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Forum Rules
1) Respect all members of this forum, with special attention to higher ranked Forum Members, they may have ways of getting back at you if you treat them badly. 2) There must be no indecent material on this forum, it is here as a luxury for those who follow TRR, don't abuse the lack of restriction, or restrictions will have to be emplaced. 3) When you post, have a thought for those who may be offended by what you post. If offense if likely, adhere to the age old saying: "If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". 4) The forums are here for enjoyment, and enlightening discussion, if you feel someone is preventing this maliciously then contact one of the admins immediately by PM to get it sorted out. 5) Act in a responsible, and mature manner, do not add to the long list of administration for admins by posting totally irrelevant material, in other words keep ridgidly to the topic area. Any 'loose cannon' topics will be deleted immediately. 6) If you break these rules, then you, and only you are responsible for your actions. Punishment will be harsh and swift, you have been warned.
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