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Board Rules
These are the rules for the board, please read and please do not abuse them! 1. Please do not spam! Spam is a serious issue and will only result in you being banned if you continue to do it after being warned. Spamming can be posting for no reason and completely going off topic to whatever the post is about. 2. No excessive use of smilies! Smilies are there to be used, yes, but not excessively! Do not post a whole row or post containing only smilies. It makes the pages longer to load and quite frankly, it's annoying! This also goes for using them excessively in your signature! 3. Regarding Signatures: No more than 6 lines of text and no more than two pictures. Each picture must be no larger than 400 pixels long and 300 pixels tall. Any signature image that is larger than these set rules will be warned (by a mod), if an Admin comes accross an image in a sig larger than the set rules, it will be delete without notice. 4. No excessive use of capital letters, exclamation marks etc. All it does is send off the feeling like your shouting and if it is done excessively, it can be seen as spamming. This goes for in posts and the title of new threads. 5. Do not send abuse to other members as this will result in you being banned. 6. Do not start arguments between other members. If you have a problem with a member, report them to one of the admins who will then deal with them. 7. Do not post anything - be it in your posts avatar or signature - that may be considered obscene or offensive to others. This includes but is not limited to: Offensive or obscene language in text or images. Explicit images or any content of a sexual or pornagraphic nature. Anything racist or abusive to any group or individuals. Links or URLs to pages containing any of the above content. Anyone found to be posting anything like this anywhere on the forum with the sole exception of the limited access After Hours Thread will be dealt with by the admins. Remember this is supposed to be a place where people of all ages can come to discuss their love for TAOFW and similar children’s programs in a safe environment, let's try to keep things above board. 8. Above all, please have fun on the forums! I know these rules might seem a bit harsh, but they are not hard to follow! They are pretty simple rules.