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My Disappointment of Zelda: Triforce Heroes
Topic Started: Jan 20 2016, 08:48 PM (125 Views)
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Yes, that's a new Pokemon!
I'm just going to get right down to it. I really don't enjoy playing this game. :(petrie

To put it simply, it's a multiplayer game with single-player as an after thought. It's also sad that a good chunk of the puzzles and most of the bosses were designed with multiplayer in mind with no way for the single player to have an easy time pulling off victory.

The gimmick of this game is it being made for three-players. I will admit that some of the puzzles were creatively made, but as I got into it, I soon found flaws that made certain levels unplayable for the single-player.

In single-player, you get to switch between the three characters. While this can make for interesting puzzles, it can also make it so you cannot beat certain parts unless certain criteria is met.

For example. In one puzzle, you have to shoot an arrow through fire to light a torch. However, the easy way is blocked. So, what you have to do is have one player light a fireball and hold it, while another player shoots an arrow through the fireball and light the torch. Not a problem for multiplayer. However, they did not fix it so it would be just as simple in single player.

In single player, you can't have one hold the fireball and the switch to the one with the bow and fire an arrow. Nope! That fireball disappears the moment you switch. So, what you have to do is take the player with the Fire Gloves, get the right distance away and then fire a fireball, then you have to switch to the one with the Bow and shoot an arrow at just the right time. However, the fireball bounces, so if it's above your character when you fire the arrow, it won't light.

Now, you might be thinking, "Why don't you get a good distance away so you have plenty of time to shoot the arrow?" The problem there is that the fireball extinguishes after going a certain distance. As you can see, it makes it all but neigh impossible as single player. x(cera

Now, what did they do to get around these puzzles that can't be solved? They didn't fix them. No, they give you a "Skip" Button. However, there is a penalty for using them.

First, you lose a life. (You've got three for each dungeon, btw. With no way to replenish them until you leave said dungeon. No pressure.) Second, your reward at the end of those 4 levels of the dungeon isn't as great. (Ruppees instead of material for some nice costumes. Rare one goes first.)

Now look, I don't mind a "Skip" Button. It's optional and there if you have a difficult time getting through a level. However, if you are forced to use it because a level is just impossible, then you have failed as a game designer.

On top of that, I want to solve these puzzles and be rewarded. However, when you force me to use a Skip button because you forgot to create a way to solve it, then it makes me feel upset in the end. It makes me not want to play it.

It's due to this reason, unsolvable puzzles in single player, that I'm selling it on eBay before I beat it.

I will give one positive note of this game. The Link in this game pulls off wearing a dress pretty well.

Posted Image

I'm having a hard time seeing this Link as a boy in this one because of that. (I know it could be a boy that's comfortable wearing dresses, but when this happens, my mind just says "This character is female." The game or it's developers would have to say it straight to my face to prove me wrong at that point.) The game also takes steps to not define the character's gender in this one. It just makes me wonder, "Is this Link a girl?" It could really be possible.

If this is the case, then it's just sad that a Female Link's debut was in a game I didn't enjoy in the end. :(petrie
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From the get-go I wasn't too enticed by this game and I've played them all. (Except for the CDI ones) This is probably the only Zelda I won't purchase and your review made it more obvious. :sducky
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Flattooth at Heart
I just picked this game up recently, and I have to say I'm enjoying it a lot! I've only used the online multiplayer mode, though, not single player. I particularly like the limited in-game communication, as it can lead to some hilarious misunderstandings. I'll probably play through to the end, and give the game a proper review when I'm done :smile
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I can't say that my interest in the game is all that high. I feel like the game is similar to Federation Force where it probably is a really fun game when you get enough friends to play it but otherwise it falls flat. My problem is that I don't have enough friends that play their 3DS enough to consider buying them and I'm not that interested in playing with random people.
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