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If Mikes code works at all on your board, it really is the best one available. There are a couple of new ones that require you to host php and mySQL files, but they don't seem to have much of a following....possibly because of hosting difficulty.

If you have tried those, then I'm afraid there are no other codes that work on Invisionfree forums at this time.

I don't understand advertising forums
Amazing. There is a whole world out there that I know nothing of. The thought of going around seeking staff positions to get a "resume" is not something it would ever occur to me to do.

I would personally find it hard to get motivated to take care of a board just because it was big. It should be fun to run a board, not just a way to get statistics.

I have seen some advertising boards that seem to have a community as well as just drive by advertisers. I would think you would almost have to have something like that going to stay interested.

Graphics Challenge #19-VOTE Best Patriotic BB Logo
You should let me vote for both of you.xD

Sorry, grasshopper. You will have to decide. :D

(Nice new sig, BTW.... )

Graphics Challenge #19-VOTE Best Patriotic BB Logo
Thanks for the feedback, Chireru. :)

If you look at the challenge topic, you''ll see that my first version was even taller than this one, and I actually like it better, because the image is stronger at a larger size. Even so, I believe the banner above is a good one from a design standpoint.

But everyone has their own view of what makes a banner good. And that's what makes the voting results on these challenges interesting. Thanks for voting!

I don't understand advertising forums
Maybe that's why BB has been mistaken for an advertising forum at times. Which it is not. It is a services/resource forum that also offers some advertising options.

I agree with wissaboo on this, though. Unless there is something else going on besides advertising, you have little hope of attracting anyone but other admins, so there isn't much point in it for either you or for them. There needs to be something that will keep a steady stream of activity and traffic going for there to be anyone around to see the ads.

Graphics Challenge #19 Best Patriotic BB Logo
The challenge has ended.

Please vote for your choice in the voting topic.

Graphics Challenge #19-VOTE Best Patriotic BB Logo

Posted Image

Please vote for your choice for the best patriotic BB logo banner from the options displayed above. The winning banner will be featured on BB on the 4th of July.

Voting ends Wednesday, July 2, at 11:59 pm forum time (CDST or -6GMT)

Challenge topic may be viewed here: http://bigboardsresources.com/index.php?showtopic=3916

*cranks up the sound system and puts on John Phillip Sousa music... *

Graphics Challenge #19 Best Patriotic BB Logo
oops...forgot about the size restrictions, so here is mine revised:
(although I do like the bigger version better :) )

Posted Image

Graphics Challenge #19 Best Patriotic BB Logo
Thanks, Itachi :)

I think you've done some really nice things with Paint. I'm sure it won't be long before you are getting better at Gimp. It seems hard for a while, and then something clicks and you really start to improve and get to know the tools much faster after that. Hard to say what the light bulb moment is, but there will be one.

Xarina, that's a really beautiful globe. :) (But may I ask, what is the patriotic part in your design? Im somehow missing it.)

Graphics Challenge #19 Best Patriotic BB Logo
made in GIMP :)

Posted Image

Hi people!
Posted Image
Because you've made the effort to post here and have made your membership known, we'd like to start you off with a new member welcome gift of a week of featured affiliate advertising for your board.

And as a bonus, you can extend that to two weeks just by posting a few more times. Click here for details of how to claim your welcome gift. (An alternate welcome gift of BB credits may be chosen by new members that don't have a board to promote.)

To get familiar with all that is available at BB and where to find it, check out the BB Manual. It will answer most of your questions about our services, resources and community.

- - The Big Boards Team

Gone tilll Monday....
Sorry, forgot to give my roadtrip report. :D

The barbeque was spectacular, and the company was better. It was a great weekend with good friends that have an annual celebration. The party was smaller this year, so they only barbecued a couple of small farm animals. But, wow,what flavor. I could smell the smoke on my hands for two whole days after.

Last year, the host borrowed a smoker that could have doubled on it's off days as a rolling condo. That thing was HUGE. If it had a bathroom, you could live in it. These barbecues are legendary.

Coding Challenge #19 - Best Code
That's a nice set up on the report system, and an improvement over just redirecting the report button to a moderated hidden forum, which I believe was the only way you could do this before.

I like the positioning of the online/offline code display too. Could the text be replaced with an image if the user wanted that instead of the colored text?

100 Posts On Your Board
Aha....takes the booty and runs. :P

Have a great week at camp (if possible--personally, I shudder at the thought of camping. {{{{{{{ HelenaZF }}}}}}}} )

How fast is your computer?
My frankenputer only has 523LB RAM. It is dreadfully slow even with cable internet.

Firefox 3.0 Released
From what I've seen on the Mozilla boards, this one won't come through the internal updater. Some glitch in the updater or something.

I haven't downloaded yet. I have to decide if I want to give up some of my extensions or not.

Graphics Challenge #19 Best Patriotic BB Logo
I like it. Simple, yet patriotic in a classy way. :) the smilies are fun.

Banner vs Banner
second has more impact. A lot depends, though on the setting it will be in. It would help to see an image of the web page it is intended for.

Gone tilll Monday....
...or maybe Sunday night.,..not sure. Taking a little Texas roadtrip. :) Ill be having some spectacular barbecue...you should be jealous.

See y'all then.... Don't forget to vote in the Graphics Challenge!

Graphics Challenge #18 VOTE Best Sprite Sig
Can't recommend a specific one, but if you google "sprite signature photoshop" you'll get links to a whole bunch of tutorials. I'm sure some of them are connected to some good photoshop support sites.

Xtinct, stunningly beautiful colors in your sig. :)

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