lightning with a hard clothesline.

Dragonatrix : Lynn with a spear on Jade!

Michelle Williams : Evil Lynn goes for a cover ........... 1 ..... Kim breaks the count with a stomp to the head of Lynn.

Kathleen Parks : Kim snap suplex on Lynn.

Dragonatrix : Jade and Kim with a double drop kick to Lynn sends her to the outside.

Michelle Williams : Running double clothesline from Lightning sends both sisters toppling over the ropes to the outside also.

Kathleen Parks : Lightning slides out to meet them and Jade on her feet side steps and spinning back kick to the back of the head see’s Lightning eat the guard rail!

Dragonatrix : Jade is a master of the martial arts.

Michelle Williams : She will be heavyweight champion. Alice booked it, next week, Jade vs Brewster, the winner number one contender and will get a shot against the winner of Avery and tonight’s title match.

Kathleen Parks : I got my money on Lucky Linda in that one, she has one hell of an outfit lined up!

Dragonatrix : Outfits don’t win you matches. Olympia Vs Jade, that’s my dream match.

Michelle Williams : Evil Lynn DDT’s Kim into the concrete floor.

Kathleen Parks : Lynn then ducks under a kick from Jade, catches her by the knee ... stalling suplex to the ring apron!

Dragonatrix : Lynn quickly climbs into the ring and then wastes no time and runs off the turn buckle and sets sail to the outside with a hig dive over the ropes, collecting both Kim and Jade!

Michelle Williams : WOW! Lightning rams the twin sisters heads together and then into the apron , and forces them into the ring.

Kathleen Parks : Lynn flipping into the ring over the rope into a leg drop and covers Kim ..... One ................... Two ........ Kick out by Kim.

Dragonatrix : Jade leg sweeps Lightning.

Michelle Williams : Jade then choke slams Lightning!

Kathleen Parks : Jade turns around .... BLACK MIST INTO THE EYES OF JADE! Evil Lynn just sprayed her!

Dragonatrix : That’s a DQ ref!

Michelle Williams : Jade can’t see! Lynn pile drives her and covers ...... One ............... TWO ..... kim breaks the count.

Kathleen Parks : I thought that was it for sure.

Dragonatrix : Kim sticking on Lynn ... DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!

Michelle Williams : Nice! Kim now with the cover .............. One .............. Two ....... Lightning breaks the count.

Kathleen Parks : Lightning hits a pinning suplex ..... One ................ Two ........ Kim rolls the shoulder.

Dragonatrix : Some near falls. Both teams giving it their all, we have quite a few teams now in the Amazons.

Michelle Williams : We certainly do, we will be having our own Tag Belts soon i am informed.

Kathleen Parks : Really? Aren’t you a wealth of information.

Dragonatrix : Lightning with a running bulldog on Kim and clotheslines Jade at the same time. Jade still can’t see.

Michelle Williams : Evil Lynn reaches in her boot and pulls out something, Lightning with a roll up on Jade ...... One ...... Two ... .....

Kathleen Parks : EVIL LYNN BLASTS KIM WITH THAT FOREIGN OBJECT as the ref was counting, she grabs Kim and drags her to the ropes, Lightning lifting Kim up to Lynn there .....


Michelle Williams : The End of You! Cover by Evil Lynn on Kim ..... One .................... Two ................. (Lightning dives at Jade spearing her to stop her breaking the count) ... THREE!!!!

Kathleen Parks : Lynn and Lightning win it! Is that an upset?

Dragonatrix : Damn straight it is.

Michelle Williams : Impressive victory, very impressive victory.

Brutal Planet by Alice Cooper hits and Evil Lynn and Lightning celebrate as Kim can’t believe it, Jade still struggling to see.
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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition

Frank Salazar: The following contest is set for one fall with a fifteen-minute time limit. Introducing first from Dallas, Texas, she stands 5’8” tall and weighs in at 180 pounds, she is the General Manager of SWAT Amazons… ALICE!

Gitty Up (remix) by Salt N Pepa feat Rufus Blaq hits and Alice bounces out to the entrance way wearing her best Oprah pantsuit and still in her full body Oprah “make-up”, she’s pumping her left arm in the air to the beat, she jiggies her way down the rampway to the beat high fiving the fans on the way, slides under the bottom rope and crawls to the turnbuckle, climbing each one from her knee’s to her feet sexily, mounting the second buckle and posing for the crowd.

Michelle Williams : I’m speechless. I truly am.

Kathleen Parks : You should be Mich, she’s in blackface. She’s in blackface in 2018. If the SWAT board of directors haven’t met yet, they should. This is a disgrace to SWAT and the wrestling industry as a whole. This is Katie Vick disgusting.

Frank Salazar: Introducing next, she stands 6 feet tall and weighs in at 214.6 pounds, she hails from Savanah, Georgia… ”Wildcat” Lynn Brewster!

"Cat Scratch Fever" hits the speakers and Wildcat comes out. She stands there, and when lyrics start she walks down to the ring. She gets on the apron edge, looking around at the crowd, then gets in the ring and removes her jacket, and as she tosses the jacket out of the ring she turns and nails Alice with the Catscratch superkick.

Michelle Williams : CATSCRATCH! Wildcat looking to end it quick! She covers!

Referee Tyra Thurman: One… Two…

Michelle Williams : Alice gets her foot under the rope. Bad luck for Wildcat or this match would’ve been over.

Kathleen Parks : Wildcat ain’t here to take crap from a truck stop waitress. She’s going to continue to pound away.

Dragonatrix : Both ladies have held many championships. Wildcat is bigger. Wildcat is taller. Wildcat is younger. Alice has spunk. I’m taking Wildcat.

Michelle Williams : Wildcat mounts Alice and gives her multiple elbows to the forehead of Alice.

Kathleen Parks : And WE’VE GOT BLOOD!

Michelle Williams : Wildcat seems satisfied with the carnage that she has left on Alice’s forehead. She pulls Alice up to her feet and gives her one nasty European uppercut, followed by another, and another, and another, five European uppercuts!

Kathleen Parks : What we have here is a dominate wrestler going against someone, who has been extremely lucky in her “career”. Wildcat is a superior athlete. Alice is a mere waitress that got lucky.

Dragonatrix : You can’t undermine Alice’s determination, but at present she is currently severly outmatched.

Michelle Williams : Wildcat hits a snap suplex and applies a rear headlock, wearing down on the dazed Alice.

Kathleen Parks : This match should be called. Alice is bleeding more than normal. Wildcat by murder if this referee doesn’t stop it soon.

Michelle Williams : It’s a bit early to be calling the match yet. Wildcat pulls Alice to her feet and hits a belly to belly suplex. She stalks Alice, pulling her up by the hair. She pulls her head back and smacks Alice.

Kathleen Parks : Alice ought to be used to this type of handling from her truck stop days when she was a quote waitress.

Michelle Williams : Wildcat smacks Alice again, but that just woke Alice up! Alice coming alive with elbows of her own, and a roundhouse kick out of nowhere sending Wildcat to the floor!

Kathleen Parks : Pure luck, plain and simple

Dragonatrix : Brewster was underestimating her opponent and she paid the consequences.

Michelle Williams : Alice climbs to the top turnbuckle. She looks at Wildcat with a laser focus and nails a senton bomb! Both ladies are hurting!

Kathleen Parks :Stupid. There are more effective means to take out you opponent then attempted suicide.

Dragonatrix : If one is willing to put it all on the line to defeat their opponent, then they are not stupid. They are courageous. They are bold.

Michelle Williams : Alice, alive and bloodied and in charge in more than one way is back to her feet. Wildcat Brewster is also stumbling. Wildcat swings and misses and Alice nails an ALICECUTTER!

Kathleen Parks : It’s on the outside of the ring! Alice has to get Lynn back into the ring, and then get the cover! That’s a lot of time to recover!

Michelle Williams : Alice pulls Wildcat to her feet and pushes her into the ring. Alice looks up at the top turnbuckle and back down at Wildcat Brewster. I think she realizes that she’s going to have to go that extra mile!

Kathleen Parks : She’s wasting more time!

Michelle Williams : Wildcat is starting to stir and Alice is waiting. Alice jumps… and is caught by, who is that…Natasha HARRIS! Natasha catches Alice as she was attempting the Top You up! She has her in the fireman’s carry position and nails a neck breaker!

Kathleen Parks : That’s the Heights Hammer!

Michelle Williams : Brewster covers! I guess this is a no DQ match?

Referee Tyra Thurman: One… Two… Three!

Dragonatrix : She stole it.

Frank Salazar: The winner of the match at 5 minutes and 11 seconds, ”Wildcat” Lynn Brewster!

Michelle Williams : Harris rolls back into the ring and lays in several big boots to the lower back. She gets down on the mat next to Alice’s face and mouths something, I can’t quiet tell what she’s saying to the General manager, but there is sure to be hell to pay!

Kathleen Parks : Surly someone wasn’t pissed of by Alice’s dumbass actions in freaking New York. She deserved this ass kicking plan and simple!

Michelle Williams : The general manager isn’t quiet finished as she crawls over to Frank Salazar and grabs his microphone!

Alice: Awesome debut, well done. Next show… You and me.

Michelle Williams : ALICE laying down the gauntlet!

Kathleen Parks : She really likes getting her teeth kicked in.
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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition

Frank Salazar : Welcome back fans to the next matchup for your enjoyment tonight.

"Mind your Own Business" By C&C Music Factory begins to play as Tornado Red makes her entrance onto the stage.

Tonight she is dressed in a very little Little Red Riding Hood dress for tonight's stipulations.

She begins down the ramp high fiving all her fans.Jumping up on the apron, slides under the ropes and waits for her opponent in one of the corners.

Michelle Williams : Red looks ready for tonight. If she isn't, she's surely giving the fans what they came to see.

Dragonatrix : Wrestling is soo much more than just skimpy outfits. I hope she is ready for a fight tonight.

The house lights go down, as pink, and blue spotlights go over the crowd. "City of Night Night" by Miracle of Sound begins to play over the speakers. The tron comes to life with an aerial view of Ireland, and then changes to different scenes of the places that Avery had been in her adventuring days. The scene changes to her driving through the streets of London before it switches to what appears to a jungle and a flaming plane. The jeep that she drove comes through the window before changing to another scene of her flying a plane. It soon changes to some of her old matches and the chaos and destruction that she had caused. A spotlight comes to rest at the back of the stage where Avery is standing with her head lowered. As the vocals start she raises her head, and she starts down the ramp way. She poses with a few of the fans letting them get pictures before she heads to the ring. As she reaches the end of the ramp way she sprints to the ring, and leaps up onto the edge of the ring, and slips through the ropes. She hops up onto the nearest ring post and plays to the crowd before hopping down, and removes the leather jacket she wears and waits for the match to begin

Tonight she is dressed as Indiana Jones, cracking her whip as Tornado Red watches on from the corner.

Michelle Williams : Alright fans. The match is on its way as both competitors circle around each other, slapping hands before tie’ing up.

Kathleeen Parks : Just a little feel out process looks like to me. No sense making any big move right from the start and having it backfire and costly them dearly in the end.

Michelle Williams /b]: And they lock up with a collar and elbow tie up. Both trying to get the upper hand. Avery manoeuvres Red against the ropes as they struggle with each other and end up in the turnbuckle corner. Avery slowly releases the hold, as they both break cleanly. Avery backs up in the ring, waiting for Tornado Red to come at her again.

Kathleen Parks : I'm surprised by Avery, she didn’t try a cheap shot, but it is still early going in the match.

Michelle Williams : She doesn’t roll like that. They lock up again, Red catches Avery with some knee strikes, she runs against the ropes, looking to clothesline her opponent, but Avery fires back with a well placed high drop kick.

Dragonatrix : That drop kick was right on the money!!

Michelle Williams : Avery picks up Red, whips her to the corner, following up with a running drop kick in the corner. Red had nowhere to go but to take all of that drop kick. Avery places a big foot on Red's neck, beginning to choke her out. The ref begins his count to break the hold. 1.....2......3........4.....Avery releases the foot choke.

Kathleen Parks : It didn't take her long to try and take some shortcuts. Just what I like to see.

Michelle Williams /b]: Spare me, she broke clean. Avery grabs her, a quick german suplex out of the corner.

Dragonatrix : Avery looks ready for tonight as I was hoping she would be. She has to be ready for anything at this point. A win here will definitely boost her confidence when she gets her title shot against the winner of Lucky Linda and Olympia.

Kathleen Parks : I like a wrestler who is willing to do anything it takes to win the match.

Michelle Williams : Look elsewhere then Kathy, Avery is all class. Avery grabs Red by the foot, going for an ankle lock, but Tornado Red quickly kicks her repeatedly so she breaks the hold. Red fired back with some boxing jabs, catching Avery off guard. A quick schoolboy, or should I say girl roll up. The ref counts ... 1 ...... and Avery kicks out.

Dragonatrix : Smart move by Red going for the pin early on.

Kathleen Parks : Red could really use a win here tonight after recently losing her title to Lucky Linda. Give her some extra confidence boost as soon she will be teaming with Lynn Brewster at the next show against the Hired Guns. Should be a great match to see.

Michelle williams : Tornado Red quickly grabs Avery, snap suplexes her over. Red grabs Avery by the ankle, puts her in a bridged anklelock, reaches over her and applies a chin lock as well.

Kathleen Parks : I sure hope Avery can get to the ropes. A loss like this would be devastating.

Dragonatrix : Great move by Tornado Red. Let's see if she can make her submit!!

Michelle Williams : Avery has nowhere to go except to try to get to the ropes. Avery pulls out of the chin lock, and surprises everyone when she turns on her side, and kicks out of the ankle lock with her other foot., repeated kicks until Red let's go. Limping on the sore leg, Avery plants her face first with a Russian legsweep facebuster!

Dragonatrix : Great escape and comeback move by Avery. She looks on top tonight.

Michelle Williams : Avery goes for one of her signature moves, Bite the Blarney Stone and Red's face is planted on the mat. Avery quickly climbs the ropes, looking to take out Red for good. Nails the Fall from Grace Diving Somersault Leg Drop.

Dragonatrix : Great offense by Avery. Now she just needs to put this one away.

Michelle Williams : Avery locks Red in the center of the ring with her other signature move, the Figure Four Leglock. Red begins screaming in pain. Avery holds onto the leg, and stretches back, putting more pressure on her legs. Red lays back, trying to relieve some of the pressure, as her shoulders touch the mat. The ref counts 1 .... 2 ....... Red quickly sits back up screaming from the pain.

Kathleen Parks : Looks like Avery may just have this one in the bag. Red is continuing her downward spiral.

Dragonatrix : Was just a matter of time till she got Red where she wanted her. Screaming in pain in the middle of the ring.

Michelle Williams : Tornado Red barely manages to inch her way to the ropes, forcing Avery to break the hold. She waits til the 4 count then releases her. Proceeds to stomp on her legs repeatedly not letting Red get back to her feet or any offense in at all. Avery grabs Red by the feet, dragging her back into the center of the ring, and applies the Figure Four Leglock again, that she has name the Four Leaf Clover.

It doesn't take long this time as Tornado Red slaps the mat 3 times, yelling to the referree, "I quit."

"City of Night" by Miracle of Sound begins playing as the referee holds up the hand of the Daredevil Avery McCullen. She then goes to each turnbuckles, climbing it, raising her hand in victory as the ring announcer declares the winner.

Kathleen Parks : Was hoping for a little more of a mean streak to show from the good girl, but she deserved this victory nonetheless.

Dragonatrix : You are definitely correct. She showed everyone what she is made of. And I look forward to her title match on the next show.

Michelle Williams : Hope all you fans enjoyed tonight's matchup. I know I did and I look forwards to what all the other newcomers to SWAT Amazons can bring to the table when the opportunity presents itself to them. The Amazons are definitely here to stay.

Now we will be back in 2 and 2 as we bring you some needed commercial time after that exciting match.
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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition

(Olympia is looking in the mirror at herself in her red, white and blue dress admiring the way it compliments her figure and her neck line as Glamourous Glenda comes up to her.)

Glamourous Glenda: "Oh that is a fine dress you're wearing for your match tonight."

Olympia: "It is, isn't it."

Glamourous Glenda: "You must tell me where you got that dress. I just got to have one of those for the July 4th holiday."

Olympia: "It's a secret I won't tell."

(Glamourous Glenda still looks at it admiringly before she clears her throat.)

Glamourous Glenda: "Anyway, you have a big champion vs. Champion match up with 'Lucky' Linda La Fey. Are you nervous going into this matchup."

Olympia: "Not really. I'm very confident going into this match up like I always go into any match whether it was in amateur competition or profession competition. I'm always calm, cool and collected and confident that win, lose or draw doesn't matter.
What really matters is that I go out there and give it my best shot."

Glamourpus Glenda: "You said you were going for the upset victory."

Olympia: "I am and I still intend to do so and I know 'Lucky' Linda La Fey is going to try for the victory. A let of pride an honor is on the line and we both want to win this match. I respect that attitude and I respect her as a competitor as well. We're both equal or close to equal in weight and wrestling skill. We both like to fight when we have to and we're going to make sure we don't give each other a break either."

Glamourous Glenda: "Speaking of respect doesn't that have to be earned."

Olympia: "Yeah and we both earned each other's respect since we pushed ourselves to the limit and we never backed down from the other. You see it doesn't matter what size you are it's how tough you are. 'Lucky' Linda proved that against our former CEO Angela and she proved herself quite well in the Money in the Bank match and when she upset Tornado Red a few months ago. I also proved I can hold my own against the best and I plan on proving myself again. Like I said I respect her quite a bit and like that expression 'It's not the size of the dog it's the fight that's inside of the dog' and 'Lucky' Linda has plenty of fight and so do I.
We'll see who wins but like I said I respect her quite a bit. This is going to be a good match."

Glamourous Glenda: "I know it is and good luck."

Olympia: "Thanks and good luck too Linda and let's have a hell of a match. Let's do this and Hurrah America's Number One and here's to Team USA in the Winter Olympics!"

(She leaves as the scene slowly fades to black.)
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Syndicate Wrestling & Tradition

The Cranberries Zombie blasts thru the arena, a dozen gold platted cupids come out from the ramp way and line up on either side of the run way to the ring forming a guard of honour and then Lucky Linda La Fey comes out dressed as Delores from the film clip.

Posted Image

Frank Salazar : Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall and is for the SWAT AMAZONS Championship. Introducing first, the reigning champion, hailing from Dublin Ireland and coming in at 5’5 and 130 pounds .... LUCKY LINDA LA FEY!!!!

And introducing her opponent, hailing from Olympia, Washington and coming in at 6’ and 135 pounds .... OLYMPIA!!!

The Olympic Theme plays and the Amatron shows an American Flag waving before fading to the Olympic flag as the words Olympia are shown. Olympia walks towards the rampway with her head bowed down low as red, white and blue pyros explode. She stands there and then lifts her head slowly before marching down the rampway. She removes the American flag and folds it with respect and gives it to the ring attendant. She enters the ring and bows to all corners with respect and honoring the ringsiders before taking off her jacket revealing a red, white and blue evening gown, white and blue wrestling boots with red, white and blue tassles. She takes off her gold medals and gives them and her jacket to the ring attendant. She tests the ropes and stares down her opponent with intensity and purpose.

Michelle Williams : Olympia trading in the MMA ring gear for this divine evening gown we see.

Kathleen Parks : Looks great, but can’t be that practical, this is a title fight after all.

Dragonatrix : About as practical as a gold platted zombie?

Michelle Williams : Touchee’

Kathleen Parks : Ref calls for the bell and we are under way. Olympia grabbles the champ and takes her down with a waist lock.

Dragonatrix : Linda rolls out of it and applies a head lock and Olympia pushes her off onto the ropes, Linda bounces off them and Olympia leap frogs her, Linda bounces off the opposite ropes and goes for a clothesline and Olympia rolls under it somersaulting and bouncing off the ropes herself, both women launch and in the middle of the ring with a double flying body press!

Michelle Williams : Crash landing!

Kathleen Parks : Lucky Linda first to her feet, Olympia slow to meet her and eats a Lucky Linda European uppercut, then a 2nd, she goes for a third, but Olympia catches her and throws her with a arm drag into a quick step over arm lock.

Dragonatrix : Linda rolls out of it, impressive counter and keeps spinning, sweeping the legs of Olympia.

Michelle Williams : Olympia not happy quick to her feet and Linda collects her with a devastating thrust kick!

Kathleen Parks : Classic battle here, Linda the martial artist high flyer against the amateur mat skills of the technician Olympia.

Dragonatrix : Linda delivers a side Russian leg sweep.

Michelle Williams : Linda looking fantastic!

Kathleen Parks : Side Irish!

Dragonatrix : I’ll give you side Irish!

Michelle Williams : Linda sticking on the Pan Am champ, and delivers a northern lights suplex!

Kathleen Parks : Cover by Linda!

Dragonatrix : One ................. Two .... kick out by Olympia.

Michelle Williams : Got to hand it to Linda, she made a special tribute to Delores at the No Man’s Land Tourney when she passed, and has a bond with her singing her theme Linger, and this costume tonight a further tribute.

Kathleen Parks : Touching, but it don’t win you no matches name dropping your passed singers name. She lost the tourney to Avery, and could well lose here tonight also.

Dragonatrix : Linda was undefeated until that tourney. Olympia back on the offense and delivers a belly to back suplex.

Michelle Williams : Atomic Drop suplex faceplant! Zues’s wrath!!

Kathleen Parks : Zues? From the Amazons, or Olympia?

Dragonatrix : Both i guess. Smashed her is what it did.

Michelle Williams : Olympia feeling it, she pumps up the crowd and they are torn who to support, and then she nails Linda with a hanging tower suplex!

Kathleen Parks : How far has Olympia come? She started with them scrubs when Amazons was in its infancy, and look at her now. Pan Am champ, defeated Suzi Spits at No Man’s Land and now battling for the Amazons belt.

Dragonatrix : Olympia hits an inverted DDT. Cover!

Michelle Williams : One ....................... two ..... kick out by Lucky Linda.

Kathleen Parks : Linda gets back on the offense and delivers a brutal Roundhouse kick. The martial arts skills coming in handy!

Dragonatrix : Linda now hits a Snap mare / hard kick to back .... STANDING MOONSAULT!

Michelle Williams : Another cover .............. One ....................... Two .............. kick out by Olympia.

Kathleen Parks : Linda glares at the ref for a moment then Olympia locks her in a single legged Boston crab!

Dragonatrix : Olympia with the submission, she is a fantastic technician and grappler!

Michelle Williams : Linda flips onto her back in a sort of seated enzaguri and cracks Olympia on the side of the head with a thudding right foot!

Kathleen Parks : Linda then makes it to her feet, and Olympia too getting to her feet, X FACTOR!

Dragonatrix : Linda with the X Factor! Nailed it! She is heading to the top.

Michelle Williams : MISSILE DROPKICK! Nailed it!

Kathleen Parks : Linda Irish whips Olympia to the corner, and runs in after her with a hard clothesline. Linda then ties up Olympia in the tree of woe, open hand chops her hard on the chest.

Dragonatrix : Linda runs and bounces off the topes, running cannonball into a 450missile drop kick!

Michelle Williams : AMAZING! Linda is pumped and the crowd going wild, she signals its all over ...

Kathleen Parks : ROLL OF THE DICE!!! Lucky Linda just nailed the Roll of the Dice on Olympia .... covers .....

Dragonatrix : One ................... Two ................. THR ... Olympia rolls the shoulder.

Michelle Williams : Wow! Thought that was it!

Kathleen Parks : Olympia still has some fight in her, she wants that belt.

Dragonatrix : Olympia back on the offense, and nails a belly to back suplex, then a 2nd and WOW! A 3rd belly to back suplex!

Michelle Williams : She loves her her multiples!

Kathleen Parks : Olympia delivers a ground and pound on the mat with the face of Linda, she is smacking her up!

Dragonatrix : Irish whip to the corner by Olympia, Linda reverses it and sends Olympia into the corner, Linda charges in, and EATS A OLYMPIA BIG BOOT!

Michelle Williams : Olympia pumped, she goes up top, Famisser ... missed it, Linda rolled out of the way.

Kathleen Parks : She got lucky there.

Dragonatrix : Linda nails a snap suplex.

Michelle Williams : EXPLODER! Linda with a picture perfect exploder suplex!

Kathleen Parks : Olympia is struggling, the champ has her number, she should just give up and save it to defend her own belt.

Dragonatrix : Never!

Michelle Williams : SIDE EFFECT! Lucky Linda with the side effect on Olympia, another cover, this has got to be it! One ...................... two .................... thre (Olympia gets a foot on the rope.)

Kathleen Parks : Was that three?

Dragonatrix : Two! Linda signalling that is it .... slaps the top rope and the crowd start to clap along, Olympia back to her feet .... TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! Lucky Linda with the spinning kick and Olympia spins in the air like there was a tornado running through the Amazons arena.

Michelle Williams : Cover by Lucky Linda .... One ...... Two ....... THRE (shoulder up by Olympia)

Kathleen Parks : I don’t believe it! She will not quit.

Dragonatrix : What a clinic Linda is putting on. Every move in the book!

Michelle Williams : She is an excitement machine, and these fans love her.

Kathleen Parks : Linda chops Olympia and Olympia no sells it, trying to fire up and get her 2nd wind .... she hooks her around the waist, and then drops back hot shotting her neck first onto the middle rope, that’ll do it!

Dragonatrix : Linda gasping for air, Olympia with a Jumping guillotine choke off ropes!!!

Michelle Williams : Devastating! Olympia then puts on an abdominal stretch ... really torques it, then over head suplexes Linda!

Kathleen Parks : Cover by Olympia .....

Dragonatrix : One ...................... Two ....... kick out by Linda.

Michelle Williams : How about that speech by Linda of what being the champ means to her and how she has a big legacy to see to ahead of her.

Kathleen Parks : All true, she has a long way to go, and could well be over right here tonight it looks like to me.

Dragonatrix : Don’t think so .... BACKSTABBER!!! Lucky Linda with the back stabber to Olympia!

Michelle Williams : Olympia trying to shake it off and jump back to her feet, but Linda delivers a beautiful Canadian (Irish) Destroyer!!! WOW!

Kathleen Parks : Olympia is OUT!

Dragonatrix : Linda climbs to the top .... 450 top rope splash ....

Michelle Williams : LUCKY DIP!!!! One .......................... Two ........................ THREE!!!!

Kathleen Parks : Linda wins! Lucky Linda La Fey retains her title!

Dragonatrix : What a match!

Linger by The Cranberries hits and Linda is handed her belt and holds it to the sky high with jubilance.


Show fades with Linda celebrating in the ring, she calls the fans in and the kids jump the barrier and jump up and down in delight with her as we fade.
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