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How are the new ZB updates affecting your board?
I thought it was, but I'll check for sure.

yes, it's working for me :)

Name the Admin Room
I forgot to update this topic...sorry :D

After much careful consideration of all entries, we have named the admin room this:

The Repository of All Wisdom

..the chocolate supply room...hmmm I like that. Perhaps we need a new subforum in there. With a chocolate jacuzzi....

i messed up the code
I've added the code restoration information to the FAQ page. If you lose the code again, you can copy the code listed there and edit in your color choices.

How are the new ZB updates affecting your board?
If you miss the multiple upload feature, you can add this code below the board to enable it again:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://z3.ifrm.com/269/184/0/p210362/MulitUploads.js"></script>

[posted by Kieran on the support board]

BB Member Awards
Best New Member: Dorith


cookie? :cookie:

Graphic Challenge #43 - end of summer signature

Welcome to BB's Graphics Challenge #43 for best end of summer signature.

The graphics challenge runs for one week and requires your submissions to comply with a stated theme. The themes are specific, and should be judged by which best fulfills the theme and shows the best design skill. A run-off poll will be posted in which BB members will pick the winning design.

The winner will be awarded a crown, and can claim the title of BB's graphics king until the winner for the next graphics challenge is chosen.

The current challenge is to design the best end of summer signature.

The challenge will close on Sunday, September 6 at 11:59pm forum time (CST or -6 GMT)

If you have a previously created graphic that fulfills the challenge requirement, you may enter it. You may also post as many entries as you like during the course of the challenge. The signature must not exceed 400x150px.

So, open up those graphic editors, and lets see who will take the crown!

Weird Orb
It's interesting, has more of a cartoon or fantasy look too it than a realistic orb.

The lighting, again, has a fantasy look to it, but the source is right The two figures above the orb have a kind of demon vibe to them are also interesting, and immediately suggest the pic is telling some kind of story.

Feedback forums
I think that can work well in a community where there is some mutual respect and restraint is exercised. But I've been on forums where suggestions are fodder for argument and flaming, so I'm not sure how much actual idea value is obtained that way or if it is worth it. I guess you have to measure the climate of the forum to assess how valuable it is.

BB Member Awards
I guess this is turning into a staff topic, or maybe we just need to get to know each other better! :)

(I can be bribed for the empty spots)

Best Debater: I'd have to say Nicolas because he challenges me
Best Member:
Best Staff Member: Spider Pig of course, he has the best attitude of all of us.
Best Writer: Justin
Biggest BB Addict: me probably, but Addicted would come to mind if she were still around.
Cutest Forum Pet: Furnace, HolySaviors hedgehog. too cute for words
Most Active Member: me!
Most Addictive Personality: me! give me chocolate now!
Most Contributive Member: is that a word? That's a hard one, we have so many that have given so much to BB. I don't think I can pick one person. Mike and our ZBCoder guys are right up there.
Most Encouraging Member: Itachi and Justin
Most Funny Member: Morgan. Cracks me up regularly.
Most Helpful Member: another hard one, because we've had a raft of them ...I think maybe right now it's Lewiz
Most Interesting Member:
Most Mysterious Member: Klea

Feedback forums
Sometimes called Site Suggestions or similar, feedback forums seem to be a standard offering on a majority of boards.

What do you think about feedback forums? Do you have one? Do you find yours useful? Does it cause controversy? Or is it largely abandoned?

We eliminated the feedback forum on this version of BB because it really wasn't used much (used to be called "Your Views") and replaced it with a feedback form for bug reports and member ideas to be submitted to the admins that way. If there's something we want feed back on from a wide group of members, we have been placing a topic in the Water Cooler or sometimes here in the Admin to Admin forum.

Thanks for any input. This may become an article for the Forum Mentoring section. So give me a good quote and you may become famous. :P

man's appendix removed twice
Maybe the guy had two and they missed one the first time.?

OK...that's a stretch. Just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. ^_^

KHDistrict (second critique thread)
The themes are attractive and basically well designed.

Things I would suggest to make them better:

Lite Theme:
Ask the designer to gray down the absolute white background a bit or use a complimentary blue. It's way too much white for those wide margin areas and it cheapens the look of your logo.

I don't like the odd two-topic grouping effect of the gray gradients on the topic page. It seems an attempt to do something different, but it doesn't provide anything but a distraction to the reader.

Topic buttons colors are at odds with the theme and a bit pedestrian. A simple color adjustment would make them flow better, though. Forum markers are very good. Those colors would be a better compliment.

Dark theme:
On the dark theme, things are more coordinated looking. The only thing that jumps out at me is that the white text looks a bit muddy. Not sure if it is because it is too white or because of the font style/size. The hover color is surprising and made me smile. You'll be already for Halloween with a few pumpkins tossed around the board. :)

The white border around the forums seems thick and pulls your eye too strongly.

Avatar gallery looks really good. Calendar buttons on both themes seem like leftovers from something else. A couple small default images remain, like navigation marker. You could do something forum theme related for that to add a bit of distinction.

On the whole, the themes are good if not spectacular, but some attention to detail could make them much more cohesive.

Happy to have you at BB, Li'l Yuuna.

We'll be glad to help you with your questions. :)

man's appendix removed twice
I wonder what they actually took out the first time. :O

man's appendix removed twice
Man collapses with ruptured appendix... three weeks after NHS doctors 'took it out'

fter weeks of excruciating pain, Mark Wattson was understandably relieved to have his appendix taken out.

Doctors told him the operation was a success and he was sent home.

But only a month later the 35-year-old collapsed in agony and had to be taken back to Great Western Hospital in Swindon by ambulance.
Enlarge Mark Wattson

Mark Wattson, 35, from Swindon may have been the victim of botched surgery after he had to have his appendix removed twice

To his shock, surgeons from the same team told him that not only was his appendix still inside him, but it had ruptured - a potentially fatal complication.

In a second operation it was finally removed, leaving Mr Wattson fearing another organ might have been taken out during the first procedure.

The blunder has left Mr Wattson jobless, as bosses at the shop where he worked did not believe his story and sacked him.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12...l#ixzz0PKgJzbWW

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12...l#ixzz0PKg36C1Y

Now this is exactly why I have high anxiety levels when consulting the medical profession about anything.

TNG Community
Could you guys give me new feedback? I changed the board up almost entirely.

From that statement, I took it to mean that all your changes were done. Yes, you should pursue those changes to get a more cohesive look. :)

Scavenger Hunt Techniques
For the last scavenger hunt we did, the user posted the post URL, and a mod removed the image, so it could not be found again. I know. Low-tech, but it works. :)

How Board Critiques Work
Guideline on repeat requests:

You may request a new critique after a minimum of 30 days IF your board has undergone a major update.

If no major update has occurred, you must wait 60 days to start a new critique request.

If your board has undergone a major update within 30 days of your request, you may post a new request in your critique topic for those who have replied to give another look to your board.

Yes, if there has been a month since the last response in your topic and there has been a major update (which qualifies here) you can post a new critique request. If less than a month, you can ask in the topic for those that have given you a review to take another look. since it is following a major update.

The guidelines topic has been updated to reflect the above.

Team Icon Question
Thanks Dorith. :)

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