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need code to add/remove things from member
[Request excerpted from another topic. --hzf]

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Type of Inquiry: Need code
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As an aside, does anyone know of a code to add extra columns (and/or remove the ICQ/AIM etc) from the member list ??. I'd like to see members Last Activity Date as well as Joined Date with a view to pruning out inactive members.


codes/graphics/ethics - ripping
I would like to have posted a hosted version of the code, because anyone that uses it is not going to want have that whole code pasted in their wrappers. They are going to host the code anyway to use it. Which then brings up the question of whether that is ethical or not.

codes/graphics/ethics - ripping
Now having said that I would never remove copyrights. And would probably never put code in my board that is hosted somewhere else. Wouldn't it be possible for the creator to then replace that hosted code with something malicious?

That's an excellent point that I doubt many people even consider.

I do understand the point of not wanting people to host your codes themselves. It does give the creator the opportunity to make fixes and updates that everyone who uses the code benefits from. However, it also creates the kinds of problems I've been talking about.

In fact, there was a situation just today when someone bumped the empty topic for CrAzy_J's Quick Edit code. The copyright on the code says not to redistribute, rehost or edit without his permission. Well the problem with that is that he has dropped out of site. And the site where he hosted the code is no longer viable. So what does one do in that situation? Take a look at the topic and see if you think I did the right thing.

People ask for the codes we use here on BB all the time. :) So what we have done is document them all and put them in their own forum - BB Features and Codes.

The member legend that you are asking about was made by Beta (one of our BB member coders), and can be found in this topic from that forum. If you need help installing the code, you can ask for it in the code thread.

BTW, welcome to Big Boards. :)

Ability to Disabling Some Links?
I'm sorry, the first code is meant to work on the topic page, not the index page.

If you think you might have a use for that, this is a more recent code that takes the last post link off the topic pages. I tested it and it does work.:
<script language="javascript">
var hidetext = "";
a = document.getElementsByTagName("A")
if(a[z].href.match(/&view=getlastpost/i) && a[z].innerHTML.match(/Last Post by:/i)){
a[z].innerHTML = hidetext

Sorry I couldn't find exactly what you asked for. You might think about trying the 2nd code and linking to the last post in a hidden forum that delivers whatever message you would like people to see if they click into the password protected forum. Or just make the topic empty.

If you decided you want to try it, this is the latest version of the fake last post info code from earlier this year:

Admin CP-> Board Wrappers -> Footer

// Fake Last Post Information
// created by Ryan Fan/Nitrogenix
// http://www.ifsz.com, 2006
function changePosts(ForumName, NewForum){
x = document.getElementsByTagName('tr')
if(x[y].cells[1].innerHTML.match(ForumName) && x[y].cells[4].innerHTML.match(/By/i)){
x[y].cells[4].id = "other"
x[y].cells[0].id = "markertd"
if(x[y].cells[1].innerHTML.match(NewForum) && x[y].cells[4].innerHTML.match(/By/i)){
x[y].cells[0].innerHTML = document.getElementById('markertd').innerHTML;
x[y].cells[4].innerHTML = document.getElementById('other').innerHTML;
changePosts("Last Post Info Original Topic's Forum Name", "The Forum you wish to have the fake information name")

BLUE = The original forum name. The forum you wish to take the last post information from.
GREEN = Name of the forum which you want to have the fake information in it's cell.

Ability to Disabling Some Links?
You can disable all the last post information links with this code:

This code puts false info in the last post link (takes you to the last post of another forum.)

Perhaps one of those will work for you.

But the password protect system is quite flawed, as you are finding out. It's usually better to use the permission masks to control forum access than passwords.

Happy Birthday, Baldy!
Hey, just peachy here, and hope you had a great birthday. :)

I still have the Paradox bookmarked.....I'll be stopping by.

One of the nicest skin banner I have ever seen
Definitely unique and beautifully done.

Although the colors in the text area is a bit retina-searing. Fine for a quick look...but would you want to be reading on that glowing orange/yellow for very long?

Smiley Pad
I'd like to know how to make the Clickable smilies box longer as going this ---> and above the table pad where you post your reply, can someone pls help me? Thanks

That was the part that made me think you wanted a code. :)

Some nice work there. You have a quite romantic style with a little twist of darkness to it...an interesting combination.

Smiley Pad
That's the only one I've seen that moves the smilies into a horizontal row above the posting area.

You may need to make a code request to get the customization you are wanting. Can you be more specific about what wyou want the code to do?

Smiley Pad
Smilies above the posting area by Greg/Chocolate Moose:

It's a cool code. I've tested it and it works.

Interforum feuding & Admin rights
Exactly, wissaboo. I've watched a couple of forums self-destruct just because of that very thing--trying to control peoples' speech and activities beyond the scope of their own authority. It never works for very long, if at all.

Happy Birthday, Baldy!
I would have posted my best wishes on your own forum but all I get when I go there is a 404 error message....

Did you blow up your board suffer technical difficulties AGAIN??????

Posted Image

Any way, happy birthday to a sweet guy!

Mark Twain
When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.
- Mark Twain

Interforum feuding & Admin rights
This is a basic stance taken by bullies everywhere: "If I find out you've been talking smack about me to any of your friends, I'll get you for it." Seems the authors are taking a bully tactic here.

Board owners are the final word and decision about who can be members on their board, period. So if they feel certain people are troublesome to their board (for whatever reason, however obscure) it is the board owners perogative to ban or allow continued membership. In that sense, it is ethical. Doesn't mean it's a very smart thing to do. Or that it won't make your members mad at you if you are a heavy-handed leader.

Fair? No. Oppressive to free speech. Yes. Detrimental to the goodwill of their readers who buy their books? Yes.

I don't think there's a lot you can do to prevent them from following you around and taking or collecting reports, other than to appeal to them on the basis of reason. However, I might consider warning your members of their policy, and making a members-only forum for criticisms of their books so that at least those postings aren't completely public knowledge. Then if something crops up elsewhere in your forum that you think might be a problem, you can just transfer that discussion to the private forum.

codes/graphics/ethics - ripping
What I think is the real shame is that there have been some brilliant codes written, and the creators insisted that people use their hosted versions, and do not give permission for users to host the codes themselves. Then, the code creator drops out of site, the links are not good anymore, and the code is no longer useable---unless someone has copied it before it disappeared.

So, then, is it ethical in that case, to host the code yourself and use the code? Or not?

codes/graphics/ethics - ripping
I think it actually happens that way a lot. Sometimes it's easier to get forgiveness than permission. :)

favorite FireFox themes
What are your favorite FF themes? Which one are you using now?

I switch out between the default, Blue Ice, Metal Lion, and Red Cats

Right now, I'm liking Metal Lion. It has big glass buttons that are easy to hit. Also has a very cool scroll bar and goes very well with BB's skin.

Template Code Question
I'm going to let Cory help you with this, but I had a question just reading through your post.....are your forums set up to show 15 replies per page? Because that is one of the specifications of the editing snippet...that there are 15 posts per page. If your forums are set to a different post display number, you would have to adjust the code or reset the post display number to 15.

Edit: ignore all of that, please...wrong information. :)

Template Code Question
yes, you can set up Zelnan's code to deposit the template in replies.

Cory has given the fix for it in the BB's Features and Codes forum topic in this post:


Yes, you may change act=Post&CODE=00&f= to act=Post&CODE=02&f=15&t= which will apply to topics. The forum ID would be replaced with the topic ID instead.

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