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Performance on a Budget?!
Topic Started: Dec 26 2011, 04:53 AM (659 Views)
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DBZ Evolution
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Yo ho ho I'm doing some early planning for getting myself a gaming rig, but I've only just put together 1 pc for my sister, and there's still a bunch of things I might not understand about pc building.

Since my laptop - made for mid range gaming, was 999.99(before tax) I think a gaming PC at that price with x10 performance would be quite the deal!

Also, I won't be buying these parts until 2012 Black Friday/Christmas/Boxing season, which is when usually the cheapest prices and new tech released by companies is. This is just a future plan of what I could possibly want for myself.

Please feel free to provide feedback :)

Buying all the parts from http://www.ncix.com, they're Canadian(They also have a US distribution centre as well), they allow in-store pick up, and they've got price matching! Currently with the help of the price matching the build below went from $1,365.53 (Because I need a monitor&mouse/keyboard...) down to $1,159.53 not including another $100+ worth of Mail-In-Rebates. So when BlackFriday etc come around, I'm sure this build can go even cheaper, maybe I don't even need all this fancy stuff...

Below are all "price matched" items. I used http://www.shopbot.ca to help me find the lowest possible prices in Canadian dollars.*list subject to change*

Total BEFORE Price Match - $1,365.53
FINAL TOTAL - $1,159.53
Edited by Matrixo2, Jan 17 2012, 05:08 PM.
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Chris Crocker
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That's pretty sweet man, I hope you get it soon C:
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