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Pottential Imminent Changes To The Forum

Posted by Lutra (Senior Admin) at Jan 10 2018, 12:55 PM. 32 comments

Hey everyone.

Quite a big announcement today.

The company who hosts this forum, ZIFboards previously known as Invisionfree, has recently been taken over by a company called Tapatalk. What this means is that every forum using the old ZIFboards format will be forced to convert to one of two new forum formats: Zetaboards or the new Tapatalk forum.

This could happen any day now, and could be as soon as tonight/tomorrow!

Now our original date for this to happen was the 11th of January. I've selected an option to defer (delay) our conversion but I'm also getting messages that the deferral period is coming to and end, so that might not have actually bought us any more time.

On the two choices:


As a bit of history, ZetaBoards merged with the original InvisionFree some years ago. Back then we had the option to switch to Zetaboards but chose not to. It is made by the same people so is probably closest in style to our current format. The ZIFBoards name comes from the merger Zeta InvisionFree boards.

Zetaboards have been going for some years now so you'll easily be able to find examples of forums using this format.

As a side note, Zetaboards has also been taken over by Tapatalk so it's possible that if we switched to Zetaboards, we'd still have to convert to Tapatalk in the future. But details on that are unclear.

Tapatalk is a newer format which is primarily a 'mobile community platform' designed to be more mobile friendly. It also supposedly 'takes inspiration' from social media platforms like facebook and such in its style and format. It has app versions of itself.

We have been given a preview version of what the Farthing Wood forum might look like on a Tapatalk community, you can find it

Please note that this doesn't include any style changes, such as colour schemes and the like. Those would have to be added later.

You should be able to log in with your current username and password to this testing version of the forum, however I believe members might need to create Tapatalk accounts in order to use their accounts on the final board. I could be wrong with that.

What will be transferred.

In either case, all current user accounts, posts, forums, user groups and the overall structure of the forum will be converted over. Though you may find various links inside posts don't quite work properly as they will point to old invisionfree locations.

What won't be transferred.

The list of things which wont transfer to the new forum include:

Current style sheets, colour schemes etc.

Files stored on the forum, such as custom buttons and logos

Custom emoticons.

User Avatars

Attachment files (at the moment this mostly contains personal files stored by previous admins so doesn't have much impact on us).

Edit: also Personal Messages (probably, we can't be certain).


As it stands I am intending to convert the forum over to a Zetaboards forum. It's not exactly the same but it seems the better fit for us as a community. And based on various testimonies I've been reading on other invisionfree forums who were converted to Tapatalk. I've already spent time over the last few days recording as much of our style sheets and files as I can, and Fen and I will be working on this some more tonight. So hopefully it will be as smooth a transition as possible.

Meanwhile feel free to look at the Tapatalk test version or other Zetaboards and let us know what you think.

In the meantime if you have any files or information located on the forum that you wish to keep, such as posts, fanfictions, PMs or other information, I would STRONGLY recommend you make a backup copy of those things as quickly as possible. We could switch over any day now, and when wont be in Fen's or my control.

I wanted to post more but I need to rush off to work now. If you have any questions please post them and I'll do my best to answer.

To All People With Cats

Posted by Rangerfox (Section Mod) at Nov 16 2016, 05:02 PM. 4 comments




Secret Santa 2016!

Posted by Lutra (Senior Admin) at Nov 9 2016, 12:42 AM. 0 comments

Ahoy hoy forum folks!

The 2016 Secret Santa is underway once again! This is one of my favourite forum traditions and a great way to celebrate the season.

Anyone interested please Check out the thread in the Art section.

You should, like, totes sign up and stuff!

:bounce: :santa: :rudolph:

Server Maintenance

Posted by Lutra (Senior Admin) at Feb 16 2016, 06:05 PM. 0 comments

Hey folks,

Just a quick re-assurance. If it appears that all of the forum images and logos and such are currently missing or broken don't worry. The server where all of these things are hosted is currently undergoing some kind of maintenance is all. This also means that the farthing-wood.net website is currently down as well.

Hopefully this should be done within a few hours and then everything will be back to normal :).

EDIT: Oh look it's fixed already ^_^

Secret Santa 2012!

Posted by Lutra (Senior Admin) at Nov 12 2012, 11:45 PM. 0 comments

Hey all,

The 2012 Secret Santa is under-way! Please visit this thread for all the relevant information :).

New Forum Url

Posted by Lutra (Senior Admin) at Sep 18 2012, 12:18 AM. 8 comments

Hey everyone.

Just a quick update to let you all know that we now have a new tidier looking URL to tie in with the website. You can now get to the forum by using the address: forum.farthing-wood.net.

This new address has been happily active for a couple of weeks now however the old URL is still set as the default, which leads me nicely onto...

Important Update:

I'm going to be heading off tomorrow morning for a short trip, returning at the weekend and so in one week's time (or rather at the end of the coming weekend) I shall be switching the primary domain over from the old z7.invisionfree.com/farthingwood URL to the new forum.farthing-wood.net one.

The old URLs will still continue to work so this shouldn't effect any links or bookmarks you have. However what it will effectively do is reset all of your cookies on the forum, since they are associated with the particular URL, which means that the forum wont remember your password or automatically log you in for example if you have set it to do so.

So over the next five days try to make sure you know what your password is before this happens or that you at least know the email address associated with your account so that you can get the forum to send you out a new password if needs be.

To be honest I don't perceive this being a major problem, and as mentioned above the forum does have an email based "send me a new password" facility, but I thought it only right to give a fair warning anyway.

If you think this is going to be a problem for you (if you don't know your password and don't know/don't have access to your forum email address for example) then please let either Fenrir or myself know in the next couple of days and we shall sort something out. And if it proves to be a massive disaster then we can always just change it back to the old default URL and everything will go back to normal, cookies and all.

Anyway I've waffled enough now, it's 1AM and I really should start packing :rolleyes:.

Thanks for your time all :).

Youtube Integration

Posted by Fen (Senior Admin) at May 21 2012, 07:10 PM. 13 comments

Good evening everybody!

Everything looks rather good so far, it should be devoid of bug, so I am rolling out the change. Everyone can now add Youtube videos to their posts! Like that:


So, how do you do it? Very simple: just grab the URL of a Youtube video, and paste it where the 'x' is in [youtube]x[/youtube]. When you load a page, all these markers are automagically replaced with the video they point to!

If you are not sure you can remember that, no worries! A button has been added in the "reply" and "new thread" pages that adds the tags. Its use may slightly change in the next few minutes -- or days, depending on my motivation -- to be more similar to what happens with the "IMG" one.

Now, you may be wondering if it can be used everywhere. The answer is: it cannot. I chose not to make Youtube integration possible within signatures. Also, there is an issue with quotations because the code generated by InvisionFree is stupid. Videos do not appear in quotations. And I feel it doesn't really need to.

You have to be aware that the change will make the pages load longer whenever there are videos on a given page. All the more if people felt spammy in that regard. So please avoid posting too many at once. I am not sure how big the impact will turn to be, so maybe it will still be all right in that regard.

So please keep your eyes peeled and report any performance issue you may experience. Same goes for observed bugs, obviously.

And most of all, keep having fun! :D

Forum Improvements

Posted by Fen (Senior Admin) at Feb 22 2012, 08:38 PM. 74 comments

Well recently I managed to (kind of) get rid of a few occupations, which gave me time to start to look into potential forum improvements. I am not the only one though, there has been a lot of thinking and a few topic are discussed with the Lute and the moderators. However, we'd appreciate to have everybody's input regarding both annoyances they might regularly stumble upon, and expectations regarding the way the board is set up, the interfaces and tools it provides.

Compared to some other, more recent board systems, InvisionFree may look a bit old. However, judging by the threads on the support forum, extending what the board engine has to offer is not only allowed but encouraged. So most of what you'd like to see happening, added (or maybe removed) to some of the pages should be doable. Just ask and we'll see! ;)

Of course, not everyone is forced to agree with the submitted ideas, and debating their usefulness as well as the details for those that happen to be complicated ones is encouraged.

Proposed improvements

  • Put the 'Other animations' section closer to the 'Entertainment' one? Reorganize the General Chit Chat area so that all forum sections can be accessed from the forum's main page? - DISCUSS!
  • Put something in the empty space besides the text area in the "new topic"/"reply" page? - DISCUSS!
  • Correct and update section descriptions so that they fit with the current state of the forum
I'll do my best to keep the todo list up-to-date.

Recent improvements

  • Make it possible to post Youtube videos in messages
  • Merge the OT Fanart (resp. OT Fanfic) with the parent Fanart (resp. Fanfic) section, and rename the section just 'Art' (resp. 'Fic') or something similar
For the moment, don't expect me to work on any. The changes in the smiley list were fun to work on but I really, really need to work on collecting information about Japan and work on useful vocabulary before I leave on holiday in two weeks' time. :sweat: After I come back though, if most people have agreed on one idea at least, chances are I will rapidly work on it (if it's not already been taken care of already ;)).

New Smiley(s)!

Posted by Fen (Senior Admin) at Jan 15 2012, 11:32 PM. 63 comments


Seeing as its has been requested by Tsuki and was indeed missing, we've added a "high five" smiley to the forum collection. Also, I have removed a couple of smileys from the "quick access" area that's on every "reply" page. These were hardly used, and are still accessible through clicking the "Show all" link.

Actually, I feel like the quick access area is quite cluttered. Sometimes, I have to scan it several times to find the smiley I want to use, that I know is there. Maybe I am the only one it is a problem for? If everyone is OK, I am willing to make that area smaller, maybe with half as many smileys as it has now.

Unless that proposal is vetoed, that area should still be as useful as possible, so what are the 10 smileys you would like to still see in there? (Obviously, there will be more than 10 smileys after such change around 30 or 40, notably less than the current 89 but we want to cater for everyone and, well, there is a 15 smileys limit for posts. :P) Also, are there smileys you feel are missing from the place?

Ok, I'm Going To Do A Forum Pic

Posted by Si Targaryen (Farthing Wood Animal +) at Dec 14 2011, 09:33 PM. 25 comments

So yeah, I'm soon to hit another milestone (25k posts), and I'm sure nobody wants another "Love Thread" or something equally cheesy. I like marking pointless milestones, so I've decided to draw my very first (and probably last) forum group picture.

I've come up with a theme and everything.

So if you would like for your forum character to appear please say so, and a little character reference would be useful.

Considering my limited artistic skills, this should be fun! :D

1. Andy
2. G9
3. Tsuki
4. Clan
5. Star
6. Bat-snake
7. Naz
8. TBO
9. Clusty
10. Foe
11. Fran
12. Silv
13. AOFW
14. Baree
15. Fenface
16. Thorn
17. Charmy
18. RNG
19. Lute
20. Shady