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Forum Guidelines
<b>1) Consider your brother and/or sister.</b> <i>Hebrews 10:24</i>

Consider others, or in layman's terms, <b>just be considerate</b>. Politeness and good manners go a long way and are very nice!</p>

<b>2) Comprehend and condescend to your brother and/or sister.</b> <i>Romans 12;16</i>
Condescend to others. Comprehend others! Be willing to longsuffer with one another, or at the very least, be willing not to be rash with your mouth (or in this case, your fingers! :)). There is even scripture for that: <i>Ecclesiastes 5:22</i></p>

<b>3a) Self-censure.</b> <i>Matthew 7:3-5</i>

Or I will censure, and you'll find you may have preferred to censure yourself. Judge yourself first. This will be hard, because scripture teaches us that if we judge ourselves, we wouldnt find ourselves guilty. <i>1 Corinthians 11:31</i> Just play nice in the sandbox with others - we all have views/opinions and things about ourselves that are not "mainstream" - this is fine, simply in order to exist peaceably with others, you may find that you have to tone back "you" (that dogmatic and stubborn "non-mainstream" portion of our opinions). It hurts, but it allows you to "get along" with others. We all do it, so please do it too!</p>

<b>3b) Do not abuse others.</b>

You're right. You know you are. You are absolutely convinced of it, and when you are done flaming others, they will be too, so help you God. <<<-----If I just described you, it is highly likely your posting privileges are in <b>grave</b> danger. Abusing other members by <a href="http://www.foolquest.com/fooltrek_faq/flame_faq.htm">flaming</a> them, going off topic in their threads, and being generally obnoxious will not be accepted. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and we are not all the same, we do not all think the same, or understand the same. There is scripture for this: <i>Romans 14:5</i>. Please read it.</p>

<b>4) Report Abuses and Infractions to the Administrator or Moderator</b>

Short of devolving into a screaming match (flame war) with another member, you cannot stop abuses & infractions. Please report all abusive and offensive posts via the button on the posts, and/or by private messaging the administrator.</p>

<b>5) Stay On Topic</b>

Getting off topic is <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thread_hijacking">thread hi-jacking</a>: taking a thread away from its original intent and subject matter. To do this is to bore the viewers who actually entered the thread because they cared about the original content. It is unfair, and occasionally offensive to the thread starter. Please do not do it. Just start a new thread!</p>

<b>6) Have FUN!</b>

This is the most important rule!</p>