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I like the forum markers. I think the star trek image goes well with the board theme, and they compliment the skin.

I also like that they are as large as they are. It gives the board a different look, but it is an attractive one.

I think that it is not always best to use standard ideas and sizes...sometimes it's good to break out of the box. A lot of the things that some call "professional" or "sleek" to me are just way too tiny anyway, especially font sizes.

Just for a laugh
....and then....it starts all over again. Kind of like regular life.

How did your exams go, Louis?

Yes, the spambots love to join this site. You can get rid of them after they register, but they use up your member numbers.

skin troubles
Like Louis says, we will all help you as much as we can. Cory is quite good at exterminating skin bugs, so post up your problem in a new support request topic, and we'll give it a try. :)

Avatar size
Any new avatars that are added following your changes will be adjusted to the new size limits you have set.

However, in order for the ones already installed to be changed, each user will have to update their image URL in the "edit Avatar" section of their Controls.

What a nice compliment! And welcome, Dior. We hope you enjoy your time here. :)

Terms of Service/Rules Code.
Here are a couple to check out:

Add rules to registration (Sasuki)

Add board TOS to registration (RyanFan)

The characters you are talking about are called "captcha". Your board automatically uses them when your registrations get more frequent.

There is a code to add something like that, but I don't believe I've seen that anyone has gotten it to work. If you want it for bot prevention, it probably wouldn't work anyway, since they bypass javascript. Enabling COPPA registration, as king mentioned above, will stop some of them.
But here it is:
<!--Bot Catcher-->
<script type="tetxt/javascript" src="http://seekond.com/scripts/regbot.js"></script>

skin selector
I think you are using Supreme Skin Selector now, right?

You can customize that code by exchanging the links to the .css files and corresponding skin names in the code.

To host CSS files, see this documentation:

text at top of board
To put the announcement under your banner, add an anchor tag:
to the end of your logo code, and then the coding for the announcement.
ACP > Skinning & Styles > Images > Logo

Use basic HTML commands for your announcement text. Something like:

</a><center><span style="color:#FF0000; font-size:14px; font-family: courier">YOUR TEXT</span></center>

Change the variables to what ever color, size, and font style you want. The text will appear centered on whatever your logo background color is set up to be.

If you want to control the background color, or build a box around the announcement, you can use some of the commands outlined in this topic:
Completely Customized Submenu. (Just replace the submenu content with your announcement text, and don't do the part in the CSS where you remove the submenu.)

skin troubles
All of the skins in the BigBoards skin archive are posted in the Snippets forum at the Invisionfree Support board. You can PM the skin creators through the PM system there. Note the date the skin was posted, and check their last activity in their profiles though...some users no longer visit the support board to pick up PMs.

I linked some really colourfull previews to a thread on my board. See if I can freak them out a little.

ah...you are a wicked little admin.... :d

skin troubles
If there isn't a button set download in the skin topic (and it seems most of them don't include them), you can PM the skin creator and see if one is available. If that person can't be reached, you would have to find a suitable set in an archive somewhere or request a set to be made for the skin.

skin troubles
"My eyes! My eyes!"

Maybe we just need a warning icon.

I'm thinking a little guy with sunglasses in a Haz-Mat suit.....

skin troubles
yes, you can certainly rehost the images and insert the new URLs into the CSS code. In fact, the safest way is to upload the images onto your own board and host them there. That way, if your board loads, the images will always load with it.

thumbsup.gif excellant work btw. Some really beautifull skins in there. Some gawdawfull ones as well, but then we need those to really appreciate the good ones right

Yes....some gawdawful ones indeed. :d That's why we are working on completing the skin rating system....so you can search for higher quality skins without having to wade through some of the really bad ones.

Our lowest rating is one star, which means we can't imagine anyone actually using that skin.....however, I'm wondering if we need a rating for "retina burner". :haha: