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TL History

Welcome to [ Tribes Legacy ] clan forums.

Clan history

The Tribes Legacy clan was created on June 17th, in the summer of 2008. It was created by two men, one simple and the other perhaps not as much: [TL]^Hazard and [TL]^S!gma. Hazard was also known by many other names, but mostly known as Ecko, based TL off of his old clan, TLS. TL was a new clan, born into the barren wastelands of the Annihilation world of Tribes. Hazard's reputation added to the struggle. People didn’t like him, as he was considered a “clan hopper, loser, clan killer," and whatever else the other people of Tribes perceived him as. Despite this, it seemed like a promising clan, with many prosperous players joining, such as [TL]^Oblivion who became a Founder, [TL]^Destiny who will be mentioned later, and many other valuable assets

Just as all seemed well, TL was suddenly in the midst of a problem. Hazard defected and killed the servers, forums and the clan, leaving TL out to die on its own. To add to this, S!gma left for personal, but not malicious reasons. But just before that happened, [TL]^Destiny became Founder and took over the clan. The clan was what you would call “saved”. Destiny took full control and responsibility of the clan, reassuring that he would not let TL die a horrible death and bring it to be on par with the existing big five clans. The Big Three clans still existent in Anni are: <!>, [df], and {OZ}.

Ever since Destiny took over, it hasn’t been the same. TL is now more like a family of close friends that share a common goal; to play together and to make their clan strong. Everything changed drastically; it was as if TL had been reborn. TL started out small and unstable, with just under eight members. It gained some, and lost a lot. Within 4 months, though, it has now grown to over 14 members. New servers were created, new forums, new system, and not to mention a new image. It’s now considered a honourable and respected clan in Anni. Members with skill to rival that of the best. The clan's infrastructure has evolved into something more, something that all members enjoy helping grow and be a part of. This is what Tribes Legacy has become

These are no men; these are legends.-[TL]^Destiny

TeamSpeak3 Server.

Posted by Matrixo2 (Founder) at Mar 15 2011, 10:38 PM. 13 comments

Name/Port: socute.hopto.org:9987

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If you have trouble connecting, it's mainly due to 2 things.
1) Server isn't up atm
2) You need to port forward (Please seek assistance for this one)

PS: Non clan members can't post in this section... sorry about that :(

TL is now expanding.

Posted by Matrixo2 (Founder) at Feb 2 2011, 11:04 AM. 12 comments

As the title says, TL is expanding. Expanding what you say?

TL has decided it is time to develop other branches for other games rather than just focus on one. And no, we're not leaving Tribes, nor will we ever lose sight of our birthplace and the game we all love so much. But it is time to try to expand ourselves and see more of the world.

Firstly let's answer the burning question of what games we will be expanding into.
We'll be expanding into the following games for now:

  • AVA (Alliance of Valiant Arms)
  • T:V(Tribes Vengeance)

Other games will be announced when they are suggested. All TL members you know where the topic is, in case you cannot read, here's a link: http://s7.zetaboards.com/Tribes_Legacy/topic/8440614/

Secondly, let's explain what will happen to the forums.
The forums will become quite large because of the expansion. Lots of new sections will appear, and a lot of old ones will either disappear or be moved to be under another section. What you see as the index page now will have sections per game and organized so that finding what you need is as easy as 1, 2, 3. However if 1, 2, 3 is hard for you, I urge you to please contact your local doctor.
Each section for the games will be accessible to everyone. However, here comes the run on sentences...Each game will have it's own clan section which will not be accessible by anyone else other than the ones who play that game, and that should be obvious as to why we do that. Each game section can be viewed and read by everyone however no one can post in them unless you are part of that game, and again, another obvious thing. We don't want people who don't play that game to post into that section.
But we always compensate for the ones who cannot post obviously. So there will be a general clan section open to all of TL for people to get to know each other, to chat, to ask questions etc.
The forum groups for Veteran, Warrior and Trainee will disappear, which brings me to my third point.

Thirdly, those mentioned forum groups have to disappear due to AVA, but we've got it all figured out so no worries. We're not removing the ranks from TL, we are just simply compacting the groups on the forums into one. The Roster will still show your ranks, and you will still remain in those ranks. It's just that there won't be anymore fancy group icons per rank. Sorry! Roster will be cleaned up at this point, throwing the inactive into AWOL. Placing certain people into other Rosters for other games etc etc.

Fourthly, possibly the most important thing for you to all know is this, when TL expands into a game where you are currently in another clan for that game, you must either cease to be in that clan or leave TL in all the games we play. In simpler terms, if Player1 was in TL for Tribes, TL was expanding into COD, and he/she was in ClanX for COD then Player1 would have to either leave TL completely or leave ClanX. It's a simple common courtesy thing, you cannot be in other clan if your clan is also playing that game. But we will obviously let you know ahead of time for you to make your decisions.

Lastly.... ummm running out of thought now. So... I think I'll leave it at this for now. I hope you have all have read this post very, very carefully, and understand all the ideas I'm about to turn into motion. So buckle up people, lets the games begin!

PS: Our goal for expansion isn't just to make TL bigger, and to play more games. But to spread the word of Tribes, and hopefully spark life back into a game that really does seem quite down in the dumps right now.

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