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LBT roleplay in the style of the original movie!; new gang!
Topic Started: Oct 1 2017, 02:50:59 PM (3,478 Views)
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*insert creative caption here*

[link to discussion thread]

"Could they just stop fighting?! It's giving me a headache..."

With little amusement, the crested longneck watched how a couple of children argued over who was allowed to eat from the little food that was still left on the trees of the small oasis she had discovered the other day. How did she even get into this mess in the first place when all she wanted was being left alone trying to find her mother she never got to know... or her siblings for that matter if they were still alive?

It had all started a while back in the middle of a dead forest - just another victim of the drought that seemed to kill everything, dinosaur and plant alike, that it could get its grasp on. Lizzie couldn't remember when she'd last seen any Skywater falling but it must have been several cycles of the Night Circle, if not more...

Here in the forest, the girl resided. She was a yellow-ish colour which leaned more towards a brown-ish yellow towards her back. Lazily, she lay on the dry ground in the little shade that the barren tree trunks offered her, her features giving the outsider a weakly impression. The drought had killed most of the food, forcing her to go hungry most of the time. Accordingly, she was very thin and small for her age. A yawn slipped from her lips - like many nights before, she had not gotten any sleep at all, the increasing day light finally making her drowsy and tired.

Only at night she was truly alone with her thoughts, worries and grief. The Longneck would often dream of the time when everything was good, when she still had a family, before her dad changed to become a violent and heartless dinosaur, before her siblings started dying one after one... before the drought started when she was still a happy hatchling with brothers and sisters to play with... before her dad left her to die when she could not keep on walking... It was only through the efforts of a small herd of Longnecks that she was still alive though she was not to stay with them. So she kept on wandering around with no distinct destination, which led her to the dead forest eventually.

In her dreams, everything was good - it was the only time she could feel something akin to joy and happiness, although it was a fake feeling. She would also look into the sky with its many shining lights which seemed to spend some comfort at times but, just as often, she would quietly weep to herself, desperately hoping the nightmare would finally end. Life as an orphan was horrible. So horrible in fact that Lizzie had long since lost any appreciation for life. Whether she lived or not... it didn't really matter. How bad were the odds of her finding her lost family members? How were the odds of her father returning to his old self? He had left her behind like a pile of dung - unneccessary thing he had called her and just kept on walking without her as if there had never been any relationship between father and daughter... Would she even want to see him again? However...

"Mommy... I miss you so much!"

A single tear slipped through the young girl's crystal blue eyes, hitting the dry, dusty earth beneath her, evaporating in an instant. Truth be told, Lizzie had never even met her mother because she had left her excentric father before her hatchday, yet it was her deepest heart wish to find her at last. She would often dream about the reunion, giving her life a direction again, something she could grasp on to keep on existing. Right now though, she had nothing...

Somebody please find me, pleaaase!"

More tears fell rapidly as her mind completely drifted off into dark territory, heavy sobs shaking the miserable girl as she was remembering her siblings whom she missed so dearly. Of her 4 siblings, 2 were left behind the same way she was when they couldn't keep up anymore and one running away from her lunatic father. Chances were they all died except for her brother who was still with her father when she was left behind.

Even though the child was on the best path to cry herself into sleep at last, she desperately tried to stay awake. Only yesterday, the region had been struck by a terrible earthshake and Lizzie had learned that those usually didn't come alone. It had been scary enough when she had been woken up by the fierce quake the other day and she did not want to repeat the experience... her instincts still strong enough to keep her alive, apparently. What if there would be another wave of water pouring onto the land as had happened the previous day? She had been lucky to be residing at a safe distance to the source of the wave...

Eventually though, her crying came to a stop as she reluctantly drifted into her usual mid-morning nap...
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Aquarius looked about the forest, it was almost as dead as the word implied. Very little food grew on the trees and at any level of height food was scarce. Aquarius worried that if worse came to worse then he might have to climb to the top branches just to get a decent meal. The young Swimmer was covered in scars from many old wounds and he walked in a very closed, withdrawn fashion with the last dinosaur he expected; A threehorn. However that was not important right now what was important was getting food for his small starving form but seeing that the largest amount of food had other children trying to sink there teeth into his food, he would have to get rough if he wanted a meal.

Aqaurius sighed as he reflected on how he came to this situation in the first place:

Terrible pain and exhaustion; they had become the new companions of Aquarius, the young albino Swimmer had a light aqua blue on his underbelly and two golden lines going parallel up his back from tail to neck but none of his usual colouration could be easily seen beneath his battered and bloodied form as he lay inertly at the wall of a cave that he had been lucky to find. Yet even all the blood couldn't hide the two scars; one on his shoulder and the other on his back, it was like they were mocking him somehow.

Aqaurius let out a miserable groan of pain. Here he was inside a deep dark hole in a hill, the interior was covered in stone teeth and the dark interior was not very inviting to anyone however the thing that gave Aquarius hope in this cave was the spring and a ground star plant with perhaps a dozen treestars on it. "If this is lucky, then I don't want to know what unlucky is" thought Aquarius. The once strong child was now as good as broken and at the mercy of the wild until he recovered somewhat from his own injuries. At present Aquarius had grazes all over his body including his back, flank, chest, tail and head but they were the least of his worries. On the right side of his head was a bloody gash on the side that occasional leaked blood into his eyes and he had another long gash on the left side of his back and a small horizontal gash on the front of his left leg which prevented him from walking far without experiencing pain. But all these injuries paled into utter insignificance when compared to the small hole in his lower abdomen where a pointed rock had gone through and just missing his right kidney...or that's what Aquarius hoped anyway.

"Why did all this have to happen?" asked Aqaurius painfully as if he expected the darkness to answer but like all the other times he asked, only the echo of his voice stating the very question he just asked greeted his ears. Aquarius cursed, he had lived a good but short life despite the harshness of the drought and despite being the only one of his clutch of eggs to survive, his parents became so paranoid about protecting his egg that they didn't let his egg out of their grasp till he eventually hatched on the palm of his mother's hand. His three younger siblings were luckier, most of the eggs survived but of the infants perished mainly due to egg stealers and predatory flyers, creatures that Aquarius loathed just as much has he did Threehorns. After the plank that those two heartless Threehorn girls pulled on him that nearly cost him his life and gave him his scars he became rather loathsome of Threehorns and distrustful of everything else that didn't swim naturally like his kind. Ironically the flash flood that saved him from the mud and the starving Fast Biter was the thing that gave him his scars, it would have been worse if he wasn't a natural talent at manoeuvring though, if he wasn't then he might not have survived the flood.

However, the life Aquarius knew had all been taken away from him barely a day ago and now here he was, lost and alone with no idea of what to do. It all started with a rumble that quickly got louder, the ground shook so violently that he could barely stand but thankfully the earthshake was to far away to be a threat or so he, his family and his herd thought. It was what happened after that really sent his life to hell. A large rockslide falling into the large lake that his herd were currently nesting by created a wave unlike anything he had ever seen, a wave over a hundred metres in height and thundering towards them at a terrifying pace. Aquarius closed his eyes and saw it all again.


Everyone was running as fast as they could away from the monster wave that was engulfing everything in its path. Aquarius found himself hoisted into his mother's arms as she ran while his father held his younger siblings they both ran together but there was simply no escape they only had seconds remaining and Aquarius would never forget the terror that he felt and saw in his mother's face but all of a sudden the family stopped and Aquarius was nuzzled one last time by his mother. "Swim as best as you can my brave Aquarius" Those were her last words to him because his mother suddenly threw him into the air as high as she could in the hopes that she could get her son onto the top of the wave. His father didn't have the time to do the same with his siblings. Aqaurius watched as his family was washed away a second before he saw blue.

His mother had probably saved him as her throw was just enough to get him into the higher part of the wave and he was lucky to break the surface a couple of times but was always pulled under again. Eventually all the water fell as the wave arrived at the crack created by the earthshake. Aquarius barely cleared the edge of that giant crack, drinking up water like a giant maw and was sent tumbling down a rocky hill till he eventually stopped and lay in a bloody heap.

Aquarius had since found refuge in the cave he was now in which was close by and used six of the tree stars as makeshift bandages on his more serious wounds but now that he was alone he allowed himself to cry because unless he was very much mistaken, he had just lost his whole family in one awful moment that refused to leave his memory. Everything he knew was now gone and he was alone, why did life have to be so cruel? His sobbing eventually died down and he lay back, too exhausted to do anything else but rest and hopefully recover.

Aqaurius blinked and returned to the moment, he wished he still had his family back but as he saw Rinen; the Threehorn move to the children for food he couldn't help but remember how they wound up together...
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The Friendly Parallelogram

The desiccated body of the longneck youngling lay on the barren terrain as if to mock anyone who looked upon this shallow ravine with hope. The fact that the longneck looked to be heading in the same direction from which Buko had came added additional foreboding to the scene.

But what was one's loss was another's gain.

Well you don't have much on you, but I will take what I can get. Buko ripped off another meager portion of the remaining flesh as he examined the bones.

The bones do not have a bend so he was healthy before... but if he was coming my way when he met his end... Darn it, Buko! Looks like your sense of direction hasn't improved since... He snapped his beak in annoyance at his thoughts. Reflecting on the past would do him no good. It wasn't like it could be changed.

He picked up the humerus from what had been for many days now more of a skeleton than a meaningful meal. He knew that he could use the bones to get more important information from his fortuitous meal. Sometimes the dead did tell tales.


The bone cracked easily under his beak as he did not hesitate to drink the marrow that still lined its cavity. The taste of welcome fat washed over his tongue as he concentrated on the nuances of its flavor.

Yep, starvation. There is no food over there.

Tossing bone aside her shook his head at the tantalizing terrain to his north. Had this longneck not died here then Buko would have been even further in the hellscape before he realized it was a death trap. A lucky break. But this left one more decision to make.

He looked south at the mountains behind him as he rubbed his flank due to the memories of injuries of the past.

"Granger, no!"

The other fastrunner stood over the broken body of the other male. His beak dripping with blood as the female cowered.


The harsh eyes of the victorious male looked in the direction of the juvenile, his expression unconcerned. With cold determination he approached the nest where the female was huddled. Several featherless young bodies could be seen behind their mother's feathers. But, with the instincts of her kind acting upon her, she eventually stepped aside as the male's beak approached the defenseless younglings...


Buko broke another bone as he sucked down its rich contents. But the taste now tasted sour and unappetizing. He was not going back to where he had come and he was not heading to wherever the longneck had originated. And as the west appeared a continuation of the barrens that lay ahead that left him only one choice.

"To the west it is."

He resumed his walk towards the hazy hills that lay in the distance. In the mountains he had found a loving home replaced with despair, but perhaps in the barren hills he could find some sanctuary.
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Why are there so many songs about rainbows...

Get up.

Orsur groaned as he shifted in place. The young, reddish-brown Sailbeak was perched atop a flat rock, his sail turned towards the Bright Circle. The night before had been a cold one, and despite his best efforts to warm himself up, he was still shivering.

He'd never liked the cold. When Cold Times came, he would usually find his parents and keep them close, curling up in his warm nest rather than exposing himself to the biting air. They understood. All the Sailbeaks understood. They never liked the chill in the air either.

But even as the memories surfaced, he felt a pang of sorrow pierce his gut. If he had been standing, he would have staggered, but all he could do was grimace as his hollow stomach cried out to him. He would never curl up in the nest beside his warm mother or father again. If the nest still existed at all, he had no doubt it belonged to someone else now, and as for his parents...

Orsur shivered, watching as the Bright Circle started its long climb. Soon it would crest the horizon, and then perhaps he could take some sort of artificial solace from its own warm touch.



"Yes, Orsur?"

"Who are they?"

The two Sailbeaks stood side by side at the edge of their nesting ground, their eyes thoroughly trained on a large gaggle of hunched, plodding forms that trailed dust high into the sky behind them. They were far away, and so neither of the two was able to make out just what sort of dinosaurs were moving towards them. What they both noticed immediately, however, was the silence.

Orsur and his family lived in a communal nesting ground, a place set right in the middle of a grassy plain where other families of Sailbeaks hatched and raised their own children. These lands were theirs to do with as they pleased; to graze, to drink, to live, and to love. And, in the case of the youngest of the Sailbeaks, to frolic. They were welcoming to all who passed through their lands, often even hospitable to the point that those who passed through found it difficult to leave at times. And yet as Orsur set his eyes upon the approaching dinosaurs, he couldn't help but feel uneasy. Something felt wrong. Very wrong.

"I don't know who they are," his father answered, not taking his eyes off of the herd of dark green leaf eaters, "but whoever they are, there are a lot of them, don't you think?"

Orsur nodded.

"There's not a lot in this world that makes a herd that size get up and start traveling. If I had to guess, I'd say something bad happened."

"Something bad?" Orsur piped up, his bright eyes wide with fear as he stared up at his father. For the first time since sighting the distant herd, his father managed to break his gaze away and give his son a reassuring smile.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it, Orsur. Whatever happened, it happened a while ago, and far away from here. We're safe."

Orsur breathed a sigh of relief, but he found that despite his father's comforting words, he was still trembling. There were so many of them, so many broken, dissheveled-looking adults plodding towards them. He saw very few children amid their ranks; this too helped to fuel his sense of doubt.

"Are we safe from them, though?" he asked, nodding towards the herd.

His father seemed caught off guard by this question.

"What sort of a question is that, Orsur? Mind your manners. We have always let others pass through our lands. This is no different."

Orsur turned back towards the herd, still unable to shake his growing feeling of unease. Even if his father seemed satisfied with the answer he had given, he was not.


The young Sailbeak stumbled down a shallow, sandy slope, pausing only at the bottom to chew absently on the tough, dry branch of a low-growing bush. The taste of the leaves was bitter, biting his tongue, but it served its purpose well enough: quelling the incessant growling of his stomach. As he pulled away from the branch, still chewing, a shimmer caught his eye. He'd learned that these shimmers were often nothing to get excited about, but this one seemed different, more natural than those caused by the Bright Circle's heat.

Water. had to be.

Orsur surged forward on shaking legs, hoping his suspicions were true, and as he drew closer, he felt his heart soar as he realized that it was indeed water he was coming up on. But almost as soon as grew excited, his mood shifted. There were two other dinosaurs there already- children like him, lapping greedily at the water of a pond, barely larger than a puddle. Orsur crouched low, hiding himself behind a stand of tall, dry grass. Neither of them had noticed him.

And both were significantly smaller than he was.


"Orsur, I don't understand. Why do you fear these outsiders?"

The young Sailbeak shrugged. "I don't know. I just don't like them. They look at us funny, not like the others did."

"Well, they're from far away. You must remember that."

Orsur sighed. "I know."

The two Sailbeaks were sitting together at the far end of the nesting grounds, drinking in the majesty of the night sky. Behind them, the nesting grounds were packed with slumbering dinosaurs- Spikethumbs, every last one of them, and all from a place they called the "Big Water." Evidently some massive wave had wiped out most of their home, and now they were on the move, looking for new lands. There were more on the way, they said, and despite his trepidation, Orsur couldn't help but gawk at the sheer amount of them. They vastly outnumbered their own kind, and with more on the way... it was a terrifying and simultaneously awe-inspiring thought.

"Look up, Orsur. Up at the stars."

Orsur did as his father told, following his gaze up into the starry heavens. Once, when he had been much younger, he had sworn that he would count everyone. A little older now, he was beginning to realize that such a feat was impossible.

"Look closely at them. No two stars look exactly the same, do they?"

Orsur had to squint to see his father's point, but the older Sailbeak was right. They were different, albeit in very subtle ways.

"I guess so," he replied.

"And yet they reside up there in perfect harmony, side by side."

Orsur was beginning to see where his father was going with this, but remained silent as he continued.

"Imagine what would happen if the stars could not live among one another. Imagine all the night sky, descended into chaos. If the stars could not live among one another, there would be no beauty in the night sky, would there?"

Orsur shook his head.

"We are like those stars, Orsur," his father went on. "We must strive to live with that same measure of harmony among one another. If we don't- if we cannot treat each other with respect and show some hospitality, then we scatter ourselves just like the falling stars we see every night."

As if to punctuate his point, one such star crossed the sky just above the horizon, fading elegantly from view.

The young Sailbeak sighed. "I guess."

Orsur's father chuckled. "Don't worry about it too much, son. Soon the Spikethumbs will be on their way, and the nesting grounds will be just the way they always were."

"Promise?" Orsur looked up at his father, almost pleading.



The two young Brightbills by the waterside never saw Orsur coming.

With a fierce bellow, the older dinosaur came charging out of the grass towards them. Neither young one knew what to think, but the fire in the Sailbeak's eyes was unmistakable. He meant them harm. With squeaks and yelps of fear, they scrambled from the waterside, fleeing as fast as their legs could carry them. Orsur deviated to pursue them, and as he did so, one fell, tripping over its own feet. Orsur charged forward regardless, bearing down on the young one as if to trample him, and just as it seemed he might go through with it, the young one got to his feet and bolted, scampering off in the direction of his rapidly-disappearing friend, brother, or whatever his companion was. Orsur shot a scowl in their direction, and then turned back to the water. The thought that the young dinosaurs might be wanderers like himself never once crossed his mind. That this water might have saved them from dying of thirst was equally unimportant.

What mattered most was that now it belonged to him. And with it, he could survive one more day, just one more of many before...


"Please understand. We do not mean to insult you. Our lands simply cannot support a much larger herd than-"

"Whether they can or cannot, they must. The rest of us cannot be left to wander and die."

"And I have no wish to see that happen! But surely there are other locations-"

"Perhaps, but we know of only this one. This is the most fertile stretch of land for days in any direction. You cannot expect us to simply go away. Our homes no longer exist."

From a safe distance, Orsur watched as his father and the leader of the Spikethumbs exchanged words. Word had come in that the rest of the Spikethumb herd was on its way, and with very little room left in the nesting grounds, his father had taken upon himself to finally inform the leader that they could take no more. The leader seemed none too pleased.

"Your plight speaks to me," his father said, pacing from side to side, "make no doubt about that. However I must look to my herd's well being before anyone else's. Surely you understand that."

The Spikethumb nodded solemnly. "Yes, I understand."

And in that moment Orsur saw something, a brief but clear indicator that something was very wrong. A pointed, white shape which stood at the ready by the Spikethumb's foot: it's famous jabbing claw.

"So you'll forgive me if I do the same."

And before Orsur's father could react, the Spikethumb was on top of him, driving the nearly-defenseless Sailbeak into the ground with blow after blow from his powerful tail and front feet. Orsur stood rooted, unable to believe what he was seeing, but even as his father's choked gasps reached his ears, Spikethumbs all over the nesting area rose up against their peaceful hosts.

"I thought-" he heard his father gasp before the booming sound of one of the Spikethumb leader's foot-blows silenced him.

"You knew this was coming."

He saw the glint again, a spurt of crimson, and then Orsur saw no more as he turned and ran. All around him, the nesting area descended into chaos. Mothers wailed and fought back with their lives as their nests were trampled. Children fled screaming, and fathers rushed to defend their families only to be cut down by the much stronger Spikethumbs. On that afternoon, the nesting grounds were full of falling stars.

But one star fled the night sky, never to return.


Orsur lapped at the water, savoring its refreshing touch in spite of the sandy grit within. Ideally, this water would be just enough to get him to the next source, wherever that may be. And as long as he could continue this rhythm every day, perhaps one day...

Perhaps one day he could exact the same terribly fury the Spikethumbs had brought to his home. He would return to the nesting grounds, and if his kind had reclaimed them by then, he would ignore them and press on to the "Big Water." Once there, he would trample their nests, cut down their adults, and drive the children out. He would plunge their own night sky into chaos, and he would bring the stars themselves down on top of them.

But to do that, he had to find water, and find food.

One day at a time, he reminded himself. The two Brightbills from before were watching him from a distance. He shot them a withering glare, and soon they ducked away.

One day at a time.
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Tension was tangible in the air. The young threehorn’s eyes were fixated on the insufferable dinosaur before him who seemingly thought that he was welcome to steal the little food he had found with a combination of great effort and luck. However, the threehorn wasn’t just going to hand over the small, green sanctuary to this arrogant, selfish outsider…. not after all that he had gone through to reach it during the last few weeks. It was a miracle he had even survived through all those hardships and struggles. In the midst of this standoff, the young dinosaur's mind started to wander back to those seemingly faraway, painful days…

Barren lands to the south nearly two weeks ago…

An increasingly cold, dry wind beat the threehorn’s sides as he struggled to find a small refuge, anything that would provide him with a place to sleep in peace without the ever-present threat of the sharpteeth and the intensifying chill. Rinen shivered as he looked at the wind-beaten wastes before him in deep regret, knowing that he was here only because of his own weakness. He was a failure, an outcast that should have already died if his herd had had their way. That horrifying day still haunted his thoughts and made him truly question if he even had the least of reasons to linger in this world. He was alone, disgraced and defenseless against any dangers. A lone tear dropped from the greyish-yellow threehorn’s right eye as that most painful of moments flowed through his mind as they so often had during his long, lonely days here in the beaten wastes of the Mysterious Beyond.

The young male fell to the ground in utter exhaustion of the fight, his powers completely drained by the intense hunger and ordeals he had been put through in the past days. This was the Test of Worthiness, the most important and tasking of the trials in his herd. For many days, Rinen and other boys his age had been kept in hunger while being forced to march long distances and fight each other constantly to prove their full capability in order to earn their place in the herd. Rinen, as any other of the young threehorns, wanted nothing more than to pass the test but… he had suffered for days far more than the others and at this point, he was completely spent. The endless marching and fighting had drained him of every inch of his strength. After another, draining fight, he simply couldn’t even stand up anymore. A large male quickly ran to him and yelled in a loud voice.

“Get up, now! You know what happens to weaklings!” The older threehorn yelled in hardly contained anger, accompanied by a mocking and loathing chuckle from Rinen’s opponent. The yellowish boy tried to raise his head to look at the others around him and he whimpered with a forced, desperate manner which clearly signaled that he wouldn’t rise to fight or march anymore. His stamina was utterly spent.

“Please… just let me drink a little… I can do this…” Rinen’s silent pleads earned a contemptuous bellow from the larger male and the duo were quickly earning an audience. Seeing this, the young threehorn was coming to a realization that he was finished.

“You will not drink ever again if you don’t get up, now! You know very well what is at stake.” The larger dinosaur calmed down a little to give the boy one, last chance. Rinen was ready to give up until he saw the only even vaguely understanding face. It was his grandfather, his only family present during this trial as his mother, younger siblings and aunt had been left alongside with most of the herd for the duration of the Test. Even if his grandfather was as stern as any other male in the herd, he had always tried to help his grandson survive to his best ability, even if he had often expressed his displeasure at Rinen’s beliefs and perceived physical and mental weakness. Now, however, there was only one, desperate thing that radiated in his eyes.

You have to get up, Rinen. Do this for our family and ancestors’ sake.

His grandfather’s presence gave Rinen the strength he thought he needed to go on and with a herculean effort, he managed to once again rise to his footing. With wobbling feet, he tried to regain his balance and tough composure but after a few seconds, something within him gave up. Rinen collapsed to the ground again, the eyes of every assembled dinosaur gazing at him in loathing and hatred, the most painful of their looks belonging to his grandfather. With half-open eyes, Rinen saw his expression and…

The next memories were too much for the young threehorn to handle even now. The shame and sorrow he had brought to his grandfather, the ultimate humiliation of being left for death… at this point, Rinen felt the last remains of his confidence break down and tears started to flow down his cheeks with great intensity. He had been disowned by his own family, his whole life with them would be forgotten, the shame he had caused to everyone being his only legacy. The threehorn’s head dropped towards the ground in resignation as he continued to move on while choking down his own tears.

The threehorn wandered forward, the wind only growing stronger to a degree which caused the young dinosaur to shiver violently. He knew he’d have to find shelter or risk freezing. The barren landscape was giving way to a slightly hilly region which was a welcome break from the deadly monotony of the desert. The area was filled with great mounds, small gorges… and a cave! Completely overridden with momentary relief, he ran to the rather large opening, briefly looking around himself. The cavern was rather high but it seemed to be empty of any potentially hostile dinosaurs. At least it would provide him with some shelter until the air got at least slightly warmer.

However, his momentary respite was broken by a sudden sighting. Near him sat a young swimmer who was apparently wounded. Despite his sorry state, Rinen wasn’t about to let him go easily from this situation. However, the young threehorn was too weak and beaten to be even willing to escalate things any further than he’d have to, no matter how much he distrusted the other dinosaur’s kind. Rinen looked at the swimmer with resigned eyes and he sat down near the smaller male in an indifferent manner as he spoke.

“Aren’t you a bit far from the Big Water, bigface? Or what does it matter… things are already bad enough without me trying to act like I’m someone of any worth.”
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Note: Edits to my first post to include the oasis have been complete.

Aquarius glared daggers at the Threehorn who dared call him a beak face but he knew that he was in no position to do anything to defend himself, he was at this Threehorns mercy one way or another and he hated that. "Don't call me bigface or I will call you hornface" retorted Aquarius, his voice filled with anger and pain. "and for your information not all Swimmers live by The Big Water, now why don't you do us both a big favour and get out of my cave!" He knew had struck a nerve by how the Threehorn looked but he was not going to take anything from his kind standing up or laying down.

"Why can't this guy just leave me alone?" said Aquarius inwardly.
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The swimmer’s arrogant and fearless words made Rinen looked at him in a mix of surprise and annoyance. This small dinosaur surely wasn’t in any condition to stand up to him but still he tried to uphold a brave face. However, even from his position of strength, the threehorn decided to avoid escalating the situation without a good reason. He was simply mentally too exhausted to even try to put on a tough stance with the harmless, injured brat.

“I would stay silent if I were you, swimmer. It should be me who should get you out of here but you may stay if you don’t do anything stupid. I’ve had enough of fights but don’t insult me any further or you’ll be sorry!” Rinen said and slightly raised his voice to press his point.
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Aquarius grumbled angrily to himself. This was the last dinosaur he wanted the unfortunate luck of running into, still it was better then a Sharptooth and if that Threehorn was not willing to cause any trouble then he would live with that. Aquarius couldn't help but wonder what had befallen the Threehorn, cause he looked simply exhausted, in both senses mentally and physically. "Fine," sighed Aquarius in defeat, letting his brave face fall "but stay away from me" he added quietly but in a tone that reeked of anger. He shuffled slightly away to the cave wall opposite the Threehorn.
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Rinen looked at the swimmer in slight relief, lying down on the cavern floor while turning to look at the opening that loomed in the distance, seeing that the wind was only increasing by the minute. Its whistling could be heard everywhere in the cave and it only fueled the threehorn’s torn mindset. He might be safe for now but that helped little to lighten his mood. He had nowhere to go, little chance to survive the constant threat of the sharpteeth and he couldn’t even tell if he had what it took to move on. Rinen didn’t want to die but the painful memories engulfed the young threehorn in their tight grip. He simply couldn’t shake his grandfather’s expression from his mind or the last words spoken to him by the herd’s elders. The vicious cycle of self-condemnation once again started, making Rinen cringe in sadness and his head drop lower. With a herculean effort, he managed to hold his tears but at this moment, he was at a total loss of what to do.

The wind should end at some point but what does it matter? I’ll never find any place I can stay in anyway… It’s all for nothing! But... but that swimmer doesn’t seem to be doing too well either… I wonder what’s up with him?

Not as much as a gesture of friendliness but as an effort to see if there were others in at least nearly as terrible situations as he was, Rinen slowly turned his head to look back at the swimmer. With a forced growl, the threehorn broke the tangible silence.

“Well, what’s a hatchling like you doing here? Where did you get so badly beaten?” Rinen asked sternly, willing to get anything else to think than his own dark thoughts.
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Aquarius's patience was rapidly wearing thin but despite that he still tried to maintain a calm composure but he found that was way to difficult, he felt to much emotions to be calm. He still felt anger and betrayal when he looked at the Threehorn but he also felt pain, sadness, loss and humiliation from looking at his injury's or even think about why he was here. There was no way that Threehorn could understand what potentially loosing the entirety of his family was like.

Aquarius grimaced at the Threehorn's next statement. "He called me a flipping hatchling, who does he think he is?" Aquarius raged inwardly. He my be young but he did not think of himself as a hatchling when he had been through so much and he vocally challenged this "I am not a hatchling chubby and I'm not sure if you've been living in another cave but The Great Wave is what happened to me!"

However Aqaurius gave a loud moan as his the small wound on his front tinged with stinging pain and he held onto it tightly, in a curled, trembling ball. However despite this he was not going to let himself show weakness by crying in the presence of this ignorant Threehorn. His pain soon subsided back to a tolerable level and he simply lay on the ground in utter exhaustion.
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Wyoh puffed up her feathers against the sharp morning air. Cold was something she was familiar with, as temperatures often dropped at night in the forest home of her youth, but this bite in the air was different. It brought with it a scent that set her on edge, and reminded her of death. She set the deep foreboding aside for the moment; just one more thing to add to the pain in her empty stomach.
As she entered a ragged copse that betrayed the area's former fertility, nipping at withered buds and small crawlers, her starved mind wandered back to better times.

Warm nights, a belly full treesweets, listening to father talk about the lights in the sky, her brother dozing beside her.

Running through the sun-dappled forest with mother, feeling like her legs would never grow tired. Learning of territories, of the Tallcrests' lofty place among the fastrunners, of their special connection with the trees.

The dry times, the death of the life-giving tree sweet trees, father's drawn face when brother took ill.

Her and father, alone. So many things he could not teach her. The scarce food, the fights, the night when-


Not there. She couldn't afford to think about it. Not yet.

A lethargic crawler caught her attention as she rounded another barren tree trunk, and she snapped it up with a relish before it could flee. The crawlers were good, but they wouldn't keep her alive forever- there weren't nearly enough of them left for that. As she trotted free of the sparse tree cover, a jovial blaze of color on the horizon stopped her short. It reminded her of warm times and treesweets, and she was moving toward it before she knew what she was doing. Catching the unmistakable ruffle of feathers in the wind and the stiff-legged gait of the bearer of those colors brought her back to her senses. Though it was some distance away, she suspected another fastrunner, and this gave her pause. Its presence might mean food, but it could also mean a fight, and its size was hard to judge from where she was. She elected to keep a cautious distance, grateful for the sparse protection of her juvenile coat, and hoping she hadn't already been spotted.
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Annoyed snorts left Rinen’s mouth as he looked at the swimmer in rising anger. Many other dinosaurs would have felt sympathy for the small swimmer’s agony but Rinen was too preoccupied by his disappointment at his antics and insult to pay his writhes any attention. The main thing that annoyed the threehorn, apart from his deep emotional turmoil, was the swimmer’s answer to his effort to break the ice but his affront also hit a raw nerve. He had once been rather fat which had cost him a lot in popularity with other boys his age and no matter what he wanted to believe, this was still evident in his body. While by no means fat anymore, he was certainly more rounded and heavy than most other dinosaurs his age. Resorting to this fact was a lowly blow from the swimmer. Rinen hit his right front leg to the ground as he started to speak.

“Who are you to call me chubby, rockhead? Even you should know that messing with a threehorn is seldom a good idea. And there have never been any waves this far away from the Big Water so start telling the truth, you hatchling. You’re barely old enough to leave the nest by yourself so I’d suggest you stop acting like you’re the boss here!” The threehorn said as he walked towards the arrogant swimmer with a clearly angered look. He had tried to give his counterpart a friendly opening but this swimmer seemed willing to confront him as an opponent and continuously try to escalate things.

Well, that’s only all the worse for him if he continues to act like this…
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The Friendly Parallelogram

The Oviraptor dove into the tangled maze of desiccated roots as if it was a bed of soft grass. Ignoring the pained protests from his body at its rough treatment he continued to crawl under what passed as the only cover he could find.

Darn it! Why do I have to stand out like a night flower to everything that wants to eat me?

As quick as he could manage he kicked up the dust around him in order to cover his flamboyant coat of feathers in a cloak of light brown. Then, being careful to rub his scent along the ground as he descended deep into the maze of dead underbrush, he prepared to lead his pursuer on a race that they couldn't win.

By the time you find my path through this crap I will be ready to sprint on my way!

He sniffed the air again. The scent of fastrunner was obviously in the air, but he could tell nothing about his counterpart. For all he knew they could be a hungry adult or a lost youngling. And he wasn't about to poke his head out to catch a peek.

He took a deep breath as he stretched his legs under the unforgiving canopy of roots and thorns. Only time would tell what awaited him.
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Aquarius glared at The Threehorn as he approached till he was almost within touching distance but Aquarius couldn't run away even if he wanted to so he held firm under the angry stare directed at him by the irate Threehorn. However the words that were said to him made him seethe with rage, if there was one thing Aquarius hated it was being called hatchling because it implied helplessness and that was the one thing Aquarius hated which was exactly how he was feeling at that precise moment.

"I am Aquarius, chub and stop calling me Hatchling! I am not a flipping hatchling so get that through your thick bone head!." Aquarius was almost nose to nose with the Threehorn now as both glared at each other with equal loathing "I am telling the truth everything, dinosaurs, plants and everything in between including my herd, MY family and myself was washed away but a wave the size of a mountain!" Aquarius picked up a rock and held it tightly in his hands in the hope that in might help calm him down but also just in case things got worse...
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A wild Gang of Five member has appeared.
Faint flaps echoed throughout the scarily silent remains of what was once a beautiful land, a faint and small shadow could be seen flying throughout the various remains of what were once trees. Loud roars could be heard echoing behind the small figure as it tried to hide in the trees, deadly afraid and with a vacant look on its face, its eyes though were filled with sadness, despair and hopelessness, reliving the last couple hours with deadly accuracy.

Remembering its family the scared figure- which was now identified as a flyer- began to move again, the trees cracking under the flyer as they tried not to break. The flyer shivered and tried to accumulate some courage and went flying from tree to tree, towards the nest it came from, towards the home it left behind.

The flyer flew up and tried going back as far as it could, hoping that its family was ali-

"Run! Run, and don't look back! We'll be fine, now GO!"

The words shattered its courage and it fell down again, luckily falling on a branch of a tree, "We'll be fine, Samara, trust us, we'll be fine, now go! Fly away before it is too late! We'll meet you at the river, wait for us there!" tears welled up in the eyes of the flyer- now known as Samara- and she began to cry loudly, screaming up into the sky of how unfair life actually was, with no one to give her comfort, all alone in a dark and scary world.
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Slash jumped over a ground spike. What in the heck was going on? He had most surely experienced earthshakes before, but never one this large. He looked around, and could see pieces of the grounds of the Earth moving a few hundred meters away from him, and saw a number of threehorns fall into a hole opened up from the drift of land. His eyes widened, and he thought to himself; not like this! The largest sharktooth sharptooth in the area could not die from a puny earthshake! But then he quickly realized that this was no ordinary earthshake. Slash then stopped. He turned around, and could see a large herd of Sailbeaks charging toward him. He turned to his left immediately, and leaped with his abnormal jumping ability about a hundred meters to the side to avoid being crushed by the Sailbeak herd he had seen many times before. He landed on the ground with a loud thud, and suddenly spotted one of the Sailbeaks fly off the ground from the force of one of the tremors and fly toward him. The Sailbeak hit into him which threw him to the ground and close to the edge of a steep hill. Thankfully, Slash was able to push himself forward before he got too close to the ever-steepening hill, but unfortunately for the Sailbeak - a female, a sinkhole had suddenly formed close to the bottom of the hill and sent the now rolling Sailbeak into it, killing it once it hit the bottom. Slash quickly got to his feet. He had just nearly died there, but he could just as easily be killed the next second, so he sprinted to higher ground as the loud tremors and screams and deaths of the leaf eaters continued.

Slash walked along the barren lands he has always seen in his life. He made his way across the landscape, northeast of the large river that contained lots of life - or, maybe not anymore. The earthshake and tsunami had claimed a large number of dinosaur lives, and it connected to the Big Water itself. He decided to head down to it, smelled it and headed southwest of his current position.

As he started in the direction, his mouth started to water and he growled lowly as his hunger was growing. He hadn't eaten since some time before the disaster, so he decided to sniff for prey to kill or carrion to scavenge from on the way to the river. After the tsunami, many dinosaurs died and their bodies ended up in various places around the area, making life much easier for sharpteeth that had survived to thrive and scavenge the meat off of them. The bodies had started to rot and they reeked as they started decaying, making it easier to smell bodies around the land.

However, Slash needed to be very careful. Other sharpteeth would surely be drawn to the locations of bodies, and he had no idea exactly what could come around. Bigbiter sharpteeth, plated sharpteeth, browridge sharpteeth, fast biters, anything, could be the last creature Slash could happen to see before he was killed by them. But Slash was smart. He would try to play it cool if he happened to come across another sharptooth, and if he found another sharptooth of his kind, maybe he could find a new mate.

A mate. Slash didn't want to think about that. He didn't want to think about his previous mate - Charo. He had loved her dearly, more than any other creature he had ever seen. She was the prettiest and strongest female sharktooth sharptooth that he had ever met in his entire 31 year old life. He wanted to raise a family with her eventually, but when she was killed by the Sailbeak herd about a year earlier, he lost even more trust in leaf eaters than he had already lost when a longneck killed his mother and almost killed him. And thinking about him killing his own father to save himself made things even worse. The ferocious beast almost shed a tear, but he pulled the memories from his head before he could do so and continued to press on.

However, he suddenly caught the scent of a dead carcass. It was a Sailbeak; he knew this because he had hunted them for food since he was old enough to pursue prey with his parents. He licked his lips and grinned in an evil fashion and started down the hill in front of him.
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*insert creative caption here*

"No, don't leave me behind, dad!" The young longneck lay on the ground, her legs refusing to carry her any further, her throat too dry to utter anything above a crosked whisper. They had been walking for who knows how long through endless deserts with no water and food. Lizzie could not walk any further, it couldn't be helped anymore.

"Then get up you weakling!" her large father bellowed. "I have no use for another weak child! There's not enough food for us anymore, either you can keep up or you can't! You're old enough to know that only the strongest survive so get your grip together!"

"No, dad, please..." Lizzie cried desperately. "There is only so much you can ask of a child like me, I- I'm too exhausted, I'm..."

"Stop crying you wimp!" her father snorted. "Get up now or die here, your choice Lizzie. Don't you disappoint me too..." His last words held some sadness to them as the male briefly recalled what happened to the remaining children. Only two were left and Lizzie was about to join those that were already lost.

The girl recalled what happened to her sister who was left behind just like this a few weeks before. As she remembered this, her crying intensified although no tears ever came, her weak body too dehydrated and sun-baked to spare any. Fear quickly replaced the endless sadness that her sister's probable death caused her because now she was in the same situation - too weak to move on.

"I... can't..." she whispered with a pained voice. "Can't get up..."

"Move you damn butt, Lizzie, or do you want me to make you?!" Wrath began to build up in the adult and Lizzie noticed it, her fear increasing to such a level that she started skaking.

"Get up, useless girl! Come on!"

Driven by her fear and shaking like a tree in a storm, Lizzie tried to get onto her feet, heaving her front up but as soon as she placed her full weight onto her beaten hind legs, she collapsed back to the ground as if a mountain lasted on her shoulders, silently weeping.

"GET UP YOU PILE OF DUNG!!!" Her father raged on, readying himself to beat the poor form on the ground.

"Just carry her, dad, this is a waste of energy..." the remaining child prompted but the adult didn't listen.

"NO, a weak child is a waste of energy... now," he swung his tail. "GET." Beat her once. "UP!" And beat her once more.

The girl whimpered as her body was pushed across the hard ground but did not show any other reaction to the violence she was exposed to, coming to a rest lying on her side.

"Help her up," her father barked, adressing Lizzie's brother who hurried to the scene to do as ordered. "If she falls again, leave her. She's had her chance..."

"C'mon sis, just a little longer and we can rest, okay?" the girl was adressed by her brother as he heaved his beaten sister back onto her legs. Lizzie's legs were wobbly but she managed to keep her footing for now.

"Now move... pathetic little girl..." the male snorted, ordering the two siblings to follow him on their journey towards water and food. They would have to find something soon or even the adult would break soon.

It cost Lizzie a lot of willpower to walk on but, however a bit slowly, she did for a while. However, it kept on draining her to the point of total exhaustion. She began lagging behind, her breath going wild, her heart racing, her vision blurring, her balance failing her.

"Please wait..." she tried calling for help but nobody listened as her legs gave in, crashing onto the sun-baked dirt. With a final scream, Lizzie tried to prevent the inevitable but she couldn't stop her cardiovascular system from failing her as her head dropped to the ground, motionless.

Lizzie suddenly found herself screaming at the top of her lungs all of a sudden. Not remembering what just transpired, the yellow-coloured Longneck jumped to her feet, adrenaline flooding her veins until she realised she was just having the same nightmare again that had been haunting her ever since that fareful day.

"Calm down, just a sleep story... a very... scary... sleepstory..." the longneck told herself though the painful scream prevailed in her head screaming out in misery. Or was it really just a voice in her head? It sounded too real to be inaginary.

"Am I still half-asleep?" she wondered but even as she shook her head wildly, hit it on a nearby tree - yes, even slap herself with her own tail... the voices stayed. Heck, they got louder and more desperate by the minute, almost giving her a headache at this point.

"What is going on?!" Lizzie puzzled, the screams almost freaking her out as if a ghost was trying to haunt her. Just when the girl was about to take flight from the voice (which was a pointless thing to do considering it seemed to originate within her head) when the screaming suddenly turned into pained cries that sounded way too familiar because she had heard herself utter those too many times to count...

"Mommy, daddy!" the voice cried and it almost sounded like the voice of a child somewhere nearby!

"That's not in my head... this is someone who needs help!" the longneck spoke in realisation. She had stopped caring about pretty much everything - even her own life, long ago, however she knew the pain of being helpless too well to ignore it. If somebody was in trouble and there was something she could do, then she would no matter the costs! Wasn't like she cared about her own life anymore anyhow...

"I'll help, sounds like a lone child, just need to find her..." Lizzie mumbled to herself, walking in the direction where it seemed to originate from...

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At first, Wyoh was merely confused- it hadn't even turned in her direction since she'd spotted it, so what was it running from? She'd started to look around for the culprit before she felt the breeze again, coming from behind her.

Stupid! The wind-sign! She squawked a bit in frustration and shook her head roughly, disgusted by her oversight. She couldn't even remember the simplest lessons! Mother would be ashamed.

Still stinging under her own scorn, she took a leisurely pace toward where she had last seen the unknown other. As she approached the spot, its retreat path was not hard to discern. Bright feathers pulled loose and scuff marks on a tangle of nearby roots basically screamed "over here," not to mention the unmasked scent-trail. Definitely a fast-runner, and definitely not the distinctive mark of another Tallcrest. This gave her some measure of security; very few fastrunners grew to be as large as her kind, and though she was still young, she was already quite big. So, it was probably smaller than her.

She crouched down, attempted to wiggle her way into a sizable opening in the roots, and immediately got stuck.

If it made it through that mess, it was definitely smaller than her.

After some scraped skin and a few lost feathers, she managed to pull herself free. Unable to find any larger entrance, she satisfied herself with pacing around in a huff, unsure of what to do next. She had intended to trail this stranger for a while in the hopes that they knew something she didn't- very likely, as she had a poor sense of direction and no navigational skills. That plan was shot.

"Alright, fine, I'm leaving!" She yelled into the underbrush, more out of pique than anything. The other fastrunner was probably long gone. She took a few strides back out onto the waste and sat down heavily, throwing up a cloud of dust. She needed to rest, and to think.
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The Friendly Parallelogram

Buko struggled to hold his breath as his mind bombarded him with doubts. What if he could not escape fast enough once she got into his nest of roots and thorns? What if she decided to wait him out? What if she found a way to get him that he did not foresee? With his bright plumage he was obviously made for running more than he was for running.

As soon as he heard the movement of the roots he prepared himself for the run of his life. It seemed the predator was going in for the kill.

But then the shuffling continued without any obvious progress. Feathers did not appear behind him. Only the sound of a few pained chirps and a frustrated sigh reached his ears.

"Alright, fine, I'm leaving!"

Buko let out a breath more out of surprise than relief. With the exception of the occasional roar of a sharptooth or the frightened screech of dinosaurs fearing for their eggs, he had not heard a voice directed at him in many months. Despite the fact that he had no idea of this Tallcrest's intentions, whether mere curiosity or seeking a meal at his expense, he couldn't deny that he welcomed the verbal intrusion. In the days to come he would debate with himself whether it was that desire for socialization that caused his next actions, or merely his own stupidity.

With some hesitation he opened his beak to speak.

"I would advise not going that way then... the longneck youngling was coming from that way and it did not end will for him."
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The threehorn looked at the swimmer in a mixture of hate, scorning but also to some point, growing interest. Even if he didn’t trust the smaller dinosaur in the least, he couldn’t deny his rising curiosity about what had happened. Aquarius’ situation didn’t provide room for any great plotting and to be sure, the swimmer’s injuries seemed like they could have been caused by a giant wave and its immediate aftermath. But even then… it was impossible. Such monstrous waves simply didn’t happen and even Rinen, who for a long time had hoped that there was more to the world than met the eye, found the swimmer’s story extremely hard to believe.

On top of all that, he wasn’t simply going to let Aquarius’ threat go unpunished. If there was one thing that still tied him into his old, traditional threehorn way of life, was his pride and the, no matter how difficult it seemed, strive for dominance and his efforts to at least silence the threats towards him whenever he simply could. And right now, this swimmer was going too far with his insults and hostile behavior. Even if a small stone would never be able to hurt a threehorn, he was going to teach this swimmer something he wouldn’t forget anytime soon. We’ll see how tough you are soon enough, puny swimmer!

“To your knowledge, waves aren’t the size of mountains! I don’t know who you’re trying to fool but I’ve had enough of it!” Suddenly Rinen started to swing his tail, hoping to disarm Aquarius of his laughable threat and send him flying to his back. The threehorn wasn’t trying to seriously hurt his only companion but a little lesson to the arrogant swimmer wouldn’t hurt…
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