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Here in Hannbal they're calling for up to 20 inches. I ran out and grabbed some extra beer. I'm set.
Was hilarious to see folks with food carts piled to the brim like they would be isolated for a month.

waterdown, I have always admired your style but after that quote, you have elevated your status to iconic in my eyes.

In central MO everythging is coated with at least 1/4 inch of ice. My Drive is pretty long and I sit in a hollow. It is about 300' lower than the hiway. That drop happens in around 1/10 mile. Coming down it tonight was like an olympic luge run in a 4x4 truck! Gotta admit it is the worst in the 6 years I have lived in the hollow. I'm not a math guy so I don't know how to figure the degree of grade but in roy terms...jeez that was wild.

No way I get back up there tomorrow in the truck. I will have to take the tractor through woods to get to the hiway...or not go in. Plenty of wood, food, guns, ammo, gin, anf 2 good dogs to keep me company. A little low on olives, but hey, it's SNOWMEGEDDON!
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