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depends on what you want to do. We can host all the codes that go in the same section in one upload. That's the best way, because hosting them separately is like getting things out of the refrigerator. You can open the door once and get mulitple items, or you can open and close the door once for each item. It's more efficient to host them in a group. It's also more efficient for loading, because browsers will cache the remotely hosted codes rather than having to load them each time a user refreshes your page.

However sometimes you have a code that you are editting all the time. You might what to host that code on it's own. Like your awards code. So you might want to host that separately. Its up to you.

Once we host it for you, it is not forever beyond your control You can always access the upload file, edit it and upload it yourself and replace it in the code. Sometimes it helps though, to get you started so you can see how it is done. :)
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