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I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process.... It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?
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Jan 11

Moving day....

This blog will be continued on Planet Nexus:


Thanks for reading!

The support forums are now closed to new topics, and a redirect forum sends B B visitors to Planet Nexus. That is the first step in the transition. After a time, more changes will come as B B moves from a working board to a resource archive.

Members will always be able to log in and search the forum, but guests will see only the resources. That is the plan for now. If that changes for some reason, I will give a proper heads up.
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Jan 2

A new year, a new blog

I will stop adding entries to this blog once Planet Nexus opens. At that time, I'll post the link to my new blog there on the slim possibility that anyone actually follows this one.

For now, I'll just say that it's been quite a let-down to have to delay the opening of Planet Nexus. But its also given us the freedom to step back and make assessments and decisions that would have had to have been rushed to make the deadline and possibly regretted afterwards. Proceeding in calmness is so much better for the soul. And for you all in the end, as you will benefit by a smooth transition to a complete realization of the Planet Nexus vision.

We don't expect the delay to be a long one, but of course we can't accurately predict the time needed yet. When we can, we will give you some advance notifcation of the opening, or at least a few updates along the way. I'll be putting short notes up on the Planet_Nexus Twitter page, so you can check there whenever you are wondering how it is coming along. We are very thankful for the understanding comments posted in response to the delay announcement.
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Dec 24

A new era begins. Planet Nexus

In one week, Planet Nexus will be revealed and opened. It is a project and concept we have been working on since spring of this year. In fact, concepts for it were underway even before our conversion to ZB.

Planet Nexus will reflect the operational style we have here at BB- in that we will be modifying and using our forum software in ways not done elsewhere, but our focus will be very different. We will be focusing on connecting forumers....and calling it nexworking. There will be 3 major nexworking components:
  • The NexusBar - this is the Network Bar on steroids. Mike has redesigned the bar to be the powering engine for two other mega features, and has completely automated it.
  • NexChat - a revolutionary integrated IRC-style chat that gives member boards a private board chat AND a global room that connects them to other member boards in the ZN system.
  • NexusTree - social networking pages for forums. An interactive directory with FaceBook style features, and a central community Wall where collective comments and feeds are posted.

Ah, I hear you say...what will happen to BigBoards? The timing of this is not finalized, but BB will eventually become a non-working board. We do intend to leave the archives open, but will close the community and support sections. It is our sincere hope and desire that our community move with us to Planet Nexus. We hope y'all do. We promise you a wild ride.
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Nov 26

something new coming

As you know,BB regularly reinvents itself with revamps, redos, updates, and feature additions.

We are working on our next idea right now, which will involve an exciting new direction. With the coming of the Zathyus Network resource database, we know that we have to advance our vision beyond just providing the best code and theme database available on the network today. So we have a plan, and we are working to carry it out. We even have a deadline. You may have noticed an addition to my signature here. Well here is a further clue:

Posted Image
Posted Nov 26 2009, 12:57 PM · 4 comments
Nov 10

my new invention

Well, if it wasn't established that I am a hopeless coffee addict, it is now.

I have taken to coarse grinding a few coffee beans and then dumping them on vanilla ice cream. It's kind of like caffeine mainlining. Only crunchy.Posted Image

brainstorm! ---I may fancy up the recipe by using chocolate covered esspresso beans.

This is hard-core, ya'll.
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I need an intervention
Posted Nov 10 2009, 10:29 AM · 1 comment
Sep 3

end of summer

It always comes too soon. Surely there is more time to do summer things before the fall schedule sets in. But there's not. And just like seasonal change is in the air, other changes are stirring here at BB.

I think BB is a different community than it was 6 months ago. The conversion changed us. Probably most profoundly, it changed the BB team. Because it was the first time we had worked together on a really big project with a common purpose. Cory abandoned his backseat role and took the navigational helm again. Everyone made significant contributions and it was a bonding time. Our community spoke. About their thoughts on directions and changes they'd like to see. And we listened, and adjusted. The community became invested in a new way and the community changed. BBLovers is a reflection of that change. We have always had enthusiastic supporters, but there is a personal element that has evolved in this new group that was more detached in Club 150. It is more like a fan club than it was before.

There are more changes in the wind now. We are not ready to reveal them yet, but they will be big ones. Can't wait to tell you all whats coming. It will be full of some very cool surprises. Our staff is going through some changes as well as some go off to college and others have life issues pulling them in different directions, but that will all sort out in time. On another board, they might step down or be demoted, in fact, some of them tried to do just that. (They didn't notice the shackles Cory and I had quietly attached to them when they weren't looking... ) But here on BB, our staff team is more about the relationships we have built than the work we do, so they are still our staff team whether they are visibly present on the board or not. However, we do expect periodic updates of their exciting non-BB adventures!

In other news, Spider Pig :spiderpig: continues to fight opposition and derision, although all very good natured to date. Accused of spreading the swine flu and pursued as a meat source.... he still continues to try to spread good will and cheers for BB. I find it a curious thing, but pervasive, that mascots encounter this sort of thing everywhere. I remember our high school team mascot being made fun of and being the butt of practical jokes and was treated poorly by some. I didn't really understand this, as his mission was just to drum up some school spirit. So why make the guy's life miserable? Attention jealousy? A convenient target? Somebody safe to bully? Never did figure it out. But Spider Pig bravely soldiers on, and may pay a visit to your post soon. ever his cheery self.
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Jul 17

smilie making marathon

I've been on one for the last two days as a bunch have been requested through the BB Board Shop. Maybe there's a run on smilies because of all those great credit giveaways we've been doing. :) Smilie making is a lot of fun, but it can be tedious and quite frustrating sometimes because you are working on such a small scale. It's often hard to get the detail you'd like to accomplish. I've made both conversions to our BB style ghosty gray set and some original custom ones.

The most fun has been designing the Coding Overlord smile series in honor of our ZBCoder friends. I think they turned out great:

Dan--> :holy: Reid--> :zreid: Scott--> :scott: Choco--> :choco:

Here are the others produced in this marathon session.

:eyebrow: :salute: :yessir: :soccer: :lipcurl:

:nuke: :reid: :hatori: :dava: :leon:

I'm getting better at animation, but I haven't figured out how to use the animation filters in a way that helps me much yet, except I love the batch color replace one...makes editing animated gifs a lot less tedious.
Posted Jul 17 2009, 12:46 AM · 3 comments
Jul 14

still adjusting - what is our direction?

Making the adjustment to ZB is more than just the physical decisions of conversion, it is wrapped up in the future direction of the community.

BB is a living, breathing entity, affecting people's thinking, absorbing their time, and connecting them with others that they might never meet otherwise. So we think about the direction this ship will will take on the unknown waters of the future with a sense of destiny and purpose. We are aware that this forum is not just a personal diversion for a few of us, but a service and a network that surrounds a community.

The face of foruming has changed from when we began three years ago. The niches have changed, the attention span of board owners and members alike has lessened, and yet there are still loyal established communities that thrive because they adapt and change with the changing currents. We want to be one of the survivors, so we constantly examine our practices and plans.

What is coming for BB? More emphasis on broadening our base of influence thorough the Network Bar. More concentration on mentoring rather than random bits of support here and there. More community building focus and activities. Want specifics? Sorry...we don't even have them yet..but we do have a direction, and because we have been able to put together one of the best and brightest teams to be found anywhere on the network, we think we will be successful.
Posted Jul 13 2009, 11:11 PM · 6 comments
Jul 6

BBZB opening reflections

Well we made the self-imposed deadline...sort of. About a week ago, Cory estimated that we would be ready to bring BB back online on the weekend. At the stroke of midnight on the break of the 4th of July, BBZB was turned online. BBZB and America celebrated a July 4th birthday together.

Some thought that our patriotic banner edit was a clue to people of our opening date, and it turned out that it was, even though it was originally intended to celebrate the July holidays of the US and Canada. So that was kind of neat.

We weren't quite all together ready, the database links had not been added yet except for the main code and theme indexes, and our credit system was glitching and having some compatibility issues with browsers and other coding. Much of that has been worked out now and things are sailing along well. There is still much behind-the-scenes stuff going on as the coders continue to refine the new codes.

The response has been very favorable, although there are still those that don't seem to think we have a good theme. I think that even if you don't like Tropical Sky for some unexplainable reason, you do have to begrudge that the conversion of it is brilliant. I'm a bit puzzled that we are not getting reactions to some of the more unique and fun-to-play-with features we've added. Maybe people are still roaming the board agog at all the new stuff and haven't really settled in yet.
Posted Jul 6 2009, 04:22 PM · 1 comment
Jul 3

getting the partee ready....

Justin and I have been hard at work preparing some fun stuff for members to do when BB reopens soon as BBZB.

There will be special contests, games and challenges that will unfold as our celebration continues. There will be visits from BB celebrities and the the chance to become immortalized in various projects during this auspicious time.

We plan for the celebration to go on for about 2 weeks...and you'll need all that time to explore all the new stuff we are adding and changing. Several new codes have been written and installed just in the last two days. We can hardly keep track of all the changes ourselves and we are doing them...haha.

We hope everyone enjoys the things we have planned...be sure and give us lots of feedback and do bunches of bug testing.....because as y'all know, there's always sumthin'....
Posted Jul 2 2009, 08:53 PM · No comments
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