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Space wolfs are avesome :D .They are the tough badass guys even among the space marines,if i'm right.There's even a joke about them:

A Dark Angel, Emberor's Fist, and Space Wolf all walk into a bar. Each
one of them orders a drink. The bartender brings them four beers.

The Dark Angel looks at his beer and realizes there's a fly in it. He begins to moan about how he is being punished by the Emperor and leaves the bar in shame, pulling his monk's robe around him tighter.

The Emberor's Fist realyzes,that there is a fly in his beer too.
"The God Emperor blessed us with some extra protein.Hurray!"
He drinks the beer with the fly.

Finally the Space Wolf looks down at his beer and notices there's a fly in
his beer too! He catch the fly,take it out from the beer,and look into the eyes of the insect
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