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Three Big Boards Contests
Wish you had more BB credits? Here's a chance to get some. This week BB will run three new contests. Each contest will award a prize of credits to the winners.

Best Caption Contest [Forum Games] 100 credits - Winner selected by poll vote.

Haiku Poetry Contest [Creative Writing Spolight] 200 credits and your poem displayed for a week in my sig. Winner selected by poll vote.

Create-a-Doc Contest [ZB Reference Library] 300 credits, plus a bonus prize of an additional 100 if the doc is for ZB and judged unique. The two runners-up will receive 100 credits each. Winners will be selected by staff.

Deadline for submissions for all three contests will be Sunday, June 8 at 11:59pm forum time (CSTD or -6 GMT).

BB's Haiku Contest
Since we only had a few entries, we will vote on them all. If one of my humble entries should win, I will donate my winning credits to the BB Benevolence Fund.

Voting will end on Wednesday, June11 at 11:59pm CDST or -6 GMT. The prize* will then be announced and awarded.

Fence sitters beware.
Choose wisely and avoid pain
So rest on Big Boards.

Bigness will impress.
They will not be bored, but grin
Big cheers for Big Boards.

Big Boards has it all!
Exceptional resources!
Fantastic support!

Big Boards is the best -
Helps to build a better board -
Better than the rest.

My forum was lost
and so was I, but Big Boards
saved both of our lives.

Blue like the sky struck
by the early morning sun:
the bright Big Boards skin.

You have one week to come up with the best Haiku. The poem must use the words "Big Boards". *The best haiku's will be put in a voting poll and the winner will receive 200 credits AND the winning haiku and your name will be placed in my signature for a week.

What is a haiku poem you say? [ pronounced: HIGH - KOO]. A haiku has three lines. The first and third line have 5 syllables. The middle line has 7 syllables. The lines do not have to rhyme---just have the right number of syllables. Any submissions that do not strictly follow the form of the haiku will be disqualified. Your haiku may be funny or serious...but the winner most certainly will be clever.

Here is an example of a haiku:

A mourning dove feeds
In a marijuana bush
And sings a high coo.

Deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Sunday, June 8 forum time (CSDT or -6 GMT)

Gimp Download Help ...
It looks like he just filed the program that installs GIMP (that is an .exe file.)

Tell him to move the .exe file to his desk top, then click on it. It will automatically install his GIMP program in his program file. If he doesn't want it there, there is an option during the installation process in which he can select another desitination for GIMP

If that is not it....
Is he trying to install 2.4 over an old version?

Is he just looking for where to install brushes, etc? If so, You can check where those kind of items are being stored by going to the tool box and clcking: File > Preference > Folders. That will tell him the path to where to find the folders to install his brushes, fonts, etc.

Firefox Themes
It's for anyone using the FireFox browser. I have a PC. :)

Graphics Challenge #16 VOTE Sig/Logo
* bows and thanks Slayer for the vote :D *

I'm amazed at what Itachi has done in Paint too. I never got past cropping a screen shot in that program.

A return of sorts
Welcome back. :)

Graphics Challenge #16 VOTE Sig/Logo
Thanks Itachi.

We've got to get some people voting, or this won't be much of a contest. :)

Code Challenge #16 - VOTE Best Info Box Code
Dunno....I have the latest update to FF2.

I hope everyone will post their entries in the Members Resource forums when this challenge is over. :)

Topic rating code by Mwr
I think the code you are talking about are in the challege archive. There are two of them on this page:


Zeta complaints
Apparently, you are not the only one with this experience.:


They are trying to tell him it couldn't have happened unless he had opted in.

[I frequent a s.13 board that seems to be fine at the moment.]

Code Challenge #16 - VOTE Best Info Box Code
apparently my computer is weird. I just tested in FF again and same thing. oh well...

I"m glad Mwr said something about it or I would have not know the fade thing was added.

But then again, it just makes my voting choice harder.... :)

ooooh conversion
Wonder how many boards like that there are and saying.."My board died awaiting conversion....sigh...."

I love the dancing penguin... :D

Does that mean you are a Linux user, or just a penguin admirer?

Code Challenge #16 - VOTE Best Info Box Code
Yes, that fade is cool....but I can only see it in IE. Doesn't seem to show up in FF.

Code Challenge #16 - VOTE Best Info Box Code
Geez...this is going to be a hard vote. There is something cool about each of these codes.

Coding Challenge #16 - Best Info Box
you're fine, Grip...there are still about 2 hours left in the challenge. :)

Graphics Challenge #16 VOTE Sig/Logo
voting results
Posted Image

Please vote for your choice for best Sig/Logo incorporating this given image: Posted Image

[Participants were permitted to manipulate the image in any way they liked as long as the given image or some portion of it could be recognized somewhere in the design.]

In addition to voting, you may add any comments you like to this topic.

Voting will end on Sunday, June 1 at 11:59pm CDST (-6 GMT)

Challenge topic: http://bigboardsresources.com/index.php?showtopic=3686

[Metropolis, we would have put your entry in the voting, but your image disappeared. :( However, since your host failed you, if you provide us with a viable hosted image of the same entry at anytime during the voting period, we will add it to the choices above.]

ooooh conversion
how fun!....you know we want a full report.... :D

Posted Image . Posted Image

ooooh conversion
drum roll............

Posted Image

Coding Challenge #16 - Best Info Box
ah...thanks for that explanation, :mike:

I'm still impressed that jQuery can be used on IF boards...I hadn't seen that before.

Coding Challenge #16 - Best Info Box
That is cool, slayer. I like the way it rolls up and down. :)

Question: if one was install your script to enable jQuery, would ZB scripts then be useable on IF boards?

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