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Big Boards Guidelines
At Big Boards, we expect the atmosphere of mutual respect that we have established to be preserved by staff and members, and we trust you to know what that means. We won't insult your intelligence by outlining every possible transgression that could occur. However, be aware that posts that display content contrary to our expectation of civility will be edited or deleted. We also trust members to abide by InvisionFree's Terms of Service and Terms of Use, which you agreed to when you registered.

Some guidelines specific to Big Boards are listed below:

Signature/Avatar Guidelines
- Your entire signature, including text and images must fit within this box if you would like it to display in it's entirety.
- Maximum individual signature image size is 50KB in order to minimize page load times for our users.
- Maximum avatar upload size is 25KB.

Advertising Permissions
Advertising is only allowed in your signature, user profile, blog, and in the advertising forums. Advertising that is done anywhere else throughout the board will be removed. When requesting support or another service we offer, we encourage you to include a link to your board in your request.

PM Guidelines
The PM system is a courtesy provided for personal messages from one user to another. It may not be used for bulk advertising your board, or for requesting support. Please make all such promotions and inquiries in the appropriate advertising and support forums. Abuse of the PM system will result in loss of PM privileges.

Bumping Etiquette
Bumping, as defined on Big Boards, includes posting repeatedly and rapidly, posting off-topic messages, or replying to your topic after a long period of time with a non-contributive post. Some Big Boards forums have time limits you must wait before you may bump your post. Please check individual forum guidelines for specifics.

No multiple users accounts, please.

We appreciate your cooperation and we thank you for choosing Big Boards.