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Glossary; A list of terms, characters, places and powers
Topic Started: Aug 6 2010, 10:50 AM (386 Views)
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Feel free to suggest anything you want to see covered, there's no way we can make this comprehensive from memory. Characters and things that have not yet been published will not have entries, so there are no spoilers if you're up to date.

Skull - A title, concept and legacy handed down through the generations. All holders of the title have been transformed by a potion known only as 'The Skull Formula', giving them great strength, speed and superhuman regenerative abilities. The current Skull is Sue Daysdale, central protagonist and narrator of The Last Skull. Previous Skulls have included:

  • Andrew Bristle - discoverer of the Skull Formula and by far the longest serving Skull, beginning in the middle of the 19th century
  • Elizabeth Bristle - the above's daughter, renowned throughout the world for being one of history's most terrifying crimefighters
  • Don Daysdale - partner of the above, who served as the Skull for much of the 20th century. Some of his exploits are chronicled in the prequel arcs of The Last Skull. Spent one portion of his life under the superhero identity Bones. His son and daughter-in-law would both each serve as the Skull themselves, and raise Sue Daysdale.

Blink I - A physicist, prominent member of the Society and the quickest man on the planet. Blink had the ability to adjust his temporal field, giving the appearance of incredible speed. A long time companion and ally of Don Daysdale, the third Skull. Achieved icon status after the events of 1984.

Blink II - The second Blink appeared some time after the demise of the first, sporting similar powers. She has likewise become a major figure in the modern Society.

Sovereign - America's national hero, the most prominent member of the Society and arguably the most powerful man on Earth.

Arsenal - Part superhero, part weapon of mass destruction, Arsenal doesn't save cities - he levels them. Wielding the most sophisticated power-armour on the planet and a complicated network of teleporters, satellites and rail-guns, Arsenal plays a major part in America's national defence policy.

Scourge - Long-time nemesis to the Skulls. Seemingly immortal, incredibly intelligent, frighteningly vicious and desperate for the immortality the Skull Formula offers. Though he possess no powers of his own, his leadership over other villains and his expertise in occult artefacts and arcane technology make him a devastating foe.

Boomerang Kid - The embarrassing secret of the super community - hero and villain alike. He wields boomerangs. Exclusively. The only thing that's worse is the fact it seems to work quite well for him. Australian and noticeably narrow-sighted in conversational subjects. Contact not recommended unless you are really, really interested in boomerangs.

Toy-Master - One of the most notorious villains of the 60s and 70s, this millionaire-heir-turned-psychopath terrorised the world with an array of gimmicky terrorist plots. Smiles, jokes and, of course, toys, are his hallmarks. Despite periods of financial difficulty, the Toy-Master has remained active to some degree since his first appearance.

The Society - Founded by the first American superheroes to emerge in the 19th century, the Society is the American government's official superhero league. All citizens with pronounced meta-abilities are required to register on a national database, and are typically encouraged to join the Society from a young age. Technically, all non-Society superheroes active on American soil are outlaws, including the Skull.

Bureau of Powered Affairs - The government department dedicated to the registration, monitoring, and recruitment of meta-humans.

Epoch - A teenaged Society team who operate from Metro City. Members include Paladin, Mulligan, Woot, and Brick. As of late, have been in contact with Sue Daysdale.

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