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this amazed me - offline bot posting
Yes, you are...and we are glad. :)

Here's your cookie:

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this amazed me - offline bot posting
actually, users can see and access everything on the board. Although you must register to post.

We would rather have members who want to be a part of the community than a big number of non-active members who join just so they can see hidden information.

We think the BB community has a lot to offer, and don't feel the need to protect the information.

this amazed me - offline bot posting
Big Boards was offline for about an hour today because the server was down.

During that time, a bot joined and posted advertising links. LOL! How can that happen? I'm just shaking my head here.....

Forum description font colour
--incorrect advice removed. :) --hzf

Forum description font colour
<span style="color:#FF0000">YOUR TEXT HERE</span>

You can either change the hex color number, or use one of the accepted color names after the colon, like this:

<span style="color:crimson">YOUR TEXT HERE</span>

Welcome back!
Hidden things....hmmmm....we are tweaking stuff all the time. It would be impossible to compile a tweak list that included everything we've done, added, or changed over the past months. But if there is something specific you are curious about, we will be glad to answer those kinds of questions. Does what has come and gone matter, anyway? Does anybody really miss the BB Buddies?

We are alway refining something. It think this reorganization was especially massive though. We tried to eliminate all duplicated services or fuzzy areas of navigation and make everything as simple, compact and streamlined as possible--and still give you more of what you come here for.

It's kind of been like the standard advertising slogan of the car companies--

"For the tenth year IN A ROW---our cars are bigger on the inside and smaller on the outside!"

salty or sweet?
Baldy, are you crabby because you are hungry?

Here, have a cookie:

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salty or sweet?
When you are looking for something to munch on, do you want salty or sweet?

[my answer: BOTH..... chocolate covered pretzels...yum. :p ]

Welcome back!
*Helena and Cory sit back in our uber-cool Admin strategy room and smile. Because we know what else is coming.*

Y'all are perfectly welcome to start a topic and make suggestions about what you might like to see. :yes:

Oh, and a word to the wise: cursing the admin is discouraged. It just makes more clean-up work for me.

*Helena performs BB admin curse removal ritual*

We would much prefer you threw chocolate. (At least, I would. :) )

Welcome back!
May 30 2007, 07:24 AM
Glad to see that you are up and running again. And a planned shut down unlike another board that I know of that got wiped by a goofy admin LOL

:haha: Well, I like to think of that as just a "fresh start".
[could have happened to anybody...we all live in fear of hitting that "wrong button"....]

Hey y'all...if you like to hang out and talk computer stuff with techie types, check out Baldy's site and forum. He needs new members....really bad, since he wiped them all out.

He's a Linux guy, but we won't hold that against him.

"grave digging"
(Offtopic: bring back Old topics is a bad thing, but it does revive topics that people might post in)

Is bringing back old topics (either by retaining them in an upgrade or by bumping with new info) a bad thing?

Personally, I think there is a whole misguided netiquette rule against "grave digging" that is almost sacred. I've seen it cause board wars on some sites when some one comments on a thread that hasn't had a response for several months. I'd like to challenge that netiquette rule.

True, if a topic is a debate in nature, it is inappropriate to bump it with more input after a long length of time. The reason is that the original debaters might not be around any more to defend their positions.

However, I think that bumping (or resurrecting) old topics is good in many instances. Like game, graphics, or favorites threads. It gives users something to respond to without having to come up with new topics, and is a way to get to know lots of other members a little better, and can make joining into the community easier for new members. Also if you have substantive information threads, it can be helpful to members to add new thoughts or data to that topic at any time.

Add a Column on Members Page
This code will allow you to manipulate or eliminate the default columns on the member list. I've personally tested it, and I know it does work:

To get the layout of the phpBB board you referenced, it looks to me like you would need a code that somehow imports selected Invisionfree profile fields to the member list.

Although we do have some fine coders that are members here (I actually saw one of them looking at your request last night...so maybe there's hope...) this kind of custom request is something that the iFusion team is set up to do. If one of our member coders doesn't take you on here, I would recommend trying there.

Welcome back!
:hi: A big Hi to all who sign in here....we've missed your smiling fingertips!

Midnight Umbreon
... I'm glad we're back! (Notice how I said, 'we', ::ish mushy:: We're a community so I say 'we') WEEEE!!

I like the sound of that "we". Good to see you Midnight...I hope we start seeing the names of lots of people who have been using the archives, but not visiting the board much. We'll look into that window issue...

Diego, good to see you around again. :)

For those that want to quickly see most of the changes without having to search them out, they are reflected in the new dropdown links in the submenu bar. You can look at whatever interests you easily that way.

Help I Need Skin
I see you have found a skin and a banner, (it looks good :) )so I'm closing this topic.

Max characters in Board Wrappers
Hosting scripts on your own board:

working referal code anyone? o.O
Referral code:
original version: sends PM to admin

Referral code V2
(referral PM can be reassigned, and credit notation appears in member profiles)

Help I Need Skin
There are nearly 2000 free skins catalogued in the BigBoards skin archive:

Each one has an easily-viewed pop-up preview. Have you checked around there? If you don't find something you like, you will at least get a better idea of what you want, and can give more details for those who try to help you.

It's a graphics program much like PhotoShop....only free. :)

Here is a GIMP tutorial that I found helpful as a know-nothing beginner:

And a couple of GIMP tutorial indexes: