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Yes, that's a new Pokemon!
Kor,May 20 2012
10:35 PM
That should be interesting to see indeed.

I hope the ustream will have the footage of that and someone can post a link, for those who can't see it for whatever reason.   & maybe youtube will have it too.

Doing some back research, it seems that some of the same people who did the recent Solar Eclipse live stream are also planning to do the same with the Venus Transit. (Since their camera filters worked so dang well last time.) So, best to look to them for those who can't see it.

As for me, I recently found out that there's a chance I might miss this. I have to work that day. Hmm... Maybe it'll be a good idea to call in sick. What do you guys think? :D

EDIT: Oh, and for those who need to buy the special shades, here's a link for ya. They're less than a dollar each and will be shipped the day after you order them. :)


EDIT 2: URL Change for wider range of options. Just warning everyone now, shipping will be quite the hefty price tag for ya.
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