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Important info for anyone still interested.

Posted by Phovos (Administrators) at Sunday, 23. August 2015, 15:23. 11 comments

Hi everyone,

Assuming you still exist to read this, I've made the decision to disable registration on Budding Writers, which means no new people can register on the site. This will stop the constant spam on BW, but doesn't affect anyone who has already registered. I've gone through and deleted the odd bit of spam I've seen, if there's any more and you can be asked, report it and I'll delete it.

Budding Writers WILL remain breathing as long as Zetaboards does. The Buddingwriters.net domain name belongs to me and will remain in my name for, well, as long as I live. Everything will be 100% accessible to registered members, same as always. If you're going to post work here, make sure you save a hard copy of it, just in case. Everything on this site will be kept as an archive as long as Zetaboards continues to let this site exist, no one's work will be deleted, only spam.

I'm sorry that we died out. Last few years haven't been great for me, and 2015 has been absolutely dreadful. I simply didn't do enough to keep Budding Writers running.

Thank you,


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