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Welcome to Big Boards. Big Boards at one time offered the Zathyus network our long famous Resource Archives, our extensive search indexes, and our info-packed resource forums. Eventually, these were made redundant by upgrades to the documentations and expanded search features added to the ZetaBoards software, and this forum then lost relevancy and subsequently became inactive.

Our team then embarked on a new project called Planet Nexus, where a bold new experiment in forum promotion is taking place. We call it nexworking. NexusTree offers social networking pages for forums in a fully automated format. Your NexusTree page is created instantly when your join the nexus. Find out more by visiting Planet Nexus, and become part of the nexworking revolution.

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Planet Nexus Re-opens

Posted by HelenaZF (Admin) at Feb 24 2010, 06:55 PM. 4 comments

It's been a long but fruitful offline time for Planet Nexus, but we are ready to throw our doors open again and let NexusTree spread it's branches once again. Our short beta test gave us clear insight on what direction to take NexusTree and we have accomplished our goal to make it a safe, smooth, and fun nexworking experience. The NexusBar has been completely reconfigured to generate a unique code for your board, making installation as simple as popping it in your wrappers and hitting submit. You will control your NexusTree page and enable options from a new, detailed control panel whose access is totally at your digression.

Please log into Planet Nexus and check the News forum for details on the upgrades and changes to NexusTree and the Nexus system.

Big Boards will continue to be open for resources use. You may also take advantage of the next generation of board review services with NexusTrack and our Forum Mentoring library there. And of course, getting a NexusTree page will give you far more exposure than the BB Board Directory ever could..and it's so much more fun!

We hope to see you there soon.

The Big Boards Team (Now serving you better at Planet Nexus)

FInal phase of Nexus testing has begun.

Posted by HelenaZF (Admin) at Feb 17 2010, 01:35 AM. One comment

As you can see, the NexusBar has reappeared on BB. It might look the same, but the whole system has been rewritten. There are many changes and upgrades. You can't sign up just yet...this is part of a closed test we are doing before reopening. However, if you would like your board to be included in the closed test, PM either me or Cory, or use the contact form and we'll get back to you.

The most noticeable change at first wilil be the login system.

Please register for Nexus at the registration prompt. Logging in will allow you to use NexChat and make comments and votes on NexusTree pages.

If you don't get a registration prompt, you can access the Nexus registration from your Preferences dropdown.

When you open NexChat, you will log in with the pass you selected there.

Try it out and give us some feedback!

NexusTree updates are nearing completion

Posted by HelenaZF (Admin) at Feb 4 2010, 06:18 PM. One comment

Planet Nexus continues to be offline while we update NexusTree.

We appreciate your patience. There will be new features, and the system will be improved overall.

Sorry we can't project the reopening date just yet, but we are progressing according to plan.

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