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Regular Forum Information
Rules, history, maps, and anything else you could ever need can be found here!
NEW SEKKAI FRACTURES BOARD Mar 23 2017, 03:59 PM, By Nherva
0 viewers Topics: 143 Replies: 1,245
Subforums: Q&A, The News Stand, Contests
Regular Forum Dragons and Creatures
All the creatures that reside in the world of Sekkai will be listed here, most notably the dragons.
Tainted Hatchling Growth Charts Nov 20 2012, 06:22 PM, By Balu
0 viewers Topics: 15 Replies: 5
Subforums: Dragons, Hybrids
Regular Forum Hierarchy
Information on the in character, and out of character rankings of the site.
Crimson Eclipse Pack Feb 14 2017, 10:08 PM, By Nherva
0 viewers Topics: 15 Replies: 261
Subforums: Wings and Packs
Regular Forum Character Compendium
All things characters, including templates, and finished profiles go here.
Please do not post unfinished and unapproved applications within the accepted subforums!
Asarian De'maan |Male | Candidate Mar 5 2017, 07:31 PM, By CloakAndDagger
0 viewers Topics: 551 Replies: 752
Subforums: Wyrmlings, Dires and Their Riders, Sekkian Dragons and Riders, Sekkian Candidates, Civilians, Draux and Draux Handlers, Tainted Dragons and Riders, Taintlings, Tainted Candidates, Non-Player Characters, Adoptables, Inactive Profiles, Graveyard


Regular Forum The Lounge
Chat away here, anything you would ever need to say.
Absences! Feb 28 2017, 09:43 AM, By Saileene
0 viewers Topics: 315 Replies: 2,995
Regular Forum The Gallery
Showcase all of your brilliant works of art or writing here!
Creative Point Shop Feb 23 2017, 10:20 PM, By Boospookum
0 viewers Topics: 114 Replies: 5,690
Subforums: Diamond District, Tutorials
Regular Forum Request and Suggestion Board
Need something or would like to try and make a plot, maybe work something out between characters? Post it here!
Charred Omens - Plot Feb 20 2017, 02:26 AM, By Irene
0 viewers Topics: 279 Replies: 1,804
Subforums: Forum Suggestions, Thread Trackers
Regular Forum Affiliation and Advertisement
Post your sites here, within you will find all of the rules, our advertisement and stamp codes as well.

Guest posting enabled.
Exalted Kingdoms Feb 5 2018, 06:24 PM, By Guest
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The Academy

Regular Forum Academy Proper
In a building nearly as large as a city there are many places to explore. The Academy proper houses architecture large enough for even the most mountainous of dragons to walk with ease.

Banquet hall,
Forges and Armory
Undeniable Needs Jan 16 2017, 10:41 PM, By Irene
0 viewers Topics: 225 Replies: 1,853
Subforums: The Archives, Banquet Hall, The Forges and Armory, Infirmary
Regular Forum Hatching Grounds
The hatching grounds are without a doubt the holy centre of the Academy. Located in the very heart of the city-sized fortress and protected by its immense walls, the hatching dome is a marvel of beautifully crafted glass and metalwork. It has recently been restored to its former glory after its tragic destruction, and is colossal enough to house almost all of the Academy's inhabitants. All across Sekkai it is heralded as a marvel of engineering with its many-tiered stands, elaborate carvings and stained-glass murals depicting Sekkai's history.
Walking On Eggshells Jan 2 2017, 06:15 PM, By SemperMemor
0 viewers Topics: 32 Replies: 1,598
Regular Forum Personnel Barracks
Description goes here!

Dragon Wings,
Dire Wings,
Wyrmling Barracks,
Candidate Housing
A Good Time to Keep Your Mouth Shut Mar 4 2017, 12:48 PM, By CloakAndDagger
0 viewers Topics: 168 Replies: 1,340
Subforums: Candidate Housing, Dragon Wings, Dire Wings, Wyrmling Barracks
Regular Forum Academy Grounds
Description goes here!

Parade Grounds,
The Lake Gardens
Frozen Waters Mar 22 2017, 09:17 AM, By Kat
0 viewers Topics: 300 Replies: 2,065
Subforums: The Lake Gardens, Parade Grounds, Fields
Regular Forum Sekkian Lessons
They do need to learn how to protect our hides somehow after all.
12th Lesson May 27 2017, 05:38 AM, By draconafin
0 viewers Topics: 48 Replies: 1,051
Password Protected Forum Mature Boards
Password protected; for general use and not just at the Academy. Contact a staff member for the password if you are over eighteen years of age.
Password Restricted Forum
0 viewers Topics: 45 Replies: 851


Regular Forum Main Lihn
The capital city of Sekkai, it is the most protected location within the Empire. The inner sections of the city are still prosperous even in these times, showing the beauty and pride of an entire nation.
These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends Feb 4 2017, 04:59 PM, By CloakAndDagger
0 viewers Topics: 91 Replies: 947
Subforums: Central Ring, Kahna Palace, Middle Ring
Regular Forum Outer Lihn
Recent expansion has turned the lowlands around the great city into a sprawling land of tents and hastily erected shacks and the population has more than quadrupled in the course of only a few years. More and more arrive every day, attempting to make a life for themselves under the protection of the Empire.
The New Smith Mar 19 2017, 02:49 AM, By mailemanking
0 viewers Topics: 69 Replies: 626
Subforums: Outer Ring, Riverside Docks, Tent City
Regular Forum Hot Springs
The hotsprings of Lihn offer a relaxing place to escape the challenges and hardships of academy life. Here riders and their dragons can bathe and relax in the steaming springs.
Softening of the Soul Feb 21 2017, 11:32 AM, By Saileene
0 viewers Topics: 36 Replies: 237
Regular Forum Dense Jungle
The dense jungles of the east present even the most experienced travelers with a challenge. Only the bravest or most foolish venture out into it.
Murphy's Law Jan 20 2017, 09:19 PM, By Alix
0 viewers Topics: 129 Replies: 1,254


Regular Forum Frozen Wasteland
Little more than a blank void, the wasteland is a place no sane person wants to be caught in. The winds reach to brutal and fatal chills as they carve huge frozen spikes out of the ground. Any unfortunate to step on these spires are cut to ribbons on the razor sharp ice edges; one has to be careful here, as if these don't kill you, the cold will.
The perfect jewel Feb 3 2014, 08:35 PM, By draconafin
0 viewers Topics: 14 Replies: 194
Regular Forum Pine Forest
Once a magnificent and beautiful forest, these woods are now feared by even the Taint. The huge disease that swept the land has not even left the plants unaffected, now even the trees are out for any blood they can find. Covered deceptively by beautiful flowers, the plants within the wood coil around any moving thing they feel, pressing blood seeping thorns into soft flesh and drinking the life essence until there is nothing left. They are the sole reason why this forest is better left alone.
Weary Bones Mar 19 2017, 02:59 PM, By Gothic Thylacine
0 viewers Topics: 62 Replies: 621
Regular Forum Vien
What was the military fortress of the North is now little more than an overrun ruin. The forest has seeped into the walls of the fortress, coiling vines and vicious thorns alike and reclaiming the city for itself. Any foolish to venture in must face not only taint, but further flesh eating plants.
We Ask Ourselves, Why? Jul 23 2016, 12:49 PM, By YourInnerDemons
0 viewers Topics: 26 Replies: 204

The Zavan Plains

Regular Forum Zavan Swamp
Much like it's twin swamp, the Murks, few enter the swamp and return to tell the tale. There is a pull for the tainteds however, weaker than the Murks, but still something that draws them close to the center, where they are safe and everything else is free game to their whims.
Hopeless Mar 25 2014, 04:18 PM, By SemperMemor
0 viewers Topics: 11 Replies: 108
Regular Forum Dead Plains
Only a decade ago these were sprawling farmlands, but with the addition of the taint the crops have been dug up and burned. Nothing was left to live, the cloud of ash that was the sky quickly killed any plant that struggled to survive. Now it is little more than a barren wasteland that stretches on for miles without even a tree to block the view.
Hell Or High Winds Feb 2 2017, 12:48 PM, By Silverfeather
0 viewers Topics: 49 Replies: 487
Regular Forum Hellman's Well
Continuing, even with the taint, to be the most trafficked city in all of the lands, Hellman's well is now a lucrative area where the taint and remaining free men trade and barter. Black market stalls dot the street, drugs, slaves, and other paraphernalia on sale for ridiculous prices. The wise stay away from cowled merchants and dark allies.
Scoping for useful things. Especially info… Mar 19 2017, 04:32 PM, By Gothic Thylacine
0 viewers Topics: 65 Replies: 551


Regular Forum Stagnant Oasis
The term 'oasis' is hardly fitting for this spot in the desert. Yes, there is water here, but it is now nothing more than a murky pool of water that is more bug larvae and scum than anything else. The trees that once stood here are little more than husks, as the water that used to allow them to thrive has turned to a slow acting poison, and is sure to kill any who dare drink it.
When you wish upon a star. Oct 17 2013, 10:18 AM, By Silverfeather
0 viewers Topics: 3 Replies: 11
Regular Forum The Sea of Sand
Remaining unchanged, these sands are the same as they ever were. Inhospitable, and unwelcoming. There is little more here than dune after dune, the occasional vulture circling over head is the only company one will ever find here.
Valley of Kings Aug 10 2016, 01:06 PM, By Nherva
0 viewers Topics: 8 Replies: 40
Regular Forum Esam
The desert oasis of Esam is located on the shores of the mighty Malkeri river. This city is the last stop for anyone wishing to venture into the unforgiving desert.
Remember What Your Mother Said Mar 25 2015, 05:15 PM, By Zinc
0 viewers Topics: 4 Replies: 29

Loth Angresan

Regular Forum Iyalruek
A few miles inland on the coast facing the Desolation, buried in the crevasse between two mountains, a shadow resides. Massive, built of mis-matched stones, from crimson red marble to ebony obsidian to grey granite, the fortress looms, spires piercing the sky like spears. The place is a grim new conquest of the empire, home to a small contingent of the Sekkain army who are working to transform the former palisade of evil into a viable city for those displaced by the war.
Bridging a Cold... War? Dec 7 2016, 08:12 PM, By Seiss
0 viewers Topics: 26 Replies: 451
Regular Forum Mountain Pass
Coated with treacherous cliffs and loose footing, the path to the coast is one that no sane person would wish to ever take. Those without wings are almost always certain to die if they ever try to get through the jagged cliffs.
Mistress Of The Wind Aug 14 2016, 12:36 PM, By Irene
0 viewers Topics: 27 Replies: 271
Regular Forum Sulfur Fields
Belching smog and ash, the Sulfur Fields are a showcase example of a volcanic environment. None of the ground that can be walked on here is anything but cooled lava, with geysers of the molten liquid surging up from below ground. It is a haven for the dragons who use heat and fire to their advantage, and a scourge for those that don't.
Flames at Our Heels Mar 4 2015, 07:13 PM, By Gothic Thylacine
0 viewers Topics: 3 Replies: 7
Regular Forum Irazu
The capitol of Loth Angresan is anything but a city. A few wood and stone buildings that are surrounded in low nomad tents is all that constitutes this settlement. Irazu is in an even more pitiful state after being targeted in the war, and it's unsure whether the settlement will regain its status as the capital, or be made a town under the jurisdiction of Iyalruek.
Disrupting Order [Capture Thread] Sep 7 2015, 02:59 PM, By Dragon
0 viewers Topics: 20 Replies: 195

Fortress of Fangs

Regular Forum The Maw
At the entrance to the Fortress, gated by the monolithic skull of Erebus open to devour intruders, is the labyrinth that stretches for miles throughout the mountainous valleys beyond. On foot, an intruder can expect not only to wander lost into dead ends and pitfalls, but run into lower ranked members of the Legion who have taken up residence in the hidden corridors. There is a shortcut through the labyrinth that only the Tainted know and to fly above is to make oneself vulnerable to the never ceasing winds that howl through the mountains and have smashed many a dragon against the relentless peaks.
And who are you? Oct 10 2016, 11:59 AM, By Silverfeather
0 viewers Topics: 3 Replies: 9
Regular Forum The Cage
Just as much of a marvel as Sekkai's famed Hatching Grounds, the Legion's newly made birthing place is an awe-inspiring wonder. Great crystalline spires seem to explode from a hollowed out mountainside, beautiful as they are dangerous. Within the protective dome of sharp crystal spines is a divided ovoid space with areas for every imaginable element of dragon to nest and brood, complete with perches wrought of strong metal adhered to the mighty ribcage bones of the long dead Erebus for spectators. In the center of the oval is a closed off arena for candidates that traps them in the midst of nests, hungry hatchlings, and broody mothers. Even the Legion's willing might find this place to be as fear-inducing as it is breathtaking.

Odyssean Delta
Now what? Jun 20 2015, 05:21 PM, By Gothic Thylacine
0 viewers Topics: 4 Replies: 170
Subforums: Odyssean Delta
Regular Forum The Reactor
The bowels of the fortress are home to a network of caverns that serve as the Tainted's central hub of research and development. Roaring forges, superheated refineries, and bristling armories pockmark the spiraling levels that descend toward the earth's molten core. This sector is highly specialized to facilitate inventive minds in crafting the newest and most promising weaponry.

A series of quarantined, biological laboratories sit directly beneath the fortress' infirmary and wind deeply into the bedrock, quietly connecting to the dungeon catacombs reserved for unfortunate captives and prisoners of war. The diligent and nefarious individuals that toil away in the depths of these pathways and heavily reinforced cell blocks rarely see the light of the sun, but few will argue against the separation of scientists comprised heavily of Influenzas and Mycotics.

Forges and Armory
A mouse amongst the lions. Dec 5 2015, 02:58 PM, By Strifefox
0 viewers Topics: 3 Replies: 14
Subforums: Infirmary, Forges and Armory, Tartarus
Regular Forum The Playground
Eating, drinking -- Comradery and murder. The playground is a devilish feast for the eyes as well as the body. Within the largest spire of the fortress, a mammoth room fit to hold the army itself functions as a mess hall, trading post, and occasional occult ritual room. Smelling of treachery, the Playground has no kitchens, but plenty of fire and drink. It is lit by a pointed, fearsome crystal chandelier that reaches from ceiling to floor and bathes the area in a lurid green. If youíve brought nothing to eat, just take someone elses. A good, bloody fight is always welcome here, but, if you avoid violence, a keen ear can still hear gossip for miles.
A Tit for Tat Feb 20 2017, 03:25 PM, By CloakAndDagger
0 viewers Topics: 18 Replies: 131
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Occularis Infernum
In a secret place of the fortress lies a large, circular room hewn into the rock of the mountains by dragons, for dragons. Designs of beautiful wickedness are carved into the rough rock and wrought in metal, crystal, and glass. Each chaotic design leads the eye to the center of the chamber where a large, rectangular altar has been drawn up from the very rock itself and large enough to accommodate a dragon the size of a Celestial. This meeting amphitheater is known to exist only to the Legion's leaders and their trusted underlings, to everyone else it is a rumor rife with all sorts of horrible stories of just what goes on there.

No Posts in Forum
0 viewers Topics: 0 Replies: 0
Subforums: Treasury
Regular Forum Taintling Caverns
Settled at the edge of the Labyrinth, the pocked and creviced caverns made for young taintlings to room are a far cry from their Sekkian cousinís straw beds and windowed dorms. Lit only by native bioluminescent fungi and flaming torches, these are dark, dank halls. There are areas for even the largest of their terrible youth within this hive of shadows. Though the most loyal, most accomplished students (see: most willing to bend to Lesson Masters) are given the warm and comfortable rooms, the unwilling and unruly are forced into cold alcoves. All are, however, kept in by unyielding lock and key when not under guidance or goal.
Hold my Hand Oct 11 2016, 05:36 PM, By Kat
0 viewers Topics: 14 Replies: 72
Regular Forum Tainted Lessons
Hooked in a cramped bunker connected to the Reactor, Playground, and the Labyrinth; this offshoot of the cavernous wyrmling halls is where the real lessons take place. In this darkness, the young are taught to become more dedicated murderers and more faithful soldiers to their tainted Queen. Whatever is needed -- they have access to it. Saddles and weapons and traps and treachery are all here for their Tainted Teachersí pleasures. Even for that rare glimpse of sunlight, there is an outside world that waits to be plundered at their privilege.
Tainted Lesson Eight Mar 25 2017, 06:09 PM, By SemperMemor
0 viewers Topics: 9 Replies: 95


Regular Forum Barren Coast
The original edge to the first place that officially called itself the Desolation, this coastline is nothing more than rock and water from the shallow sea that separates the island from the mainland. The rocks are sharp and the water is deathly cold, few living things are found here, normally only scavenging dragons and the carcasses of dead fish.
Fate of the Unfavored Aug 2 2015, 10:39 AM, By Nherva
0 viewers Topics: 31 Replies: 329
Regular Forum The Murks
At the center of the Desolation lie the Murks, a strange swampland. Very few dare to enter this swamp and even fewer return. It appears that who, or what, is pulling the strings of the Tainted resides in here, protected from prying eyes.
Hounded Oct 4 2016, 10:49 AM, By Silverfeather
0 viewers Topics: 74 Replies: 1,023
Subforums: Old Tainted Lessons
Regular Forum Fang Mountains
Jagged and ruthless, these peaks tear into the sky like merciless claws. Inhospitable by nearly every and any creature alive, these mountains are meant to be avoided. But yet even so the taint swarm and thrive here for unknown reasons.
A Meeting of Monsters Feb 19 2017, 11:27 AM, By Gothic Thylacine
0 viewers Topics: 16 Replies: 107
Regular Forum Lake of Tears
Smooth as glass and deeper than the eye can penetrate, the lake of tears is both feared and frequented by the taint. It is the main living space for the aquatic forces of the army, and can comfortably hold all of them. Though what lurks in these depths is forever and will always be kept a strict secret.
This is Madness Mar 30 2015, 02:50 PM, By Nherva
0 viewers Topics: 13 Replies: 144
Regular Forum Shadowheart
Cloaked in black stone, travelers must step carefully here, as the dark surface can betray what lies mere millimeters below. The rivers of molten magma flow only to the surface in a few areas, everywhere else has been carved into huge cliffs and canyons. Though after miles it stretches into a huge volcanic waste made up nothing more of volcano after spewing volcano.
Neither Created nor Destroyed Mar 9 2015, 03:10 PM, By Nherva
0 viewers Topics: 8 Replies: 47
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