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The Sharptooth War; My fanfiction
Topic Started: Jul 1 2012, 01:53 AM (2,635 Views)
Chapter 1, the Fall of a Tyrant

Chomper's red eyes opened. It was a warm, beautiful day, no clouds in the sky, insects buzzing in the air, and herbivores grazing miles away. Chomper looked to his left, to see his mate, Tyranna. She was dark green in color, with light blue eyes and a small tinge of light green stripes on her neck.

He remembered the first day he met her, he was just approaching adolescene, about the size of a fast-biter. He had just left the Great Valley, when he heard someone scream.

It was Tyranna, then a hatchling about how old he was when he met Ruby. She was about to be attacked by a juvenile raptor, about half his size. Chomper growled at the raptor, and it stopped.

The two sized eachother up, Chomper had the advantage, he was larger, and hopefully could predict the raptor's movements.

He would likely try to jump in, pretend to attack, when Chomper would stumble, and he could kill him by stabbing his neck.

Chomper wouldn't let that happen though, so he just stood there growling, baiting the raptor in.

When the raptor attacked just as planned, Chomper sidestepped, and grabbed him in his mouth, the raptor cried out as Chomper's 5 inch serrated teeth cut deep, but he released his grip, and the raptor fled.

Chomper then walked over to the hatchling, she told him her name was Tyranna, and that her parents were killed by Redclaw, Chomper then decided to take care of her.

Over the years, their relationship turned from that of big brother-little sister relationship to a friendship, Chomper over the years discovered she had a crush on him, and soon, he found he did to.

That was when she was an adolescent, and him a young adult, and when they were both adults, they revealed their love to eachother.

It wasn't long before they became mates, and soon, their was an egg in their nest. They prefered cliffs because they kept the would be hatchling safe, large adults rarely came up.
"Are you going to patrol our territory?" She asked in her soothing, friendly voice. Chomper was just about to go when she said that. "I didn't know you were up." He replied.

"I'm just nervous, its around the time it should hatch and...." She started. "I'm nervous."
"It's alright, the egg will be-" He was cut off when, as if on cue, the egg started to crack. Chomper and Tyranna turned their heads and waited anxiously.

In one minute, the egg cracked off, and the infant inside opened it's eyes for the first time.
He was a spitting image of his father, he had the same dark blue skin, and white underbelly, the only thing different were those beautiful blue eyes. "He looks just like you!" Tyranna said. Chomper felt a single tear of joy leave his eyes. "He's perfect." Chomper said.

"Hello, I am your mother, and this is your father." Tyranna said as she lowered her head to her baby. Her son thought it was danger at first, but when Tyranna began to lick him, he realized they were his parents, and she gently picked him up, and placed him on Chomper's back.

"Hello, son." Chomper said as he nuzzled his child. With that, the hatchling yawned slightly and curled up on his father. "How about, Rex?" Chomper suggested. "Perfect." Tyranna replied.

"Perfect for his grave," a voice sneered. Chomper and Tyranna's heads shot to the left, it was Redclaw. "What are you doing here!" Chomper snarled. "Here to finish what I started with your pitiful parents!" Redclaw growled. "You take that back!" Chomper growled.

"And to finish off their legacy!" He said. Tyranna let out a scream when she realized what he meant. "Take Rex and run!" Chomper whispered. Tyranna looked fearful, but Chomper's stern look convinced her to. With that, she grabbed Rex, and ran, who was shocked by the sudden change of mood.
"Kill her. and her brat!" He told Screech and Thud, and he attacked. Chomper charged, and their jaws collided, biting eachother. Screech and Thud, during the fight, ran to find Chomper's family.

Chomper knew he had to act fast. As their jaws pulled apart, he used his tail to whip Redclaw in the face, that shocked him just enough to let Chomper ram him. Redclaw was now reeling, and Chomper used this to slash Darkclaw's scarred eye, leaving him permanently blind.

Now it could be finished. Chomper stayed out of Redlcaw's good eye's sight. Then, he charged, biting the neck, crushing the spine and severing the jugular. But to make sure completely, he pushed his enemy off the cliff, Redclaw roared blood out of his mouth as he fell to his death. It was over.

Chomper panted, but realized he had to get to Tyranna, before the raptors did. When he got there, he saw Tyranna battling to keep Rex from Screech and Thud.

They had held on to her, and held on to her, slashing and biting, wearing her down. Chomper wasted no time, in one quick instant, he grabbed Thud in his mouth and crushed him. Screech tried to react, but he to was grabbed and thrown off the cliff, where he hit the ground hard, dead.

Chomper panted as he and Tyranna recovered from the battle, she had suffered several slashes and cuts, but they would heal, and Chomper had blood in his mouth mixed with Redclaws.

But otherwise, no fatal damage. The fight was over. Redclaw was dead.

A/U: I thought I didn't publish this story, so if your going to read it, read the original one.
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Chomper: "Really? He's using this again!?"
Well, since it's your first post, I'll just say welcome to the GoF. Hope you enjoy your stay! :)

Now, onto your review. First, I don't really like how it's all scrunched up like that. No paragraphs to divide it out. It's hard to read when it's just a big block of text.

The story itself looks interesting. I'm just waiting to see where it's heading. I don't know if your gonna get any of the Great Valley involved or not. I always love Chomper centered stories.

I hope you keep writing it :DD

(was that just some random glitch, with the duplicate topics? I'll just PM one of the mods to delete the one with no reply.)
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Okay, I'll edit that, thx for the review, I'll try to update around 2 times a week, if I can. I always did like, Chomper, because I like predatory animals in general.
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vonboy,Jul 1 2012
02:07 AM
Well, since it's your first post, I'll just say welcome to the GoF. Hope you enjoy your stay! :)

Now, onto your review. First, I don't really like how it's all scrunched up like that. No paragraphs to divide it out. It's hard to read when it's just a big block of text.

The story itself looks interesting. I'm just waiting to see where it's heading. I don't know if your gonna get any of the Great Valley involved or not. I always love Chomper centered stories.

I hope you keep writing it :DD

(was that just some random glitch, with the duplicate topics? I'll just PM one of the mods to delete the one with no reply.)

Yes, and thanks again for the good review.
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Chomper: "Really? He's using this again!?"
So you're letting us have a say on the outcome? Cool.

You think you could do what I was wondering earlier, and get the gang or the Great Valley in general involved?
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Yeah, that would be cool, and their are going to be alot of characters, many made up, and many familiar characters, and I was wondering if you could spread the word about this story, cause I really want to know what people think.
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Chapter 2, Why Sharpteeth are so Feared

Sharpteeth were always feared, but their was one that was the very reason Sharpteeth were thought of as mindless killers.

Over 50 years ago, this vicious killer had believed Sharpteeth were superior in every way, and that flatteeth were only there to satisfy the master species. At first, few believed him, then, a drought hit, and Sharpteeth were unable to find much food, as all the herbivores fled to the Great Valley, the Sharpteeth were unable to cath them.

He began rousing the sharpteeth, they needed to do what their prey had done. Unite.
Droves of Sharpteeth listened to him, and soon, he was revered as a god by them, he tracked down herds of flatteeth, and they all were defeated.

He didn't kill them all, he simply took them to his own fortress, where they were picked off one by one, each sharpteeth killing only what they needed, unfortunatley, the herbivores were tortured, and hatchlings were used as training for the younger sharpteeth.

It was brutal, they were taught only that they were strong, and even hatchlings started to become worse then their parents. After years of building up his strength, his army now reached over 10,000, he was ready for the war he had been preparing for since he became the Sharpteeth's leader.

Then, he launched it. In a massive air and ground attack, as many carnivorous flyers had joined, and several hatchling flatteeth flyers were captured and brainwashed into fighting fanatically for their leader. This first assault was vicious, sharpteeth were permitted to kill whatever herbivores they found.

The sharpteeth fought this attack with exceptional brutality, many times simply killing, and then abandoning the kills. It was bloody chaos. Word began reaching flatteeth everywhere that the sharpteeth were going on a mass-attack, and no herd would stand a chance against them.

Some however, decided to unite the herds at their respective homes and lead their own, largely seperate, wars against the Sharpteeth, but even these fronts were simply brushed aside. Finally, a year after the beginning of the war, the flatteeth resistances all joined up in a united front. Soon, many joined the armies, at the end of the 3rd year, the army was more then 200,000 strong.

Still, they took heavy losses, their large army faced a disciplined, well-trained force, which was also growing. Many times the battles were fought with no real success, and with heavy casualties. At the 1st battle of the Great Valley, flatteeth lost 600, and sharpteeth 1,000, despite this, the flatteeth gained only 10 miles.

Soon, the herbivores vast numbers began creeping up against the sharpteeth, and in the final battle, the Flatteeth lost 26,000, while the sharpteeth lost almost their entire armies. But to their shock, the sharpteeth and about 500 troops escaped, and hid in black rock, where they waited.

All this time, they were preparing, every hatchling, every adult was trained, and sharpteeth in here were only permitted to choose other sharpteeth army members as mates. As each generation trained, marched, and prepared, they gradually turned robotic, hatchlings were taught blind obedience to their leader, and soon, the grim years of regimentation turned these young hatchlings into nothing but blind followers, a shared intelligence.

Thats exactly what their leader wanted. His name, was Darkclaw. Darkclaw was the personification of evil in the Dinosaur world. His jet black skin, his blood red eyes, his red scars made him a fearsome sight. He was a sailback, known to us as Spinosaurus.

His sail was torn, and his tail his slashes that made it look like stripes. He killed for pleasure, and cared of no one. Soon, this deadly killer would rise again, to haunt the Dinosaurs again.

As he stood on his throne-like cliff, overlooking his fortress deep under black-rock, his army trained, they were the legacy of his first army, much better, they never questioned orders, and had little personality, they were simply robotic, the perfect soldeirs for his new empire.

"Um, Emperor?" A voice said, reffering to his new name for leaders. "Yes, General." He said, his voice sending chills down the general in question's spine. "Our rmy has reached 20,000, are we ready to begin?" He asked. "No, we still have loose ends to tie up. Those who can understand both languages must be eliminated, they could warn the herbivores of our planned attack, so we must kill them all." Darkclaw replied.

"We almost have, sir." The general said. "Yes, we have one left, that traitor, who favors his pathetic herbivore friends over his own kind." Darkclaw snarled.

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Who needs mirrors? XD
I really like this so far, I've read several fanfics where Chomper ends up being the villain, but here he is a hero^^
and Yay! Redclaw is no more. You will continue this, I hope?
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Who needs mirrors? XD
Oh, I like where this is going.
I like how you described the battles as well. For some reason, I was thinking of LOTR during those sections ;)
Well done, keep it up
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Chapter 3, Meetings

Littlefoot couldn't believe it. Petrie had just come back from a scouting trip when he witnessed the greatest fight between dinosaurs. A battle between sharpteeth.

Even though he was very high, he still could tell directly who it was, it was Chomper, Chomper fighting Redclaw. Then, Chomper killed Redclaw, thats what Petrie had said.

Of course, many Great Valley inhabitants were terrified of this new development, a sharptooth that could kill Redclaw, it must be far worse. But Littlefoot and his friends managed to convince them.

"I still can't believe we won't have to worry about Redclaw, because their is no Redclaw anymore." Ruby commented. "Yeah, I just hope Chomper doesn't get any ideas." Cera replied, she didn't trust Chomper after he left.

"I personally think this is good, and maybe we should find Chomper, as we haven't seen him in a long time." Littlefoot suggested. "How do you know he'll even recognize us, I mean, he was hunting us before he recognized us when we met him a second time." Cera grumbled.

"Yes, and Chomper is more then capable of killing us, he is, he is." Ducky said. "He'd recognize me." Ruby said. "But he has a mate, what if she don't like us? They have a baby you know." Petrie added.

Littlefoot thought for a moment, their were stories of hatchling sharpteeth getting killed by adult flatteeth, Chomper himself nearly was when he met Ali. "I guess if Chomper wants to say hello to us, then he will." Littlefoot said.

Meanwhile, Chomper was having a similar conversation with Tyranna, she didn't trust them, especially around their infant, as flatteeth had no qualms about killing hatchling sharpteeth.

"Its okay, you don't have to go, and neither does Rex, I'll just go by myself." Chomper replied. Tyranna forced a worried smile. "I'll be fine." He reassured her. Tyranna, still somewhat worried, nuzzled him again. "I know, I'm just, worried, they could attack you on sight, and, I don't our son to grow up without his father." Tyranna replied.

"It'll be alright." Chomper said as he walked off.
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People can add their own chapters to this story aswell, and they will be considered alternate. Also, when writing them say AU chapter, this is to distinguish between the canon and the Alternate Universe versions of this fic. Canon in this sense means its true to the story line. Good luck
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Chomper98, welcome on the gof! :) I'm pretty sure everyone just wants to read your fanfiction and nobody wishes to add their own chapters, therefore I have merged the two topics..
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Chapter 4, A Reunion

Chomper walked slowly to the Great Wall.

He remembered his first time coming here, as a hatchling, with those stupid egg stealers Ozzy and Strut.

Memories began flooding into his mind, of all the adventures he had, some of them he remember, others he forgot, some, could never be forgotton though.

As he walked towards the Valley, he noticed a three horn guarding the entrance. She was yellow in color, with green eyes, it was his old friend Cera. As he walked toward the wall, she got into a defensive position.

"Would you really kill an old friend like me?" Chomper asked, smirking. Cera immediatley looked shocked. "Chomper?" She asked. "Hello, Cera." Chomper said.

"Um, are you here to eat us or something?" She asked suspiciously. "Would I really eat a friend?" Chomper asked. "Didn't you say you love having friends for dinner?" She said, referencing their stay on the mysterious island.

"No, but, I wanted to visit you guys, as its been a few years." Chomper said. "How do I know your not going to try and eat us." She replied. "Because I'm Chomper the friendly sharptooth, you and the other's friends in numerous adventures, the one who finally killed Redclaw." He answered.

Cera tried to come up with a reason not to believe him, but she realized that he was indeed sincere. She sighed, "fine, come with me." She said.

As he followed his friend through the valley, everyone cowered back, but also looked suspicious of why he wasn't attacking anyone, some put two and to together and figured out it was Chomper, although most just ran away.

Then, they got to their friends meeting place. Everyone's eyes suddenly shifted to Chomper and Cera. They were all much older. Littlefoot was bigger then his grandfather, Cera's horns were fully grown, Ducky's crest was fully grown, Petrie had a twenty foot wingspan, Spike's plates, which were just nubs in the past, were now complete, and Ruby was the size of a large fast-biter.

"Cera you got a sharptooth right behind you!" Petrie yelled. "Its ok guys, its a friend." Cera replied. Littlefoot's eyes narrowed, and then he realized it. "Chomper!" He yelled in happiness.

"Hi." Chomper replied. "Oh, its only you, you scared Petrie." Petrie said in his broken english. "Its very nice to see you, yep, yep, yep!" Ducky said happily. "Hi Chomper, wow, you look so big, I heard how you took care of Redclaw, everyone is so proud of you!" Ruby said. "It's truly nice to see an old aquaintance such as yourself, Chomper." Spike said in surprisingly clear and accurate english.

"Did Spike just talk?" Chomper asked. "Indeed, as a spike-tail we develop vocalizations at an older age, and it seems I was actually quite smart, just hadn't discovered it." Spike replied.

"Well, its really nice to see everyone again, and, I need to-" Chomper was cut off by Guido, who just appeared. "Fast biters! In the_SHARPTOOTH!" Guido yelled.

"Its me, Chomper!" Chomper replied. "Oh, good, I'm just- the point is, there are 10 fast biters, and their after the children!" Guido cried. Everyone gasped. "Come on guys, we got to save them!" Littlefoot yelled. "I'm going to!" Chomper declared.

"But, Chomper, everyone might-" Littlefoot began. "I don't care, I'm going to help!" Chomper replied. "Fine," Littlefoot sighed as they ran off.

A/N: Sorry for the badly-written chapter, I had a case of writer's block, but I promise the next chapter's gonna be better.
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Chapter 5, A fight, and a warning
Littlefoot ran towards the field where their children werre, apparently, a large pack of ten fast-biters were after their hatchlings, they did hear the terrified screams of the kids, but not the pained cries of the dying, which was good.

Suddenly, a vicious roar ringed out, Littlefoot stopped in his tracks, a large sharptooth to? But before thinking about this, they needed to rescue them. As they ran, Littlefoot saw a sharp-horn(Carnotaurus), and atleast ten fast-biters, the Sharp-horn seemed to be coordinating the attack, he just stood watching, growling and roaring.

Cera tore past him and slammed a fast-biter into a tree, shattering his bones. Suddenly, two others leaped onto her and started slashing and biting. Spike tried to help her, but three others were on top of him, and Littlefoot was fighting three, and Two others prevented Ducky and Ruby from getting to the kids.

It was a coordinated effort, not the normal desperate attack of other sharpteeth. The Sharphorn simply smirked at them, he had them pinned down. "Such a valiant effort, but in the end, ultimatley...futile." The Sharp-Horn growled.

Littlefoot and everyone else were shocked. How could this sharptooth know flatteeth, and how could he control the fast-biters? "Now that all of you have been neutralized, we have a snack to attend to." He replied.

A horrid cry was uttered from Ducky, she knew what he meant, their children were at the ground, curled up, terrified. Just as the Carnotaurus was about to kill them, a blue mass slammed into him, and he was thrown to the ground.

The raptors saw Chomper before their boss did, and they were going to stop him, they charged in a united attack. 3 lunged at him, Chomper swung his tail at them, sending them flying. Another tried his luck.

He wasn't as fortunate, Chomper caught him in his mouth and crushed the life out of him, befpre throwing him like a rag-doll. In a desperate attempt, 4 charged at him, each at his vital areas, heart, neck, and head. Chomper managed to kill one in his jaws, and claw one off, but two others struck home.

Chomper's eyes widened in pain, but then they narrowed to slits, he let his instinct take over, that was how he defeated Redclaw. With surprising speed, he used his claws, short as they were, to slash the raptor attacking his heart, the raptor he threw to the ground had come to, but Chomper simply crushed him with his feet.

The last two raptors were in a precarious situation, as deadly as they were, they often were no match for the much stronger sharpteeth, Sailbacks, Blade-backs, and sharp-horns. The last one treid to retreat, while the last tried to slit Chomper's throat, he wouldn't let that happen though.

In a surprise effort, Chomper swung his neck up with such force that it could have cracked it, the raptor was sent flying in the air, before hitting a rock, dead. Chomper panted, before he turned his attention to the Sharp-horn, who was circling him, with intense hatred. "Your a sharptooth! Why fight for your food? Thats all they are fit to be." The sharp-horn snarled.

"No! I have seen them first hand, their kind, they just have trust issues," Chomper replied, thinking of Cera. "Figures, the Emperor was definitely right in choosing you to die, your the last hope for your herbivore friends!" The sharp-horn growled.
Chomper blinked in surprise, their was another sharptooth out there, an "emperor" must be what they called themselves, last hope? Chomper started to ponder, but decided to focus on the battle at hand.

"What's going on?" Chomper growled. Chomper thought he saw a hint of fear on the sharp-horn's face, but it then turned back to arrogance. "Why should I tell you? You think being a sharptooth makes you worthy of the truth? Of a higher existence once your out of the way? Well you'll never know, atleast not before you die. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must report to my master about this mission, which was a sucess, your indeed his only threat, so good riddance." The sharp-horn said,a and ran off.

He suddenly heard cheers, he hadn't noticed it, but most of the Great Valley had witnessed the battle, and they had seen first hand his commitment to the valley, 10 dead sharpteeth proved it. His friends were checking on their kids, everyone was alright, no one had any serious injuries, although the wounds Chomper received would likely scar over.

"You were amazing Chomper." Littlefoot said to him. "Thanks, thats the only reason I survived, if you live in the wilderness since adolescence, you tend to learn a few things." Chomper replied. His mind shifted to his mate and hatchling at home. "Look, Littlefoot, I have a mate annd child to get to, so I can't stay." Chomper said.
"Well, you can come back any time you want." Littlefoot said. Chomper nodded and walked off.

"Chomper! Your hurt!" Tyranna cried when she saw his wounds. "Its nothing." Chomper replied. "Did they attack you? What happened?" She asked frantically. "No, there was a fast-biter attack, and I saved their butts, you'd be surprised how bad at fighting they were." Chomper said.

"Oh, I just thought they would kill you, I'm just glad your okay though." Tyranna replied. Chomper nuzzled his mate, "it's nothing serious, I'll be ok." He reassured her. Rex was sleeping very peacefully in the corner, Chomper smiled as he layed down next to his son, shielding him from the elements.

But he couldn't shake that foreboding feeling, was what the sharp-horn said true? Who was the 'emperor' he was talking about, and what was with that coordinated attack? Uneasily. he fell into a resltess sleep.

The Sharp-Horn, or Razor stalked towards Black Rock, two albino Spinosaurus guards stood there. "Are you a member of Darkclaw's army?" One growled. "Yes, I am senior Officer of Darkclaw's officer division." Razor growled back.

"Very well, officer Razor, you are granted access." The other spinosaurus growled. Razor smirked to himself, that mission was a success, they had succesfully tested the weakness in the enemy, and they were quite weak.
Razor prided himself in his ancestor's bloodline, he was a 3rd generation pure bred member of this army, and he prided himself in this status. His exceptional skills and coordination landed him a position as Darkclaw's primary strategist, and a member of his inner circle.

As he stalked through their base, he saw sharpteeth of every age, species, shape, color, and size. Hatchlings and adults, male an female, fast-biter and sharptooth, all training, in the preparation for war.

For over fifty years, this army was advancing unchecked, they now numbered in thousands, the flatteeth would fight to defend, but the sharpteeth would fight to kill. As he stalked through the cave, many younger sharpteeth saluted him or greeted him.

By the time he finally reached his master's cave, Darkclaw was torturing a duck-bill, his screams were muffled as Darkclaw bit and slashed him, only after deciding his prey had suffered enough, Darkclaw ended his life by crushing his neck with his foot, causing a sickening crack.

"Your here, Officer." Darkclaw sensed him before he even turned around. Razor tried to ask how he senesed his presence, their was no wind, so he couldn't smell him, did he hear him. But he stopped himself, Darkclaw was not forgiving of pointless questions, he wouldn't hesitate to kill those who annoyed him.

"The mission was a success, they are weak, and we can attack through their pass, which a three-horn left unguarded." Razor reported. "They are weak, and they don't fight to kill, they simply try to defend, that will be their undoing." He continued, Darkclaw listening patiently.

"And Chomper is indeed a threat, he killed my fast-biters." This got Darkclaw's attention.

"So he is powerful, this requires careful planning and consideration." Darkclaw plotted. "When shall we attack him?" Razor asked. "Not yet, we must kill him with the elements, drown him, or crush him in a rock slide, but not with sharpteeth, someone could see him." Darkclaw said.

"And we'll use his brat as bait." Darkclaw smirked. "When shall we execute your plan?" Razor asked. "In a few months, we must accelerate our preparations for war." Darkclaw said. "This time no one will stop me!" With that, he broke into a wicked laugh.
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A/N: Sorry for the long updates, I had a major case of Writer's block, but the main plot will soon begin, and it will get better as the story goes on.

Chapter 6, A Lesson

The bright circle slowly rose over the plains, and all seemed quiet, nothing was amiss, on a cliff in a small mountain range, a hatchling sharptooth with blue eyes and blue skin stood on the edge, looking over the plain, and he ran back into his cave.

"Dad! Come on lets go! Wake up!" The hatchling said as he ran to his father and mother. "Dad! Daad!" He said, sounding more annoyed this time. "Sounds like your son is awake!" Tyranna mumbled. "Before the bright circle rises he's your son!" Chomper replied, as his son continued to call him.

Frustrated, he rammed his father's head. Chomper woke up then, "You promised!" He growled. "Oh, alright, I'm up." Chomper said as he got up. "Yeah!" Rex said as he ran out to the cliff, his father following him. When he got out, he began leading his son towards the top of the mountain.

"Look Rex, everything you see, is our territory." Chomper told his son. "Wow." Rex said. "As the only large sharpteeth in this area, we have undisputed rule here, but there are also rules we must follow." Chomper said. "Huh, I thought we were the undisputed leaders?" Rex asked.

"Even though we are the most powerful sharpteeth here, we still must respect the balance of life, I learned that from some old friends." Chomper continued. "Everything you and I see exists as a delicate balance, and we must respect that. Everything from the crawling insects to the longnecks and threehorns."

"I thought we ate the longnecks and threehorns?" Rex inquired, puzzled. "Yes, let me explain, when we die, our bodies become the grass, and the threehorns and longnecks eat the grass." Chomper said, "we are all connected, in the circle of life." He finished.

"What about that shadowy place?" Rex asked, gesturing to a series of canyons next to the Great Valley. "Never go there, thats beyond our borders." Chomper said. "I need to go talk to your mother, just stay in sight of the mountain at all times. And don't talk to strangers!" Chomper said to his son sternly.

"Ok, by dad." Rex called as he ran down. Chomper watched his son go, but couldn't shake off a feeling of foreboding, nothing, he's done this before, Chomper thought.
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Chapter 7, Tragedy

Rex had always loved to explore, he loved to look under rocks for crawlers, Climb trees for feathered flyers, or swim under water looking for swimmers.

As he wandered, he spotted a fuzzer nearby. He immediatley got into hunting mode. He slowly stalked toward it, but being only a few months old, he charged to early, and the fuzzer ran.

As he chased it, he saw something he had never seen before, an enourmous canyon, atleast 200 feet across, and atleast that high. Being ever the adventurous type. He began to climb down.\

After about 5 minutes, he reached the bottom, it was hot, and the sun was blazing down here, there was the occasional lizard here and there, but nothing else.

He didn't notice the fast biter on the other side of the cliff. "Perfect, the brat is here, and we can put our plan into action." The raptor said as he ran off to alert his master.

"Emperor, the brat is in the gorge, and we can start it." The raptor informed Darkclaw. "Good," Darkclaw said. "Go." He ordered. His minion nodded and charged after a herd of duckbills, a very, VERY big one.

They were running in the direction of the gorge.

Rex was starting to get bored, it was hot, and it had no shade. "I wish something would happen." He thought, and that something did.

It started as a slow rumbling, Rex thought it was a small earthshake at first, but he saw that it wasn't, it was a herd of duckbills, and they were running right at him.

Rex felt fear overwhelm him, and he ran. The herd was not far behind, and the stampede soon engulfed his small form, he managed to evade the stamping feet and was able to takae refuge on a small tree.

Meanwhile Chomper was hunting again, but he caught the scent of the herd of duckbills in the canyon, and another scent. It was Rex's. Chomper realized with a pang of fear what this meant.

"No, NO!" Chomper yelled as he ran into the canyon, determined to save his son. Rex's tree was starting to break, and he knew he couldn't hold on much longer. "HELP!" Rex cried in desperation.

Chomper heard it, and he followed the source of the scream, until he saw his son, on a small tree just about to break, without thinking, Chomper dove into the herd and ran for his offspring.

Suddenly, a duckbill hit the tree, and his son went flying. "Aaaaaaah!" Rex cried as he fell. Chomper, just in time, caught him. With Rex safe, Chomper tried to get out of the herd, but one duckbill, out of fear, slammed into Chomper and Rex was sent into the herd once more.

Chomper got up and ran at his son, he picked him up once again, and jumped on a small ledge, but another duckbill smashed into Chomper, and he was taken back into the herd.

"DADDY!" Rex yelled. Fear began overwhelming him, was he dead, or could he get out in time? Rex probed the herd with his eyes, desperate to find his father.

Just before losing hope, Chomper jumped out of the herd, and began climbing a cliff, those arms were small, but very strong, so he could make it out, but it got very steep at the end.

Chomper was unable to reach it, and the last thing he saw, was Darkclaw. "Goodnight traitor!" Darkclaw snarled in sadistic pleasure, and kicked Chomper back into the herd. Chomper yelled as he fell, and his own scream mingled with Rex's yell of despair.

Then, all went black.
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Chapter 8, The War Begins

Darkclaw couldn't believe it, his plan worked like a dream, Chomper was dead, that pathetic hatchling was no threat, neither was his mother, with Chomper dead, then no one could warn the Valley of this threat, they would be slaughtered, butchered, it wouldn't be a battle, just a massacre.

As he marched into Black Rock, he motioned for his guards to follow him. "Assemble the army." He ordered, the two nodded. As he marched up to his throne like rock, he saw his entire army, 10,000 strong assembling, they were in perfect rank, assembled accordingly, the Raptors were behind the much stronger Sharpteeth, and the flyers were at the very front, it was perfect.

"My army, after years of preparation, we are ready for our second great war. And we will use a new form of battle, Sky-Fire Assault, where the flyers will cary several stones on them, which small biters(Compsognathus), will push off. Following this, the large sharpteeth will charge in and shock the plant eaters, overwhelming and crushing the majortity, and the fast biters will then rush in to finish them off, this quick attack will thrust deep into our enemy territories, ans they won't know what hit them, we will simply crush them." Darkclaw said, as the sharpteeth remaned attentive.

"With that, we should be able to take an entire region in less then a day, and any herds will be either slaughtered and brought back, or used as training for our future warriors. Now then, our final threat has been neutralized, and we can begin our Sky-Fire Assault." Darkclaw said as he walked out.

"And kill every flyer in the sky, leave NO witnesses!" Darkclaw said. "March!" Darkclaw said, and that moment, the war began. The moment the army marched out, sharpteeth flyers in the sky were ordered to either join them, or be slaughtered, most joined in, and were sent to the cave to begin training, flatteeth, were executed on the spot.

In half an hour, they had thrust deep into Chomper's former territory, and fast-biters there were either bewildered, or in panic. Soon, the flatteeth flyers became more numerous, and the number of bodies falling to the ground intensified, Soon, they were at the very doorstep of the Great Valley.

The barriers were pushed away by the combined effort, and the flyers stood there, with their Little Biter crews holding the rocks. They were already, and some sharpteeth were sweating, this would be the first part of the war. "ATTACK!" Darkclaw said, and the flyers sore off, 2,000 of them.

The leaf eaters of the Great Valley were in utter shock, and soon, the flyers dropped their rocks, and many hit their targets with such force that they crushed their brain. Darkclaw had made the rocks be crafted as sharp, so they could cut deep.

Soon, the flatteeth were in panic, this new weapon was to powerful, and they were either injured, or dead. Then the massive ground attack began, and the sharpteeth were suddenly everywhere, the flatteeth were unable to defend as the sharpteeth swarm overwhelmed and killed all in their path, it was killing indiscriminate, and the flatteeth soon were being carralled into pockets fighting desperatley.

Littlefoot and their friends were the ones getting the children out of the bloody battle, soon, others were following. As the pained screams of the dying and the desparing yells of defiance at lost loved ones filled the air.

Within minutes, almost every flattooth in the battle was either dead or dying, and the Sharpteeth were marching into the North of the valley, the flatteeth their could only watch as their beloved valley, thought to be a haven from Sharpteeth, fell in 10 minutes. By nightfall, the sharpteeth had gained more then 50 miles of territory, and Darkclaw's war machine had returned, a new war had begun.

A/N: Oooh, the suspense mounts, now as some of you may have guessed, the Sky-Fire Assault is the dinosaur's form of blitzkrieg, and it seems very successful, hopefully the good guys can eventually defeat this super-pack. This was mostly inspired by Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939, so I based the campaign off that. Hope you guys continue reading this. Bye
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Chapter 9, Escape!

It was horrible, they just came out of nowhere, thousands of sharpteeth were charging across the Great Valley, and anyone who fought against them was brutally murdered. Littlefoot, the gang, Ali, Shorty, Rhett, Tricia, Dinah, Dana, Tippy, Hyp, Mutt, and Nod, and Cera's mate, Trike, Ducky's mate, Dawn, Petrie's mate Quetza, and Ruby's mate, Emerald, aswell as many others who were fleeing from the sharpteeth with most of the valley's hatchlings.

As they escaped the horde, the Gang, their comrades, and the hatchlings rested in the mountains. Everyone was to shocked to speak. After a few minutes, Petrie asked something. "What happen, where they come from?" He asked.

"I don't know, but it seems we won't be going back to the valley." Cera grumbled. "What are we going to do, dad?" Littlefoot's son, Sparky asked. "I don't know Sparky, I don't know." Littlefoot replied, they were still in shock, the attack had come so quickly.

It came like sky-fire. Soon, several footsteps were heard. Littlefoot and everyone else tensed up, but it was not sharpteeth, but friends. It was Littlefoot's father, Bron, Topsy, Tria, Ducky's mom Para, Petrie's mom Ptera, and Mr. Thicknose.

"How did you guys get here? The sharpteeth took down anyone fighting them?" Littlefoot asked. "We managed to escape, is anyone here injured?" Bron asked. Everyone shook their heads. "Good, now..." Bron began.

"No time for talk, Longneck, we must retake our valley from the sharpteeth!" Topsy said. "Are you serious?! Can't you see were far to outnumbered, we have maybe 25 flatteeth, about a hundred if you count the children, but there were thousands, we have no chance! We must flee into the mysterious Beyond, maybe they won't follow us." Littlefoot suggested.

"They will, trust me." Thicknose said. Everyone's attention turned to him. "Did any of you see any black sailbacks?" He asked. Everyone but Ducky shook their heads, "I did." Ducky said. "He was scary, he had all these scars on him, and his sail was torn, his eyes were like fire." Ducky elaborated.

"So, its true, Darkclaw has returned." Thicknose said, at that moment, every older adult's blood ran cold, if what this swimmer said was true, then the ancient warlord had returned, wanting revenge. But the younger adults and children all had no idea who this was.

"Who Darkclaw?" Petrie asked. "Darkclaw was the most feared sharpteeth we have ever known." Thicknose started. "Worse then Redclaw?" Ruby asked. "Far worse, he led a massive pack in a war..."

Mr. Thicknose told a tale of the horrors of the Dinosaur War, or now known as the 1st Dinosaur War. "So we're up against this guy, who has been in exile for 80 cold times, and is leading an army 20,000 strong against us, what chance do we have?" Cera asked.

"You must form a resistance movement." A dusty voice said. Littlefoot's attention suddenly shifted to the voice. "Doc!"
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I would like to know what your opinion of this fanfiction so far is, as the main plot has begun, it is getting good.
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Chomper: "Really? He's using this again!?"
Really, this went on like I didn't really expect. I'm sad Chomper's now dead. :cry

I'm guessing Chomper's mate, and Rex are going to team up with the remaining Great Valley somehow, but I don't really see how seeing those two sharpteeth can't speak flattooth. Hmm.

I was a little dissapointed with Chomper's meeting with the Great valley, as it was rushed and cut short. I'll keep on reading this though.
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